Death Stranding appears in Japan’s top 30 best selling games of December and January

Famitsu has released a list of the 30 best selling games in Japan in December of 2019. Coming in at number 21, Death Stranding sold 42,473 copies (27,016 physical and 15,457 digital).

The game released on November 8, and topped the charts in Japan in its first week, selling 185,909 copies between November 8 – 13. As to be expected sales were a lot lower in the second month, but it still did well enough to gain itself a spot in the top 30.

Update March 1st 2020: Famitsu has published the sales data for January in Japan, and Death Stranding can be found at number 29, selling 19,441 copies in that month.

Unfortunately, total global sales figures haven’t been released so far, so it’s hard to tell how the game did overall.

Source: Famitsu, via Nintendo Everything

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