Gray Fox looks alive again on official photos of his impressive upcoming statue by Gecco

Gecco Corp is releasing a Gray Fox statue next year, and today the company has sent us a slew of official photos along with the product details. The 1/6 scale statue is coming out in January of 2019, and will cost $299.99. It comes with an interchangeable head with opened visor, and the light on his mask is an LED that can light up. His arm wielding the blade can also be switched for an arm canon.

Product Name
Metal Gear Solid / Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Statue

Produced by

-Price: US$299.99
-Size: 30 cm high
-Release: January 2019
-Prepainted Statue
-Material: ABS/PVC
-Sculpt: Yuta Fuke
-Paint: Kenji Ando

Figure features
Cyborg Ninja from “Metal Gear Solid” is recreated as a 1/6 scale statue, perfectly capturing the blend of hard mechanical surfacing and organic elements like the artificial muscle tissue of the powered exoskeleton developed by Tokugawa Heavy Industries.
The lamp in the center of the facemask lights up with a brilliant LED, and the interchangeable head uncovers the mask revealing the face of Frank Jaeger AKA the Gray Fox.
The right arm wielding the high-frequency blade is interchangeable with the arm-mounted cannon, which also has a detachable battery pack.
The spare battery of the arm-cannon can be attached to the waist with a magnet when not in use.
Experience the tense atmosphere and watertight fighting stance of the Cyborg Ninja!

Ultra Tokyo Connection (North America)
Diamond Comics Distributor (North America)
Sideshow (North America)
D4TOYS (Other countries)

Update March 5th 2019: On their official blog, distributor Mamegyorai has shared some pictures of the statue’s packaging. The statue can be ordered, among other places, at Play-Asia, with an expected shipping date of March 30th.

Earlier Metal Gear statues by Gecco include Quiet, Venom Snake, and Raiden.

Source: Gecco Corp PR

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