Konami will be providing nuclear weapon numbers again

More than eight months have passed since the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and there is still one scene in the game that hasn’t been unlocked: the (in)famous nuclear disarmament scene that requires all player owned nukes on a specific platform to be reduced to zero. In order to achieve this, players will have to invade the FOBs of those who own one or more nukes and disarm them, until not a single one remains on that server.

For some time Konami had provided regular updates on the actual nuke count on each platform, and for a while the numbers seemed to go down, but then they started going up again and it seemed like total nuclear disarmament would never be reached and after some time Konami stopped giving updates on the amount of nukes. But fans haven’t given up yet, and an entire subreddit page called Metal Gear Anti Nuclear was created for the sole purpose of achieving a world without nukes. Konami now has responded to this devotion saying they will give more regular updates again on the total numbers. The Japanese Metal Gear Twitter had actually still been posting the updated numbers, but now the English one as well will continue to do so. From the official Metal Gear Twitter account:

Due to popular demand thanks to the enthusiasm of @MGAntiNuclear and other passionate fans, we’ve decided to resume the nuclear count tweets. As you may have seen on @metalgear_jp the most recent figures have been posted, we’ll repeat those now in English.

Here are the numbers for nuclear weapons owned per platform.

May 27th 2016 (updated)

PS4: 1334
PS3: 593
Xbox One: 233
Xbox 360: 215
Steam: 6695

We will endeavor to post these figures more often to give players globally a good idea of their progress towards full nuclear disarmament. We will also continue to review feedback from players on ways we can improve the FOB system.

We have also added the most recent nuke count on the homepage of this website so it can easily be found (in the sidebar below the recent comments). For Peace!


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