More Kojima at E3 2014 Photos – includes picture of the gameplay demo

During the second day of E3, Kojima Productions continues to present Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to the press using the 30 minute gameplay demo. Here are some comments and a bunch of photos by Kojima – one of them gives a small taste of the demo.

“E3 Day2. I will have interview all day today hope have some time to check other games out.”

“Having TPP gameplay demo at E3 & received very positive responses by introducing few of the features like Fulton& C-Box in free sneaking.”

“Knocking wall, the most feedback we received after GZ release has been included. Lots of walls & almost any others to knock in Afghanistan.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Outer-Heaven-T-Shirt “Black OUTER HEAVEN T.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Outer-Heaven-Bag “Only 2 of these exist in this world.”

“I found Mike Oldfield’s new album MAN ON THE ROCK at music store few months ago and ever since I listened to NUCLEAR, I got the image of Snake and it naturally developed basic idea of the trailer.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Setup “E3Day2. Konami booth somewhat like C-Box?”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Interview-Room “Kojima Productions briefing room for media interview.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Interview-Room-2 “You can look up to the sky.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Ludo “Lud has arrived.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Gameplay-Demo-Picture “Rehearsing gameplay demo.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Jackie-Playing “Tan playing.”

“Had interview with 18 media outlets and 1 more to go for today.”

“The last interview today was with TIME. Finished.”


“Today’s mission completed.”

After that Kojima went to check out some of the other games at the show, such as The Order 1886 and Tom Clancy’s The Division.


“Had dinner with LA studio staff.”


“Night view.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Batzi
  • Schmojima

    awww, maaaan.

  • Zero

    Anyone know the time (UK or Netherlands) when ign streaming the gameplay tomorrow? I’m dying to see all this with my own eyes -.-

  • Golgari

    Venom Snake is infiltrating Sunni Mujahideen place that is full of soldiers.

    • Where did you get this?

      • Golgari

        Nyx, much love but if I had a link I would give you in a sec. This is just a random internet clicking. Seriously.

        UPD: Found it. For some reason Konami uploaded a new screenshot. They are doing this shit at random for no real reason.

        • PrinceHeir

          Not really.

          It just seems Konami JPN is uploading these ahead of Konami US/EU’s schedule.

      • Risev

        IT was uploaded to the official MGSV TPP website recently. The website is constantly getting updated.

  • Tye

    Damn, with the game being this detailed, I wonder if they’ll be able to maintain 1080p 60 fps again.

    • Yaro

      I wish they would have a 30fps lock… and give the game more and better shadows.

    • Batzi

      The 30mins gameplay presentation was running on a PS4 at 1080p60fps.

  • Golgari


    • George Sears


    • Daburcor

      I have never wanted to be at E3 more than I do right this second… WHY MUST YOU HURT ME SO, KOJIMAAAAAAA!

  • LukesAlike

    This is friggin’ splendid.

  • Schmojima

    oh man, i love this buzz! I check mgi almost every 15 to 30 minutes, discovering new comments and earth shattering news every god damn time, luv it! good job nyx and the community!

    • zack

      Yeah, same here. It’s awesome having such a comprehensive, and reliable source for MGS news. As embarrassing as it is, I check this site constantly, every day. We appreciate the hell out of what you’re doing here, Nyxus. Thanks!

  • crimsonfox

    I’m about to throw up! All of this is so exciting!!!!

    Also I’ll need one of those watches, And 31 of those Outer Heaven shirts for every day of the freakin month!

  • PrinceHeir



    So does that mean we will see how Outer Heaven get’s established? To be honest it didn’t really make sense since by the end of Peace Walker. I actually thought he established Outer Heaven, especially the big speech he gave to the soldiers after the credits


    Oh well i just hope this time will see how Outer Heaven is made 🙂

    And maybe will see that big “ship” that appeared in MGS4 XD

    • crimsonfox

      I thought it was the beginning of Outer Heaven too. Maybe it was, until Sckullface did what he did. I have a feeling Big Boss might link up with Skullface at a point. Skullface shows him HIS base soon to be renamed Outer Heaven, when Big Boss finds out who fucked him and left him in a coma. takes it over and kills Skullface maybe? I don’t know. I’m excited to see how it plays out.

      • PrinceHeir

        To be honest the only reason Skull Face supposedly attack MSF(even though we didn’t see him there) is because he probably wanted to fool Zero into thinking he’s on his side.

        He may have done that in order to fool him. But at the same time he maybe triple crossing Big Boss and wants to eliminate both Snake and Zero for his ambitions similar to what Paz did during Peace Walker.

        I just hope Ocelot has Snake and Miller’s back in case Skull Face double crosses them.

        • Batzi

          Ocelot will remain loyal to Big Boss till the end.

          Skull Face clearly wanted Big Boss dead. What happens so that Skull Face and Big Boss start working together is not clear yet. Is Big Boss aware that Skull Face was behind the MSF attack? We don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, Huey will probably end up talking. I can’t imagine Big Boss working with the people who put him in a 9 years coma and wiped the ideology he believed in.

