Three years of Metal Gear Informer

Exactly three years ago, on January 15th 2012, we published our first post on a brand new Metal Gear website. We started this site with the idea to just try it out, and see what happens, see how it goes. Now, three years later is a good time to look back at the results.


As you might expect, it took a while to get noticed. A new website that no one knows doesn’t attract a lot of visitors by itself. Luckily we were able to get some scoops every now and then, resulting in bigger sites picking up the news. Also, there weren’t really any (English language) websites at the time reporting on Metal Gear news to the extent that we did, not just the big news but small updates as well.

We made sure we updated the website frequently, and it paid off. Slowly the number of visitors grew, and the website became a source of information to more and more people. In October 2013 the name and address changed from to It gave the website an actual name, an identity which it was lacking at first.

Today, Metal Gear Informer gets around a 100.000 page views a month, with about 2000 unique visitors each day, usually more. In total, over 21.000 comments have been posted. Not too long ago, on November 15th, total page views reached a milestone of 3 million.

But perhaps the most important thing that happened is the rise of the website’s community, meaning, you guys. It wasn’t until March of 2013 when the community suddenly started growing, and it got busier in the comment section. Currently it isn’t unusual for a post to get over 50 comments, something that much bigger websites don’t always have. The final post of last year even managed to receive well over 500 comments. So here’s to you!



This diagram shows the average number of comments per post for each month, starting January 2012 and ending December 2014 (as of January 3rd 2015).


Now, for some highlights of the past year:

In March of 2014, a week before the launch of Ground Zeroes, we were invited by Konami UK to fly to London to be among the first to play the game during the British Film and Television Awards. It is strange to walk around a community you normally only see on the internet. Hideo Kojima himself was there as well, along with many Metal Gear fans and cosplayers. It was an awesome experience, and we thank Konami for the opportunity.




Another amazing thing that happened not too long ago, on October 22nd 2014: an article we published analyzing Metal Gear Solid 2’s themes was shared on the official MGS Facebook by Konami. As a result, so many people tried to access the site at the same time, it crashed the servers! It was a big honor Konami chose to feature MGI on their page.




Thirdly, on December 8th 2014 Hideo Kojima paid a visit to the Kojima Productions studio in Los Angeles. As always, he shared a bunch of photos on Twitter, and as always, we posted these pictures on Metal Gear Informer. But there was something quite special about one of the pictures. The one with Community Manager Robert Peeler showed him sitting behind his computer, browsing… Metal Gear Informer! It was so unreal seeing the website on a photo by Kojima himself – even if it was barely visible.
For nearly three years, we had been following Kojima’s Twitter feed, posting his photos on the website. And now, that same website was featured on one of his photos!




In the future, Metal Gear Informer will continue to provide the latest news and exclusive articles on the series as it always had. As much fun as it is to run this website, hopefully people realize that it’s also a lot of work, and to keep it up all these years has required dedication. It’s taken a lot of work and time to get to this point, and it’s a daily job to keep it up to date. But it’s been worth it.

If you have any tips, suggestions or questions about the website, feel free to post them in the comments. There is always room for improvement.

To conclude

One more thing: hopefully you guys aren’t bothered too much by the ads. We try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible, but please understand that hosting and maintaining a website is costly. For now, the vast majority of the money made from these ads is used for the site, which also means buying Metal Gear items to be featured in articles. Some examples of items paid for by ad revenue are the MGS3 and Rising Premium Packages. So thanks for putting up with these ads. By the way: don’t go clicking on the ads in an attempt to help out! If Google suspects the clicks aren’t legit they can ban a site from the program.

Metal Gear Informer’s Facebook and Twitter pages have been steadily growing as well. Some notable followers include Konami Europe, The Boss actor Lori Alan, a couple of Kojima Productions and Konami staff members (level designer Jordan Amaro, community managers Su – currently European Communications Manger – and Robert) and several other Metal Gear fansites and prominent Metal Gear community members. If you want to keep up with the updates or interact with the site, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter and / or Facebook!

And don’t forget to vote in the new poll!

