Kojima is checking Death Stranding, and sharing images

The team at Kojima Productions is currently hard at work finishing Death Stranding, and Kojima has been checking the game daily, sharing some new images over the past few weeks. In the meantime, voice recording for the Japanese dub of the game continued as well.

Kojima also took to Twitter to talk a bit about his way of working, and what he means when he used the term ‘a Hideo Kojima game’ for his projects.

“33 years ago in Game Industry, the game dev team was formed only 5-6 ppl. Creating the concept ideas, writing the story & specs, drawing the map on the graph paper, helping dot draw, inputting the data directly, managing the flag, constructing simplified language by logic, compressing binary number image, conducting all the directions and even writing the manual script.”

“And then I had to do business management, producing, & promoting. Even when the team got bigger and the task was subdivided my way of making game didn’t change, an indies style.”

“I get involved myself with the game creation from upstream to downstream. That’s A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME.

“I create the theme, the world atmosphere, the story, the character and the game design while making the concept, scheduling, gathering informations, doing location scout, experimenting repeatedly, writing the script, deciding the specs, casting, sound designing, putting my ideas in daily basis and adjusting, solving problems editing trailers and even making the key art. That’s my task.”

Kojima also commented on translating the script from Japanese to English, and how that can lead to some adjustments:

“You can see the slight expression difference by watching subtitle and dubbed version in movies. For DS, the original script was written in Japanese by myself and gets translated into English. Then it moderated for each actors to make it sound cool at voice recording session. Because Japanese voice over has to lip-synch with the English lines, we make slight change in the script to fit the line.”

Death Stranding will be available for PlayStation 4 on November 8 of 2019. Go here for an overview of the different versions that are available. For the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle, go here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter

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