Kojima visits Guerrilla Games to show Death Stranding to the team

At this moment, Hideo Kojima is in Amsterdam, at Guerrilla Games, and showed off the progress he and his team have made on Death Stranding. Managing director Hermen Hulst as well as others at Guerrilla seem to be impressed with what they saw, as Kojima played through the first two hours of the game to demonstrate what they had built. Kojima Productions is collaborating with Guerrilla Games on the Decima Engine, the game engine that powers both studio’s titles. When Kojima started his own studio a few years ago, Hermen Hulst handed him the engine’s code so he could get started right away. That’s how the collaboration between the Dutch and Japanese studio began, and Kojima Productions even set up a satellite studio within Guerrilla Games.

Aki Saito (Kojima Productions marketing and PR): “Showed the first 2 hours of gameplay to our Guerrilla brothers. Yes, Hideo was demonstrating it! (The game is not fully completed…yet)
The picture shows the friendship between us! Keeps our mutual secrets here!”
“Three years ago we gave Kojima Productions a copy of our Decima Engine in this box. Today Hideo Kojima came back to Guerrilla Games to show us the incredible things he’s making with it in Death Stranding. So impressed!” – Hermen Hulst

Kojima has paid a visit to Guerrilla Games earlier with the purpose of working on the Decima Engine, and this could be a similar trip. Death Stranding is rumored to be released later this year, although no official release date has been revealed as of yet.

Some reactions from the team:

Update January 16: next year Guerrilla Games is moving to a new location right in the center of Amsterdam. Hermen Hulst took Kojima and co to the building site.

“Visiting Guerrilla’s new premises which will be finished next year.” – Ayako on Twitter

After visiting Guerrilla, Kojima went to Helsinki, home of game studio Remedy Entertainment, known for games like Max Payne and Quantum Break. They are currently working on a title called Control, for which Kojima has expressed his admiration.

“With Hideo Kojima. He is an inspiration. Death Stranding dares to push the boundaries. It’s wonderful to be able to compare notes. Happy and honored to call him a friend.” – Writer and creative director Sam Lake

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Hermen Hulst Twitter, Aki Saito Twitter

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