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    Suggestions, as i said on Ocelot Article, chose some of us that you trust as your Moderators to take care of the Trolls and spammers that come here with Trojan Links.

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      With great power comes great responsibility

      • MichaelPayneV

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      • No Place For Hayter

        With great power comes……… great fun and abuse lol.

    • Shalashaska

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      • MichaelPayneV

        If i would have the power to chose someone, that would be my buddy @Big_Boss88

        • Shalashaska

          True that.. who doesnt know him 😛 “You’re a legend in the eye of those who live on the battlefield” … man that line still gives me goosebumps! Troy baker is doing an AMAZING job. I cant believe we are so close to having that lines said on our monitors and Tvs.. all the x360, xbones, ps4, ps3 and pcs.. all the fans together the day it releases will witness a game that is so amazing. I cant wait. MGS 5 is our PHILOSOPHERS LEGACY!

        • Mini gear

          Yeah, he’s a legend on the battlefield of comments

          • Big_Boss88

            Btw Mini Gear I added you on PSN the other day, thx for the friend request :D. Maybe can play TPP together some day and other games ;).

          • Shalashaska

            so wishing i had a ps 4 now! Especially with the release of mgo!

          • Big_Boss88

            Np your spirit is with us when we play it 😉 !

          • Shalashaska

            hahaha yea sure ! 😉 Lets be honest.. after such a long wait and after it being so amazing.. no one’s spirit is going to be with anyone’s xD
            I’ll probably spend hours in single player crawling around every inch of the map and learning every pixel of the game 😀
            and i swear .. if in the end i come to know big boss is gra fox and we’ve been playing as gray fox.. i’ll throw tv out of the window

          • Big_Boss88

            You’re absolutely right xD, I will spend countless hours in single player BUT I’m also super excited to try Mother Base mp and MGO :D. Ever since I played Peace Walker I dreamed that one day I could go anywhere in my Mother Base etc and now it is happening. But just zillion times cooler than I imagined. I bet there’s much of MB mp we haven’t seen yet :D.

          • Shalashaska

            true that … mgo will be amazing ..sadly i wont be able to play it ;'(
            Same here .. i ALWAYS wanted to roam around motherbase the day i started playing PW .. now i can do that in Single player .. its going to be amazing.. i’ll try cqc-ing a player into the water .. i hope i can jump into the water like how solid snake did in mgs 2 ! 😀 i know its impossible ..but hey its MGS !
            Plus Im really hoping the mother base is affected by dynamic weather.. imagine it being really stormy in the middle of the night in the middle of an ocean! WOW! just WOW! I can just imagine walking by soldiers saluting you or training them in the rain!

          • Mini gear

            Yeah that’d be fun 🙂

        • Big_Boss88

          Wow that means a lot thx Michael ;), and I would choose you!

          I would love to have that mod power, but unfortunately ain’t got much experience with that stuff lol ;(… So maybe it is best to leave it for some more experienced fellas ^_^… so I don’ accidentally destroy this website or something lol !

          • MichaelPayneV

            You’re welcome.

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            ;D arigatou. There’s quite a few great and friendly users here I can think of, but I don’t have the experience of doing that powah-modding :(. Or I don’t know is it complicated stuff lol. Lets see what Nyxus comes up with.

          • Check your email. 🙂

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    Congrats…Three years have passed, and you did a good job .
    Keep going…

  • Congrats on 3 years and the dedication is surely much appreciated.
    Now if only we can get some damn fiddles to be played for this occasion.

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    Thanks for this amazing page, may it be a “shinning light for our brothers in arms” and fans of this amazing franchise which we all hope it may live longer than the Patriots. To Nyxus and all of you, “You’re pretty good” and thanks for everything 😉

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    I joined shortly before it changed from “.nl” to “.com” and there isn’t a page I visit more often on a hourly basis haha. I’m proud of the community as well, some of the comments have made the slow times in between big announcements easier. And the constant flow of information about ALL things Metal Gear is truly incredible. To have a site dedicated solely on Metal Gear is something I always wanted to be apart of. And no other fan site ever made me want to join like this one. I can’t wait till TPP comes out and we can all collectively thank this site and Nyxus directly for making the ride to the release a great time. Also the articles breaking down the story after the game is released is going to be awesome. None of my personal friends are really into the series, so I’ll be looking at everyone here to satisfy my Metal Gear nerd talk needs!

