Huge 1/2 scale statue of Death Stranding protagonist Sam revealed

Earlier this week Kojima revealed the first prototype for a Figma figure of Death Stranding’s protagonist Sam, but it turns out this isn’t the only statue of the character that’s in the works. On Twitter, Kojima posted a couple of pictures of a huge 1/2 scale statue of ‘the man who delivers’, with lots of intricate details including a pedestal with oil-filled handprints and an extra pair of boots dangling from Sam’s back. Kojima didn’t give away many details about the figure, explaining that he’s sharing the images so people can use them as a reference for fan art and cosplay.

“Since getting many questions… this is 1/2 size of Sam. The same as the 1/2 of LUDENS. Still under progress but I showed you for the reference for Cosplay and fan art.” – Hideo Kojima

The Ludens statue Kojima is referring to was created by Prime 1, so it’s possible this Sam figure is made by the same manufacturer.

Currently Kojima Productions is having a pop-up store in London on the occasion of the London Games Festival, and later this month, on April 25th, Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus will be at Tribeca Games to discuss their collaboration on Death Stranding.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2)

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