MGSV goodies at TGS 2014: prosthetic arm replica, sneaking suit Snake figure and more

Tokyo Game Show 2014 is in full swing, and on display is a large collection of various pieces of merchandise. Among them are plenty of Play Arts figures, including a version of Venom Snake in the black sneaking suit that he was wearing in the new gameplay video and cutscene. Perhaps the coolest items is a replica of Big Boss’s mechanical arm.

Also, the ‘Metal Gear Collection 2014’ Kojima teased a few days ago, turned out to be a Metal Gear branded clothing line. It includes shirts, jackets and shoes.

Kojima Productions also did a live broadcast of a new episode of Kojima Station, some stills are included as well.

MGSV venue overview














Prosthetic Arm replica











Play Arts Kai Sneaking Suit Snake




Play Arts Venom Snake and Ground Zeroes Snake


Gecco Ground Zeroes Snake


Pictures of the booth, the stage and the event














Source: Kojima TwitterKojima Productions TwitterMGSCollection Twitter, @air_dotter@senti_terio@hidemi_mad_dogKonami Style Twitter, Kojima Station 23,

  • César H. Sandoval

    BRB chopping my arm.

    • Dizz

      Well, on the plus side you get phantom pain early. LOL.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Too meta for me, MIND=BLOWN.

      • LukesAlike


    • Automata Snake

      Don’t forget your leg!

      • César H. Sandoval

        Didn’t you mean my eye?

        I’m surprised they’re not selling the oficcial BigBoss patch among this stuff lol

        • marcyff2

          i would much rather have the official snake eye. that thing looks so dope!

    • Venom Snake

      Don’t do it, Cosplay Solid instead, he has all of his limbs!

      • César H. Sandoval

        Who said It was for cosplay? I wanna sneak into Africa and stun-shock people around! ;D

        • Venom Snake

          Then Do it as Solid Snake.

          • César H. Sandoval

            OK then!

            BRB battling my shirtless brother over a nuclear robot in Alaska

  • No Place For Hayter

    The arm looks better in game, lol.

    • Automata Snake

      Instead of shoes in Big Boss’s closet, he’ll have 100 different pairs of bionic arms. Lol

  • PrinceHeir

    WOW! This really looks like MGS1 sneaking suit by Solid Snake 😀

    Just slim him down a bit since Big Boss is much buff compared to Solid Snake.

    I really hope this really won’t be the last MGS Kojima-san 😛

    • psychomantis18

      Totally agree. Kojima is up to something…..

      • Automata Snake

        As much backstory as The Boss gave in MGS3, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if a prequel was released where you play as The Boss & Jack/Snake (What was Jack’s code name prior to MGS3/1964?) throughout their 10 years of fighting together & developing CQC. I’m certain they’ll remake MG 1&2 also as one game.

        • Venom Snake

          Is John, his real name is John, and YES, i would Definitely Buy a The Boss Metal Gear, but without Big Boss as main playable, instead the Cobra Unit, basically a 4/5 Players Coop Metal Gear Tactical Action Oriented, Fast Paced Stealth, more shooter, it would be a New thing.

          • Automata Snake

            I know his legal name is John, but The Boss & others called him Jack, nickname for John. Just like Jack Kennedy, aka John F. Kennedy.

          • Venom Snake

            John fukking Kennedy?

          • Automata Snake

            Your idea for The Boss & John & Cobra Unit co-op is bad-ass. That would kill even more with that Fox Engine.

        • psychomantis18

          I hope so but we’ll have to wait and see I guess

    • Automata Snake

      Maybe by the end of the game we’ll get to see a young Solid Snake beginning his infiltration mission of Outer Heaven? But, in order for that to happen MGSVTPP will have to span 10 years (1984-1994), which wouldn’t surprise me as seeing the massive scale of the game & that it won’t be released until early 2015 at the earliest.

    • Yes, it was made to look like the MGS1 sneaking suit, Shinkawa said.

    • yes! it’s easy to be reminded of that suit isn’t it? and i’m really glad about it it’s probably the first time since MGS1 that we get a similar suit, after MGS1 every other suit followed a style closer to the sneaking suit from MGS2 in my opinion

      • Automata Snake

        I like the OctoCamo suit from MGS4, but the MGS1 sneaking suit is classic. It’s cool to see it resembled in TPP. Will the “stealth camouflage” be available in Pain? I doubt it.