    Also… Robert Peeler if you read this you’re G’d up from the feet up!

    • Raymondius

      Ah, I remember those days… Crimsonfox, the Lord of the Gifs. 😀

      • crimsonfox

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      I think Nyxus and Yong(YongYea) would be an awesome Team.

      • Yes! YongYea is really good too!

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    I think Nyxus and Yong(YongYea) would be an awesome team.

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          Everything you’ve done here has been scripted — a little exercise set up by us. Did you really think they were all a coincidence? Your plan was invalidated even before execution, Venom snake!

          I just kid, just kidding xD

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            No,you are right that’s not concidence,in fact I’m Hideo Kojima and you don’t it know yet. Lol 😀

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      Also you found the MGS3 Premium Pack offer on eBay!

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      Just being here and being awesome are required, nothing more, we even love the lurkers, HELLO LURKERS 🙂

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    Been visiting this site daily since Aug 2012 (around MG 25th Anniversary event) and thought its about time i got involved!

    Now………. just waiting for that release date 😛

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Wow, you’ve been here for quite some time!

    • Big_Boss88

      Great to have you with us friend 😉 and btw welcome!

    • Raymondius

      Man, I remember me reading the site and thinking it was a really good blog or something about Metal Gear properly and daily updated with articles about Metal Gear Rising. I wasn’t too much hyped for that game, but I noticed really good knowledge about the saga and right then it became one of those newspapers you read every morning searching for new bits of information. I have read Nyx more than I have visited The Snake Soup! Thanks for everything and keep it up! This is good, isn’t it?

    • decoyF0XX

      The Phantom Pain teaser in 2012 made me obsessed with this series. I had played portions of MGS games before but never really bothered to buy and play fully any of the games myself. After that trailer though, seeing all the theories stating that it was a MGS game, I started looking up MGS lore and after all I saw I was amazed by every thing this series was. I immediately went out and bought every single game in the series and now it’s one of my most loved “things” of all time.

      Started visiting the site mid-2013 as I was thirsty for any news on V and yeah, this website has kept me sane for the meantime. It’s been a long wait. Well we’re still waiting though. Great work MGI!!

  • Cmosfbincludestdioh

    This site deserves as many viewers as possible because its the best place to share MGS informations and experiences.We as the users have to keep this site clean from trolls and bad people to create our own Outer Heaven.I hope when Phantom Pain releases we can do some online matches with members of this site that would be really awesome.And last but not least thank you Nyxus and to all the others who helped to built this.

  • Big_Boss88

    3 years wow ! What a fantastic achievement, so many views and visitors etc :D. I’m happy to see MGI growing during the years. To get noticed by KojiPro was very sweet also.

    I think I started following MGI from the shadows since early 2013 like a snake. I hadn’t hear of this place much before, but when I entered here 1st time I instantly felt that this site is special and that it kicks ass!

    So some time later I had make a disqus account because wanted to chat about MGS and life with all you Diamond Dogs ;). So for long time now I’ve visited this best site daily, at least 10 times/day lol.

    I wanna thank you all for the great work and pleasant company. And especially our real Big Boss, Nyxus for bringing us superb news. Lets keep up the good work in future 😀 !

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    • It does, and thank you, and everyone else for visiting and commenting!

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        Np Boss, it has been a great pleasure ;). Will keep visiting forevah.

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        Thanks ALOT nyxus!

  • Raymondius

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    Nyx, would be great to include a screenshot with the original web format, the white one with those traditional black letters. 🙂
    Haven’t posted a lot since I created this Disqus account last year, but be sure I was reading you since the very beginning. Congrats. The best is yet to come.

    • Shalashaska

      Same here.. I have been reading and following for a real long time.. but thought to make an account just a few months ago 🙂

    • The whole design is simply a pre-set theme, they updated it to the current one a while ago. Attached a screenshot of the website in June 2013.

