Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes comparison video may come tomorrow

Yesterday Konami published a bunch of comparison screens on the official MGSV website that show the differences between the four versions of Ground Zeroes. Kojima has also been working on a comparison video, which he plans to upload tomorrow. On Twitter, he talked a little more about the different versions.

I published comparison images of consoles since I get so many questions. Once I said the contents & controls can be equally amused by player as we carefully adjusted, people say “then next-gen is meaningless”. Well, I want people to play nextgen if they were able to buy, and for those who couldn’t, play current-gen version as it is indeed multi.

I may publish the comparison video of consoles for GZ tomorrow since it is holiday today in US.

Next-gen looks better because of its hi-spec, but what I want u to feel is the point the photo-realistic image we pursue in Fox Engine.

Fox Engine made it even the curren-gen look as good as next-gen. Nonsense to compare simply b/w MGS4 &GZ since GZ is open world game thou.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Cartmangus

    Bring it on. Hopefully they’ll put them up for download in decent bitrate as they previously mentioned

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    I’ll be honest here, I actually don’t need to see a comparison video.. The screenshots already showed us that both current and next gen versions will look amazing. We all know that the next gens are more powerful and therefore will look better. But that’s my opinion ofcourse, there will be plenty of people that would love to see the comparison vid.

    • Batzi

      I don’t need a screenshot, comparison trailer or a review to buy a Metal Gear game. I just need the game. No one buys Metal Gear for the graphics. The series is known for far more valuable assets such as story, stealth gameplay, amazing boss fights, sense of humor etc.

      • crimsonfox

        Although they happen to be the best looking games at the time they come out. I don’t Kojima should have used up time to make a trailer showing the differences though. That what those silly “Lens of truth” web sites are for. Everyone should know by now Kojima don’t ever half ass nothing. But some people are baboons so…

        • Danny (Soundwave)

          This made me laugh and you are absolutely right. 🙂

        • Janeo

          Metal gear games always look so good. Mgs4 still looks great for today you go back and play gta4 which came out the same year it looks awful compared to games today I think mgs5 on ps4 will have the best graph is we have ever seen, last gen versions will be good to maybe even better then the ps4 exclusive infamous which I think could look much better

      • Ilja Y.


        I’ve put my endless trust in Kojima.

  • Fredy Carius

    Then tomorrow is the day i start saving for a ps4!

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll stick with the PS3 version first, then wait for a complete package to PS4.

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