Konami will skip E3, but is in ‘deep development on a number of key projects’

In a statement on Twitter, Konami has announced they will not present anything at E3 this year, despite initially being listed as one of the attendees. However, it seems that things have changed since then, and the company is not ready to show anything at this moment. The full message shared by Konami reads as follows:

Interestingly, fans are told they can rest assured as the company is ‘in deep development on a number of key projects’, though this could of course mean anything. In an interview published in June last year, after Konami announced to expand into publishing of more western titles, senior brand and business development manager Richard Jones said that the Konami IPs are being looked after by the teams in Japan, and that they are ‘beavering away at those’.

Since the release of Metal Gear Survive in February of 2018, we have heard very little about the Metal Gear franchise, but Konami has insisted before that the series is ‘extremely important’ to the company, and that they will continue to create products for the franchise.

Source: Konami Twitter

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