Kojima shows new merchandise, and Ludens is moving to the US

A few small Kojima Productions related updates today. First of all, here are some new pictures of Death Stranding / Kojima Productions related merchandise that is currently being worked on.

“Still working on to make this available….” – Hideo Kojima

Secondly, here are some images of the 1/6 scale Ludens figure by Sentinel.

“This one is 1/6 action figure by Sentinel. Still working on the coloring.” – Hideo Kojima

And lastly, a Kojima Productions vending machine. This one is not for sale though.

As Kojima mentions in the above tweet Ludens statue that was placed in the hallway has been moved to the US.

“Ludens #1 who landed at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS hallway in Jan will take off to the US. Farewell. Ludens #2 still exists at our building entrance” – Hideo Kojima

“Good bye Ludens.” – Hideo Kojima

The reason for this relocation isn’t clear but it seems likely it will be on display somewhere during the E3 taking place in Los Angeles mid June. Maybe at the SONY booth. Either way, we can expect Kojima to make another appearance at Sony’s media event, but what he will talk about or show this year… who knows? Just a few weeks left!

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter

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