Fangamer adds new products to Metal Gear line

Merchandise company Fangamer has revealed four new additions to their line of Metal Gear Solid products: a long-sleeve shirt, a water bottle and two pins. You can find more details on each of the products below. And yes, Ocelot’s revolver actually spins.

Revolving Ocelot Pin

Like the greatest handgun ever made, this soft-enamel pin has a single action: Spinning. 

This official Metal Gear Solid 3 pin was designed by Nina Matsumoto; it’s about 1.4 inches tall. The gun is designed to rotate in Revolver Ocelot’s hand.

Just A Box Hinged Pin

What we have here is an ordinary, unassuming enamel pin of a cardboard box.


This official Metal Gear Solid pin was designed by Nina Matsumoto. The box flips up to reveal Snake under very deep cover.

Metal Gear Solid Water Bottle

In the spirit of the games, this official Metal Gear Solid water bottle will stand out anywhere you take it.

For this wraparound Tony Kuchar design we’ve used a sturdy, BPA-free copolyester bottle with a wide mouth and a threaded cap. Each one comes with a bonus charm!

Hand-wash recommended.

Born On A Battlefield Long-Sleeve Shirt

I can see you perfectly from here.

This official Metal Gear Solid long-sleeved shirt was designed by Nina Matsumoto and printed—front and both sleeves—by Forward on soft, 100%-cotton shirts by Port & Company.

Source: Fangamer, via Konami

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