Kojima shares photos of another photogrammetry session

Today Kojima shared some new photos of a photogrammetry session taking place at the studio. Some of the pictures (the one with the head full of markings) resemble photos he showed us a few months ago, so it looks like he’s once again working with a female actress today.

“Hideo Kojima & Yoji Shinkawa today.” – Ayako

On another photo you can see a rack full of clothes, and there’s also one with the same rack, but this time empty. Perhaps Kojima has captured some different outfits during this session. When talking about his capture session, Guillermo del Toro explained how he had to put on several different outfits to be captured into the game.

Another interesting thing can be found on this picture. Notice the different poses outlined on the sheets hanging on the wall, likely used in the capturing process.

A lot of fans are expecting Kojima to show up next month during Sony’s E3 Media Event with a new Death Stranding trailer, possibly revealing the female character who will be in the game. The event will take place on June 12.

He also posted some new photos of the Kojima Productions office from earlier last year (May 23rd 2016), when they just moved in.

“I started my small studio in 2015.12. with 4 of us incl myself & my PA. Ppl made fun of us saying what could only 4 could do? We’ve moved to the current office in 2016.5.23 but meeting rooms, kitchen, & the hallway’s done early this year, it’s been almost 1 yr.” – Hideo Kojima

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3), Ayako Terashima Twitter

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