New 5-minute Death Stranding teaser trailer revealed at TGA

Yesterday, Kojima attended The Game Awards 2016 in Los Angeles to accept his Industry Icon Award. But as it turned out, that was not all. A brand new 5 minute teaser for his upcoming game Death Stranding was revealed as well.

In the trailer we see a man closely resembling Guillermo del Toro carrying a baby in a tube around while trying to stay out of sight of an army that has seemed to overrun the city. He heads into what appears to be the sewers, but here lurks a new danger: a squad leader controlling soldiers via tube-like objects. As this man is revealed to be played by actor Mads Mikkelsen, the soldiers are disconnected and released, like a pack of hounds.

Producer Ken Imaizumi has also confirmed that the music was written by Ludvig Forssell, who composed the music for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Furthermore, Kojima wrote on Twitter:

“Received Industry Icon at TGA. Thank you very much. Almost cried. Released world premiere DEATH STRANDING 2nd teaser. It’s running on the new game engine, playing on PS4PRO. Here’s new visual.”


“DEATH STRANDING theme’s about the strand that humans will lose in near future. Story,world,character,gameplay,all connected to the theme. Also the game development, our bonds to the people in SIE (dev, PR, casting team).”


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