Gecco is offering a Cyborg Ninja Model Kit

You may remember Gecco Corp’s impressive Cyborg Ninja statue that was released earlier this year. Now the company is offering a limited edition model kit version. Sculpted by Yuta Fuke, this version has to be assembled and painted by the user himself. However, at $209.99, it is a somewhat cheaper option if you have the skills and time required.

Limited in quantity to 40 pieces

Cast from the master sculpture and silicon mold used to create the original sculpture of “Cyborg Ninja 1/6 scale prepainted PVC statue,” we are excited to offer for a limited time this highly detailed model kit version. The details captured in this garage kit are truly a sight to behold!

※Please note, this product is a model kit which arrives unpainted and unassembled. Also called a “Garage Kit” some painting and building skills are required to assemble.

●Price: US$209.99
●Painting is required.
●Assembly is required
●Material: Polyurethane resin.
●Size: 1/6 scale (30 cm tall)
●Release: September 2019
●Sculpt: Yuta Fuke

This version comes with a decal instead of the engravings for the arm-mounted gun.

If you’re interested, you can order the model kit on Gecco’s own website via the link below.

Source: Gecco

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