Kojima shows new Death Stranding footage at Gamescom 2019

During the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live, Kojima appeared on stage to provide a new look at Death Stranding. 

This is the first time in five years Kojima was able to attend Gamescom. He said he’s still busy finishing the game but still wanted to make the time to come to the show.

Kojima first showed off a character trailer for Mama, played by Margaret Qualley.

There are many characters in the game and each one has a substory separate from the main story. Mama’s baby was born on the other side and not in her world, but they are still connected by the umbilical cord. Because of this, she can’t move from her location.

Then, Kojima showed another video, focusing on the Bridge Baby and the character Deadman. In it, Deadman explains to Sam how the Bridge Baby functions. Your connection with the BB as you go through the game ties into the gameplay as well.

Speaking of gameplay, Kojima concluded by showing off a bit of just that. Geoff Keighley also makes an appearance in the game as a cameo (voiced by Matthew Mercer). There are many more cameos in the game that Kojima couldn’t talk about yet. The characters like the one in this new video are called preppers, and you will be able to connect with them, and by doing so (and connecting with other characters) you will notice that you are connected with other people worldwide (Kojima said he couldn’t reveal too much about this). Your goal in the game is to connect the world together, from east to west, and you’ll face obstacles along the way such as BTs and terrorists.

Update: a couple of official screens from the Gamescom footage:

Death Stranding will be available for PlayStation 4 on November 8 of 2019. Go here for an overview of the different versions that are available. For the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle, go here.

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