Junji Ito would love to work with Kojima again

Website Polygon was able to ask some questions to Junji Ito via email. Ito, who is known for his horror manga, was in talks with Kojima during the early stages of the development of Silent Hills, which of course was cancelled after Kojima left Konami. He recounted how things went down:

Hideo Kojima-san contacted me about a Silent Hill sequel that he was in the beginning stages of working on, but the project was cancelled before before I got too involved. Apparently the first person he spoke to was the director Guillermo Del Toro, and as the two of them discussed the project, my name came up.

Despite video games not being his area of expertise, Ito was interested in working together with Kojima, but also a bit nervous.

I’m not too familiar with video games and was a bit unsure of myself, but I headed to Kojima Productions where the three of us had our first meeting. Del Toro talked about the ideas he had, but having personally never played Silent Hill before, I just sat there feeling anxious the entire time.

However things unfortunately didn’t go any further than this initial meeting.

At the end of the meeting I took some illustrations of monsters I had drawn before that I had printed out and handed them over to the two directors for reference. And that was the only time the three of us met up.

Ito concluded with these words:

If Kojima-san contacts me again, I’d love to contribute as much as I’m able to.

Source: Polygon

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