A look behind the scenes of Death Stranding

On Twitter, Kojima has shared a short video showing the ‘cinematic sequence development’ of one of the scenes in Death Stranding. In it we can see the different stages leading to the end result.

In second video, Kojima shared another ‘sneak preview’ of the Making of Death Stranding. It sounds like a full video is coming in some form in the future.

In an earlier tweet, Kojima shared a video of a performance capture session, when they were shooting Norman Reedus riding his bike (from the opening cinematic). However, Norman accidentally broke the handlebars off the prop they were using, and kindly helped fix it.

One of the easter eggs in Death Stranding happens when you play on your birthday. Like in MGSV, you are treated to a virtual cake. Kojima and other at the studio ate the real thing after digitizing it.

PlayStation has published a video titled ‘Death Stranding – The Story of Kojima Productions’, in which Kojima briefly talks about how the game got off the ground as his first project after becoming independent.

In another video, Kojima explains how he came up with the idea behind Death Stranding.

The next video has Kojima explaining what he hopes Death Stranding tells players about the meaning of connection.

Another video features an interview with Hideo Kojima and Mads Mikkelsen, in which they talk about the character Cliff Unger and how Mads and Kojima worked together on the project.

To see more behind the scenes videos, check out this article showing Kojima Productions staff act out scenes from the game in preparation for the shoots.

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