Kojima Productions doing voice recording for the Japanese dub of Death Stranding

After returning from their trip to New York City, where several recording sessions with Norman Reedus were conducted, the Kojima Productions team is now back in Tokyo and working on the Japanese dub for Death Stranding. Kenjiro Tsuda is doing the Japanese voice for Sam, while Nana Mizuki voices Lea Seydoux’ character. Mizuki has worked with Kojima before, she voiced Paz in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and MGSV, and performed the song Love Deterrence.

“Commencing Japanese VO recording session with Kenjiro Tsuda as Norman Reedus’ role and Nana Mizuki as Léa Seydoux’s role. I was having goose bumps during the session.” – Hideo Kojima

New Kojima Productions team member Aki Saito has been tweeting as well, providing some English lessons for the Japanese, and vice versa. His videos consistently contain a cameo by Ayako, Kojima’s personal assistant.

Aki also recently asked on Twitter what people want him to talk about, and unsurprisngly the overwhelming majority chose to hear more about the game, so hopefully we can expect some more details soon, although it remains to be seen how much he can actually divulge. He did however show us Kojima’s messy desk, and it looks like he’s rather behind on his reading.

“What I’ve found out today. His dinner was actually sandwiches.” – Aki Saito

Update December 26th: voice recordings for the Japanese dub continue.

“Although it’s end of the year, we did Japanese VO session for DS. Kenjiro Tsuda as Norman Reedus, Nana Mizuki as Léa Seydoux, and Akihiko Ishizumi as our guy, Guillermo del Toro. Thank you very much for your hard work!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, 2, Ayako Twitter, Aki Saito Twitter

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