Metal Gear turns 30

Today marks a milestone for Metal Gear. Exactly 30 years ago, on July 13th 1987, the first game in the series was released in Japan for the MSX2 home computer. Simply titled Metal Gear, this was the start of what would become one of the most treasured and influential video game franchises, with decades worth of sequels, prequels and spin offs.

The first and the latest release in the franchise

To celebrate the occasion, here are some trivia and accomplishments:

  • More than 51.3 million Metal Gear games have been sold
  • Metal Gear games are available on a wide range of different systems, including arcades, Game Boy Color, and mobile phones
  • In 2015, Metal Gear Solid (1998) was voted best game of all time by PlayStation fans
  • Over the years lots of different types of merchandise have been produced, including action figures, soundtracks, artbooks, but also jewelry, alarm clocks and lunch boxes
  • There have been several adaptations to Metal Gear stories into different media, like audiobooks, novels and digital graphic novels
  • Metal Gear games have received many different awards over the years, including a DICE Award, Golden Joystick, Famitsu Awards and PlayStation Awards

Happy birthday Metal Gear!

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