Death Stranding – Heartman Character Spotlight Trailer released

First shown during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, a new Death Stranding video that has now been released on the official PlayStation channel sheds some light on the character Heartman, who bears the likeness of director Nicolas Winding Refn. Heartman dies every 21 minutes before being revived by the device strapped to his chest. The few minutes he is on the other side he spends looking for his family. The PlayStation channel writes: “A member of BRIDGES, Heartman is committed to researching the truth of the Death Stranding…”

Seeing he only has 21 minutes to live at any time, he spends this short amount listening to music, reading books and watching movies that fit into this slot.

“HEARTMAN cutscene that I introduced at SDCC is out now. HEARTMAN is a member of BRIDGES. His heart stops every 21 mins,spends his time in the world of the dead for 3 mins and comes back by AED. 60 times/day. Thanks to my best friend & filmmaker Nicolas W Refn for his appearance!”Hideo Kojima

Update August 9th: A Japanese version of the scene has been released as well.

Death Stranding will be available for PlayStation 4 on November 8 of 2019. Go here for an overview of the different versions that are available. For the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle, go here.

Source: PlayStation

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