        • yeah i like how the games that are set in the past have been showing an evolution in the sneaking suits, it started with the one from mgs3 and then you can see the resemblance in the ones from portable ops and peace walker, now this new one shows a mix from that with the one from the first metal gear solid. about the stealth camouflage, i think it’s possible we see it, even if the game is set in the 80’s we have to consider the idroid and a lot of other stuff that doesn’t make much sense for the time

  • CrazyGuy207

    I thought I heard somewhere that Sutherland will be present during one of these tgs days. Is that true?

    • Automata Snake

      I think I heard that too, I think it’ll be at the end of TGS.

  • crimsonfox

    I work security…I wear boots for work..I need those boots. Size 11 1/2 thanks Kojima

    • psychomantis18

      Lol. You heard the man!

  • V47

    I want it all…

    • Automata Snake

      That’s what she said

      • Venom Snake


        Too young to understand it…and me too dumb to get your Joke at first.

    • Big_Boss88

      Me too!

    • Venom Snake

      …I want it NOW!

  • bob

    are we going to pretend that they have a toy and possible name for th mysterious figure from the VGAs trailer?! lol

    • He is simply called ‘burning man’.

      • Venom Snake

        That is 100% Volgin…wonder if he is an Enemy or an Ally, or both at Player Choice.

  • NakedSnake85

    Hi guys. forgive my ignorance but… is there any way to order Shirts and any of these in Europe?

    • The Insert Coin shirts, although maybe that isn’t what you’re looking for:

      • NakedSnake85

        hi nyxus.. as a dedicated fan of the series since 98 thnx for all the incredible job ure doing..keep it up! also…nope…im looking for the diamond dogs shirt there any way to order them in europe? thnx for the reply !

        • Don’t think there are any details on that so far. Maybe later. Or perhaps it will be Japan only, and you need to find an import store (or use eBay).

  • Maynard
  • Venom Snake

    1 of the Most impressive things from this TGS 2014 Demo was the attention to detail on Non-Gameplay Features, things that you could only Expect from Rockstar Games, 1 example is the way Snake shakes his Right Arm when climbing that Cliff, resting his arm which i have never seen in to a Game Before and which shows how much work is put in to Motion Capturing the Arms, which again never saw so realistic arms animation in Any game

    [This may be disturbing for some, so WARNING, possible disturbing image…fur fukk sake is a Game…but is Fox Engine so i understand if the Realism makes it too realistic]

    This detail also reminds me of what i have seem at GDC 2013 when snake was crawling but with his Right Arm Paralyzed, and you could see his Paralyzed arm Bouncing in the Ground like it was dead, again extra attention to Motion Capture of arms!

    EDIT: Kotaku just made an article about this named “Why Snake Is The Best Climber In Video Game History”

    • Big_Boss88

      I agree man :D, those are such amazing and realistic details. Love it!

      • Venom Snake

        True, there’s a Reason he is called Big Boss (i know the real reason was Sarcasm and made just to spit on The Boss Grave, saying that Snake is even above here, which made Snake hate the Name at first, until he lost his sh*t at The End of Peace Walker, the beginning of Big Boss Transformation)

  • Romain Robin

    I am happy Kojima prod gave me 2 XOF and FOX t-shirts at the GZ release event in Paris. But now I want the Outer Heaven one so bad.

  • DanielGearSolid

    I will surrender my next 5 paychecks for this stuff

  • Will

    Where’s that Leather Jacket?

    That Jacket looks so cool, i want it right now.

    • Venom Snake

      I want more Gameplay with the Jacket!

  • Big_Boss88

    Everything looks so cool wow, I want it all !
    I really wanna use the prosthetic arm, but need to amputate my own arm first “looks for butcher knife”.

    • Venom Snake

      God, i’m so happy your are not a Raiden Fan wanting to use his Body (aka Cutting your Head to use his Body)

  • glitchbomb

    Being born missing my left hand i was super excited to see the bandaged arm in early TPP trailers. Now that i have seen the prosthetic up close like this, it makes me even more excited to attempt some sort of cosplay. Hell, I would wear this daily if I could create a decent replica, and I haven’t worn a prosthesis since I was very very young. I think my best bet would be to find someone with a 3d printer.

    • Venom Snake

      For Real? that would be nice from a Metal Gear Fan!

      PS: The Up-Vote is for your idea, nit for the fact that you have no arm, don’t get me wrong…actually explain what the Up-Vote is for makes it wrong…whatever good luck i guess.

      • glitchbomb

        lol. No need to explain. 🙂

  • Nekkedsnake


  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Got to love that prosthetic arm replica :).

  • Will

    I want everything here…

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