Celebrate Metal Gear’s 33rd anniversary with new artwork released by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

After a daily dose of concept artworks celebrating Metal Gear’s 31st anniversary as well as during the quarantine period earlier this year, Metal Gear Solid movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is back for a third series of artwork, this time in honor of the series’ 33rd anniversary (the original game launched on July 13th of 1987 in Japan for the MSX2 home computer). He also shared a new video featuring several Metal Gear voice actors.

Day 1

I sought out titans of the concept art world who all shared passion & visceral love for @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN’s world. @tgconceptart& I met through this and bonded over our shared influence. We began first of many collaborations… This triptych belongs in a museum.

Day 2

DAY 2 of #METALGEAR33 Pain Begets Pain. Yesterday @tgconceptart released his masterful piece of horizontal storytelling showcasing METAL GEAR SOLID’s cycle of pain. Today, my 2nd collaboration w/ the great @ELIANT_ELIAS is a vertical piece showing that same twisted evolution.

Day 3

Day 4

@Kilo_Three has this incredible ability to insert Yoji Shinkawa’s fantastical and iconic designs into our mundane reality. Something about this satellite imagery feels dangerous. It feels real. It feels like stolen intel. Metal Gear Rex for President 2020

Day 5

One sequence from the original METAL GEAR SOLID that became most engrained in my brain was also one of the most unsettling & disturbing. Leading to his 4th wall breaking Boss Battle – Psycho Mantis manipulates Snake using Meryl’s sexuality. By @ELIANT_ELIAS

Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Twitter

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