          • PrinceHeir

            Interesting details.

            I want to see how far Kojima is gonna take this.

            All i want from this game story is:

            Strangelove just so she might reveal a secret weapon for Zeke to be used. Not to mention since both him and Heuy are in love. I’m sure Heuy wouldn’t leave her like that.
            Frank Eager’s appearance: young soldier or anything; though i don’t mind saving him for the remake of the MSX games.
            Liquid Snake(rumored to be Eli) and possibly Solid Snake’s child years
            Zero and his crew(Para Medic aka Dr. Clark, Sigint,)
            If Ocelot is here, then Eva must be here as well!

            Hype for this!!

        • crimsonfox

          Ever since the ending of MGS 3 I have wanted to see Ocelot fight along side Big Boss. After they fight in the back of the WIIG. And my desire to see thaat built more at the end of MGS 4 when Liquid Ocelot talks about them being great friends. When it comes to Skullface I really want him to remain the true villian in the story and all of Diamond Dogs and B.B. have a common enemy.And Skullface wants to kill everyone that did him wrong including B.B. and Zero.

          There is also the case of B.B. running Fox Hound for the U.S. again. While running Outer Heaven like in the original Metal Gear. maybe him and Zero get together for a little while to take down Skullface? Boss gets Zeroes trust back just to fuck Zero over this time with Outer Heaven? I don’t know. I’m excited to see what year this game ends in. and How far into Outer Heaven B.B. goes in this title. or even if we see a young Solid Snake infiltrate o_o

          • PrinceHeir

            Man i forgot about Foxhound.

            I wonder if we’ll finally see Frank Eager for the first time. Seeing as Portable Ops(aside from Snake surviving the incident) being non-canon supposedly. I want to see Frank Eager even if he’s just a normal child soldier for now.

            Also hype to see young Solid Snake and Eli(Liquid) throughout the game. Seeing how Eli interacts with Big Boss a lot, i have a feeling Eli will be what Chico is during Peace Walker. Snake will show him the ropes on how to survive and the harshness of battle.

            Of course Kojima will probably retconned once again on how Liquid never met Big Boss(really??)

            I also want to see how Solid Snake will play in part in this. Maybe Solid Snake and Liquid used to be friends, but doesn’t remember due to the war that’s happening right now.

            Lots of things Kojima can reveal for The Phantom Pain. It’s already confirmed this is not the last(surprise surprise XD) MGS game.


        • Janeo

          But skullface said himself that zero would never do that. I think zero cared to muchfir snake to do that to him, I’m thinking it has something to do with the past skullface dud say they go way back

        • Derp Snake

          Big Boss was the poster boy for Zeros organization, I don’t think trying to kill him would get you in Cipher’s good books. There has to be more to it I reckon, and remember that Big Boss doesn’t even know who attacked Mother Base as of the end of GZ.

    • Batzi

      yes but then it gets wiped out in GZ.

    • crimsonfox

      I also just realized the skull on the
      Outer Heaven shirt has a hole where Big Boss has his horn! Details man! details!

      • PrinceHeir

        I just hope this is the official logo of Outer Heaven 😀

        Maybe redesigned once again come the remake of the two MSX MG games ^^

        • Solidfox

          I need one of those Outer heaven t-shirts man.

  • ZenshinHD

    They are teasing us so much, lol.

  • well i really like that this redesigned outer heaven logo appears in the trailer, though i don’t know how to feel, i was saving money to get a tattoo of the old outer heaven logo from the first games /: now i don’t know if i should go classic and stay with the old one, or wait till the release and maybe get this one done

    • crimsonfox
      I say go classic, I’m getting the OG Fox hound logo after my wedding passes and I have extra tattoo money. The older logos have so much history for me. But the new Outer Heaven IS pretty bad ass.

      • nice!! at first i thought about getting that one too, i like it a lot, the problem for me deciding between old/new outer heaven is the meaning behind the logo, like you said, the history, i think that maybe if this new one appears in some amazing and important moments for the saga i might prefer this one for what it will mean… but well, maybe you’re right and i should get the old one, i know that one from years ago, and always liked it, the only problem is the swastica haha. btw congratulations on the future wedding man!

        • crimsonfox

          I get you. I think actually seeing Big Boss build outer heaven might make this newer logo that much more badass though. You should probably wait in it if you’re going to get a Outer Heaven tattoo. Because tattoos don’t go away. And having two O.H. tattoos might be silly haha. I’d probably do it though haha

          And thanks man. I been with my chick since 7 days after my 15th birthday. I think it’s time to seal the deal haha

          • yeah, i have to think about it.

            about time to get it done eh? well, time is essential while building a relationship, so to me it seems you got most of the work done and you’re doing things right, everything going in the right direction (:

          • crimsonfox

            Just wait on it bro. I have a feeling phantom pain might be the best one yet. And the new logo will be worthy of being put on your skin!

            Yeah, it’s awesome. Can’t wait to spend all my savings, go broke and just focus and gaming next year haha

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