Voice of Snake to be revealed on June 6

One of the most talked about subjects when it comes to Metal Gear Solid V, is the fact that David Hayter, who has voiced Snake ever since the first Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation, has been replaced by a new voice actor for this installment. Kojima explained the reason for this is that this is a new kind of Metal Gear game, and that he wants the voice actor to reflect this.


David Hayter

The decision has caused some uproar among fans, including a petition to bring David Hayter back that reached almost 20.000 signatures. Now, Konami decided to fan the flames of hype a bit higher by announcing that we will finally find out who the voice actor is at Konami’s E3 show, which takes place on June 6th. For this reason a teaser video has been posted as well, which can be seen below.

The Moment you’ve Been waiting for! Who’ll be the NEW Voice of Snake? Find out During PRe-E3 Show, June 6 @ 10 o’clock PSTKonami Twitter

Who Will Be the Voice of Snake?Kojima Productions Twitter

Only a few more days before this question will be answered.

Source: Kojima Productions Twitter, Konami Twitter

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