Hideo Kojima will answer questions at the Nordic Game Conference next month

Kojima will be attending next month’s Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden, to answer questions from the audience on stage. You can also send in questions via email.


From the official Nordic Game website:

On Thursday 19 May, Hideo Kojima will take the main stage at NG16 to do a live Q&A session with the conference audience. Moderated by Thomas Puha, former editor of Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja and now working on Remedy’s highly anticipated Quantum Break launch, the Q&A will be all about the give-and-take between Kojima-san on stage and the audience.

So you can play an important part of making Kojima-san’s presence in Sweden as memorable as possible. Formulate any questions you may have and send them to us here – questions selected by Kojima-san will be answered on stage in May!

Meet Hideo Kojima at NG16, 18-20 May in Malmö, Sweden. One of the best reasons ever to register right now at conf.nordicgame.com!

In July, Kojima will also be attending the Develop Awards 2016, where he will hold a keynote and also be named Development Legend.


Source: Nordic Game Website, via Ayako Twitter

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