Norman Reedus ‘in talks to do other stuff’ with Kojima

In an interview with WIRED, in which Norman Reedus answers questions based on search suggestions, the Death Stranding actor said something interesting. One of the questions was ‘why norman reedus death stranding’, which admittedly isn’t really a proper question, but nonetheless it prompted an interesting response.

“I did the videogame cause Guillermo del Toro originally called me and said: hey, a guy named Hideo Kojima is going to call you, just say yes. And I was like: who is he? He goes: it doesn’t matter, just say yes. And then I met Hideo at Comic-Con in San Diego, he came out back when we were going to do a different game. He showed me what he was working on, and I was just blown away, I mean, the guy is like a super genius. And then I became friends with him, started working with him, and we kept going. So we did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff. So, that’s why.”

Right at the end, the actor reveals that he and Kojima are currently in talks to do ’other stuff’. Of course it’s anyone’s guess what that means at this moment, it could be a new project, or a sequel to Death Stranding, or not even a videogame, as Kojima Productions was looking to go into other media as well. But it at least seems to suggest something is going on behind the scenes.

Source: WIRED (thanks to Johnno for the tip!)

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