The favorite Meryl moments of voice actress Debi Mae West

During IGN’s Up At Noon, Debi Mae West (voice actress for Meryl Sylverburgh) shared her favorite Metal Gear moments involving Meryl.

Her favorite part is the scene in Metal Gear Solid when Meryl reflects on herself, looking in the bathroom mirror.

“It’s just a really quiet moment. (…) I never was asked to do that kind of acting in a video game before. (…) Here I am, this tough, badass soldier, and I got to show some vulnerability. (…) That probably was when I realized as an actor that they were taking this to a whole other level.”


Another memorable moment for the actress was when Snake and Meryl meet up again in Metal Gear Solid 4, and she doesn’t recognize him at first.

“Just being able to meet back up with David in the studio and work together again, it was really amazing.”


Getting married at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 was also a special moment for her.

“I watched my marriage a couple of months ago (…) Wearing my one and only wedding dress in my life. (…) So I got to get married to Beng Spies [Akiba’s voice actor]. I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry him?”


Lastly, the scene of Snake and Meryl riding off on the snowmobile at the end of MGS1 stuck with her.

“One of my favorite moments was riding off on the Bison – if I didn’t get killed. (…) I got to ride off on the Bison with Snake, and that was a funny moment in recording it.”


Source: IGN Up at Noon – Meryl’s Favorite Memories

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