Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (Plus) now available digitally for PlayStation Vita

You can now download and play Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and Portable Ops + on your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV. The game was originally released on PlayStation Portable in 2006 as the first ‘traditional’ handheld MGS. Portable Ops Plus served as an expansion released the following year.

The games can be purchased off the PlayStation Store, for €7.99/$9.99 each.

Portable Ops                                                Portable Ops Plus

From the official Metal Gear Twitter:

“MGS: Portable Ops & Portable Ops + available now for direct DL from the NA PSVita/PSTV store. We appreciate all the fan requests for a playable version of this classic; and are grateful to Sony for their assistance in listing it. On PSVita, buttons can be remapped; we encourage trying out this PSP classic with your preferred configuration and capture some screenshots! FYI, the online functionality is limited. Also if you run into any other issues, please let us know and we’ll see if we can assist.

Portable Ops/+ for PSTV, if you’re having an error when trying to play the game, try deleting all files (including saves/data). Then redownloading the title and seeing if you’re able to play. This method has worked for some, and we’re told saves/data must also be fully removed from the system for it to work.”

Update 1/7/2017: The issue mentioned above is said to have been fixed:


Source: Metal Gear Twitter

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