  • Batzi

    Happy birthday! 🙂

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    I’m not sad to say that although I was not an original from 2012, I noticed the game on YouTube early 2013 and immediately became excited for TPP. Around that time, I searched the Internet for top news and the first thing to come up was MGI and instantly I was hooked! I’m not a very social person with online communities because of the typical trolling and downright rude people’s of the Internet, but there was something very special about this community. Nyx with every little piece of information got me addicted to wanting more learning more about MG and the processes of developing a game I’d been playing since 1998, and the community for being so humble and amazing made me feel right at home and completely welcome when I joined the conversation in early 2014. What I’m trying to say is thank you to Nyxus and the MGI Community for being amazing and staying true to the feeling that makes everyone fall in love with this site.

    • Yeah the community here is really friendly and pleasant which is great!

      • No Place For Hayter

        Shhhhh, don’t set our standards to high (joking 🙂

        • mikeyyytexas

          The standards have been high! Lol we have our disagreements but hell we all bond together under Kojima indivisible, that is until the game comes out and we all lock ourselves in our rooms and avoid everything to play MGSV

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    And what amazing those three years were! Great work Nyxus!!

    Best article I’ve ever discovered 🙂

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    Keep it up!

    • Mini gear

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    • Big_Boss88

      Hey thanks Rob for joining the party and nice to get good feedback from ya ;D! It’s nice to know you’re still watching over us :). Can’t wait to try MGO this year!

    • Thanks! Good to hear from you.

    • No Place For Hayter

      We try to please……mostly ourselves lol, but there is a little hope that more people read about our thoughts and opinions 🙂

    • Shalashaska

      Its always good to see feedback from those involved in the game’s production. Shows dedication and love for the fans. Thanks alot Rob! 😀
      We CANT WAIT to play MGS5! Let kojima-san know 😀

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    Happy Birthday MGI!!!
    You’re like Big Boss and we’re like soldiers in “Outer Heaven”.We love this community and we can share our thoughts together,and all this is because of you.Thanks Dear Nyxus.You’re great.

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      I was just saying the same thing about Nyxus and outer heaven, I guess it is a joke and an association many people see lol.

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  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Congrats metal gear informer, and thank you again Nyxus for keeping us up to date on all metal gear solid news. I also have a theory you guy’s might like, it’s a bit long but I know you all will like what I have to say. Something is telling me that ishmael is not the medic or a real person at all, as a matter of fact i believe that ishmael is an illusion that psycho mantis conjured up in order to help big boss escape that hospital. I’ve heard many theories from fans that it’s either zero or skull face soldiers in that hospital trying to kill big boss,which i can tell you all for sure that those are not zero soldiers who’re trying to big boss, how do i know this for certain just in case some of you guys are wondering, well remember back in metal gear solid 4 where snake finally met his mother eve, she told him that zero saw big boss as the most valuable person on the earth just like ocelot/shalashaska did, that his skills and vision was needed for the future generation of soldiers. Do you think zero would destory his only most valuable asset in the world and if you guy’s can also remember in the flashback they were showing in mgs 4, when big boss departed from zero and the fox unit, he was still in his uniform from mgs 3 when he visit the boss grave. This was all before any bad blood formed between big boss and zero, i would even go so far to say even before zero created the patriots and big boss created the msf unit with kaz. If you guys can remember when eve started to mention the fallout between big boss and zero in the flashbacks, it seemed like it started in the mid or late 80s because in the flashbacks it showed big boss with the outer heaven army and big boss also seem like he age as well. Not only that I notice that big boss had white hair and it was short also, so what i’m suggesting is that skull face is the main reason why big boss and zero had a fallout, probably taking place betweens the mother base accident and after the 9 year coma( which kojima also hinted that the 9 years is not all true). Meaning this only leaves me with the theory that those are skull face soldiers in that hospital trying to kill big boss, and zero probably already had eye’s and ears all over that place during that time and had his unit(probably foxhound by now) keeping tabes on big boss. Zero probably order his agents to place psycho mantis to big boss location so that he could protect him from any harm, i would even go so far to say that ocelot worked with zero to help big boss to escape that hospital, which also explain why psycho mantis led big boss to ocelot location outside of the hospital. Think about it for second guy’s, there is no way in hell that could’ve been a perfect coincidence for them to arrive at the same location. Remember when big boss cash that jeep outside of the hospital in the trailer, ishmauel was in that jeep also but big boss was the only one to crawl out, and the next thing you know pop’s up ocelot on a horse, which also makes me believe ocelot is an agent of zero. I believe zero was the one who funded the money threw ocelot towards kaz goals of rebuilding mother base, even knowing full well of kaz attention’s in getting revenge for msf and big boss. I think zero only attention was to keep the peace between msf and cipher, for kaz and ocelot to find out the real person that brought them hell which we all know by now is skull face. I believe the main villian in this story who also set up all these events to happen so he could get close to zero, is none other than skull face. Think about it guy’s remember skull face did mention him and big boss go way back, and another thing when I mention ocelot to be an agent of zero i didn’t mean he will betray big boss in some way, but that he is working with eve to take down the patriots from the inside, which she also mention in mgs 4. I did see some cutscenes of peacewalker, and if i’m right, i think paz mission was to destory msf only nuclear deterrent which was metal gear.

