Photos showing the final version of Gecco’s Raiden statue

Kojima shared some photos of the final build of the Raiden statue by GECCO. The figure is based on Raiden’s appearance from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. On the last picture, you can see Raiden’s glowing red eye in action.

“Thanks for waiting. Raiden statue by GECCO, received the complete ver. ready for mass production. Check out the eyes!”





Update: On the official website, some more photos were shared of the inspection of the final build:

Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-1 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-2 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-3 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-4 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-5 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-6 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-7 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-8 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-9 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-10 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-2 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-3 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-4 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-5 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-6 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-7 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-8 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-9 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-10 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue-11 Gecco-Raiden-Inspection-Statue

The 32cm (about 13″) tall statue will release this month for a price of around ¥20000 (just under €150 / 200 dollars). For more pictures, click here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Mamegyorai

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