Metal Gear Solid The Board Game delayed to summer 2020

Originally slated for release in December of this year, Metal Gear Solid The Board Game has been delayed to summer of 2020. Publisher IDW Games is using the extra time to implement feedback from play testers and other parties, and to include some new stuff. IDW Games writes:

Game design and development is an iterative process, and involves feedback from play-testers, graphic designers, the factory that will be producing the game, and our licensing partners in North America and Japan. As development progresses changes come in that range from things that affect quality of life aspects, things like the size of the spaces on the map tiles, to redesigning and developing scenarios for better balance. […] Knowing that this was a chance to find a silver lining and grant Emerson and the team the time to make the product they really wanted it to be, we decided to delay the game. We’re now planning on delivering the game in summer 2020. 

The board game will also get some added extras, such as 100 pages of comic book art that will be added to the campaign book.

Furthermore, the Day One Edition of the game will come with several extras, and a new one the team is adding are two playable cardboard box minis (which will be tokens in the regular version).

If you’re interested you can check out a video in which the designers explain the game here. The Day One Edition of the game is available for pre-order through IDW Games’ official website.

Source: IDW Games

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