    • Big_Boss88

      I’ll read this tomorrow, ’cause need to go sleep now :D. Gotta love them theories of characters/plot ^-^.
      Btw you got good taste in video game series, RE, FF, and MGS are the best! Also SH :). Although MGS is the only one that has kept quality superb all these years with each game.

      • Bigbossmsf1974

        No problem at all big_boss88, get all the sleep you need bubby, but yeah the games you saw I mention on my page are very close to me. This are the games I grow up with In the late 90s, they help shape my life.

        • NakedSnake85

          well despite your theory is a good one i still believe that the medic is a body double for big boss in the phantom pain and ishmael is how he remembers his former self.. we agree in this: that ishmael is a imaginary character but in the mind of the medic…. good one though.. i agree that zero doesnt want to kill big boss at this point.. but there are so nany things that we dont know yet… so we wait.. and we ll see

          • Bigbossmsf1974

            yeah your right NakedSnake85 i guess we all have to wait and see who ishmael really is, but either way we diamond dogs are going to be mind blown by the phantom pain.

  • moto hellogoto

    I’m happy I found this site. I think I was watching a yongyea vid and I heard him mention it so i decided to check it out. I’ve been a regular visitor ever since.

    • Theo Cevallos

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  • Cartmangus

    Wow, already 3 years, huh.

    I take pride in having been here since probably day 1, or at least week 1! Was it GT axing blogs and factions that inspired this site? I mean obviously the zetaboards was, but had you been mulling over making a site like this before any of that shit went down or is that when the idea came to you?

    Anyways congratulations on the 3 year anniversary and thanks for all the hard work you put in to be on-top of pretty much all things Metal Gear.

    • That was one of the things that lead to the idea, yeah. Plus to have a place to publish Metal Gear articles. So it was like: let’s try this out and see what happens.

      Anyway, thanks!

      • Cartmangus

        So at least one good thing came from the GT redesign then 😉

    • Big_Boss88

      Darn I wish I had been here from the very start ;(…I must’ve missed a lot of good stuff.

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    Wow 3 years, amazing and congratulations, keep up the great work Nyxus 🙂 Not only the best source of MGS news but one of the best communities I have seen and the only one I have been a part of 🙂

    “So here’s to you” fits perfectly and is a MGS joke, lol, made me laugh.

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      Mgs V TPP <3 <3

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    Gee, has it been that long? Now I feel old. It feels like only yesterday we heard about “Project Ogre.” When all we had was a picture of a soldier crouching and a LAV. (which looking at it now it’s clearly Big Boss with the ponytail and the belt demon tail minus the prosthetic arm.) And now look where we are. The Hype Train is full speed ahead and the Hype Copter circling the Hype Zone. Just on the verge of a Release Date for The Phantom Pain. It’s been a wild ride these past 3 years, but in the great words of Liquid. “It’s not over yet!

