Cooperation between Kojima and Guerrilla has been ‘intense’, teams communicate daily

“We gave [Kojima Productions] the engine as a show of good Sony citizenship. They’d lost all their tech, it would have felt rude not to share, but we didn’t expect to have this much chemistry with a studio from the other side of the globe,” says Michiel van der Leeuw, technical director at Guerrilla Games, when speaking about the Decima Engine. Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games have been communicating daily, with van der Leeuw describing their cooperation as ‘intense’. The information comes from an interview with website The Next Web, as part of an ongoing series called ‘Fundamentals’, focusing on different companies around the world. Van der Leeuw explained Guerrilla Games has shared its tech before, but sharing it with someone as legendary as Kojima is especially nerve-racking. Nonetheless, their partnership certainly seems to have paid off, as both parties benefit from each other’s input and expertise.

“We have similar priorities. How long to iterate, how to keep your code clean, where to prioritize efficiency, in what order gameplay elements should go. But in some ways, they’re also very different. For instance, they think photorealism is far more important than we do.”

Kojima and several members of his team recently flew to Amsterdam where they showed off the first two hours of the game at the Guerrilla Games studio. The highly anticipated title does not have a release date yet, but signs are pointing towards a 2019 release.

To read the entire interview with Michiel van der Leeuw, check out the full article on The Next Web.

Source: The Next Web

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