    • Ravenous

      Oh yeah, I remember scouring the internet for more info about that picture 🙂 I was really excited about it because it looked so much like it could be an MGS game where we would play as Liquid and get to know more of his history of serving with the SAS 🙂

    • Big_Boss88

      Yea time has gone pretty fast while waiting for this masterpiece 😀 There’s no stopping this hype train!

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m finally back after being sick and finishing Winter class.

    Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since this site came, feels like yesterday 🙂

    Amazing stuff Nyxus!! Hope to see more stuff even after MGSV and beyond!

    • Big_Boss88

      HEYYYYYY Prince-chan ! I’ve missed you and good to have ya back :D, but sad to hear you were sick :(.

      Also yes 3 years has gone fast indeed :D.

      • PrinceHeir

        Hehe thanks!

        Even took an exam this monday. 90 questions and 75 is passing. Hope i did well ^^

        You changed your pic to Alucard. I plan on finally finishing Hellsing Ultimate after holding it for 2 years now! Can’t wait!

        Yeah! Time sure flies by!

        • Big_Boss88

          Sure you will get through the exam ^-^ !

          I’m almost finished with Ultimate 😀 and It’s really awesome ;), Alucard is badass!

          I had only seen the original Hellsing anime before many years ago, which ended too soon and didn’t follow manga so well.

          • PrinceHeir

            Yeah. I kinda like Hellsing’s OST(Yasushi Ishii) since he also did Darker Than Black Ryuusei no Gemini which is awesome.

            But Ultimate’s Animation is just too godly. I don’t think Madhouse can top it again for a long time.

            Did anyone here watchet Cowboy Bebop? Just finished Episode 5, it was good, but i don’t see what the hype is all about from Western fans. Since many consider it as a holy grail in the west.

            But we’ll see how it turns out.

          • Big_Boss88

            Went slightly off-topic here, oh well :D…

            Hmm I haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop yet… at least not all of it. About 10-15 years ago I had this anime channel on TV, that showed it in German and watched some episodes if I remember right.

            It was pretty great, but haven’t seen it in Japanese seiyuu since then :(. It’s been on my list for quite some time and I like sci-fi anime, but there is so many others I gotta watch :D!

            Btw you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? It’s one of my favorite scifi animes, although I remember the ending being a little weird lol. Haven’t seen it again in many years though. Got them cool robots etc, reminds me of Kojima’s Zone of the Enders ;). Actually I think he took some ideas of the series for the game.

          • PrinceHeir

            Funny i was just talking about Evangelion with another person just now XD

            Series 20th Anniversary is this year and the show takes place in 2015.

            Also they announce the original TV show and Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion are getting its own BD’s this year 🙂

            Plus hype for the 4.0 potential trailer by the end of this year.

            Lots of EVA hype this year!

            I’ll watch it again(i kinda forgotten about it) once the TV and movie BD’s comes out this year 😀

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine


  • Nacrois

    Nyxus, let me tell you that i’m very thankful with all the work you do for metal gear fans.
    I guess that the metal gear informer community is around the world. Be proud of that.
    Greetings from Chile.

    • Thanks! Yeah there seem to be Metal Gear fans all over the planet.

      • Big_Boss88

        I’m certain that people or creatures on other planets play it too, it’s just that good of a game saga :)!

      • turkishgamer35

        congrats man didn’t know this site is three years old before i find mgs informer am follow other mgs sites and none of them in english so i use google translate for them and no chance talking to other mgs fans am working in the security business didn’t have free time lately but when am coming home first thing is look at this site and news anyway sorry for my english (i know its sucks) and thanks for this great site

        • Big_Boss88

          No worries, your English is good in my opinion :).

          • turkishgamer35

            thanks man 🙂

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Sorry for not commenting lately but I was busy the past weeks.
    Anyway here’s to you Nyxus for making MGI our home, but also to the community who helped build this Outer Heaven of ours. It’s been a wonderful 2,5 years for me here and it seems I’ll be sticking around for as long as it exists. The people here are amazing and l’m very proud of being part of something great such as this. I heard we had a troll in here? That was a first l guess. Anyway, l’m glad Nyxus sent him to the Brig. The best is yet to come.

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