Seiko NextAge Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collaboration Watch

Japanese watchmaker Seiko and Kojima Productions are collaborating on a new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain related merchandise: the Seiko NextAge MGSV TPP Collaboration Watch. This is a similar watch to the one Snake is wearing in the game (though not identical in all features).


Shinkawa was involved in the production as a supervisor and has also designed the packaging.

Seiko-NextAge-MGSV-TPP-Watch Seiko-NextAge-MGSV-TPP-Watch-Back Seiko-NextAge-MGSV-TPP-Watch-Box

The watch is limited to 2500 copies, and will cost 45,000 yen excluding taxes (about 375 dollars or 340 euros). It will be released on September 3rd, a day after the Japanese release of the game. It will be available for pre-order at Konami Style starting April 1st.


“SEIKO NEXTAGE MGSV:TPP Collaboration Watch(left), The one on the right is my DIGIBORG I used to wear back in 1984.” – Hideo Kojima Twitter


The watch was also shown during episode 34 of Kojima Station, go here for some still images.

Source: Seiko NextAge, Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Silverius


    Edit: Time to start saving even more…

    • XIFF-5

      Funny how you like your own comment. : )))))))))))

      • No Place For Hayter

        When pointing that out you also have to like your own comment like this 🙂

        • Silverius

          Indeed lol.

  • Man… I think I might actually have to make this work. I like the orignial one more though. I’d make that purchase happen no matter what. But either way if I could I’d be like.

  • No ! They don’t get it at all ! We don’t want a watch from metal gear solid 5, we want to watch metal gear solid 5 !

    • kake

      maybe it just me, but I’d rather play mgs5 than watch it

      • gnysek

        Yeah, especially I don’t want to see any spoilers so I don’t feel played like a damn fiddle before 1st September.

      • Sly

        I think he was making fun at MGS cutscenes.

      • Of course !

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica

      When Tpp comes out . Will be 5 years / 9 months since Kojima start Project ogre .
      I was 19….Now i almost 25 ; for me is shocking .. 6 years is to much time in life .
      I fell a little nostalgic but in the same time really exited ..

      • Frank Jaeger

        damn you made me feel so old im 31 lol

  • AbdElRahmanSnake

    dat snake pic

  • adam

    What is the model of the watch that Kojima used to wear back in the 80s?

  • XIFF-5

    Help please… I have a question, is the Premium Package (Konami style Limited Edition) is limited? means that it could finish in the future before the release date of the game? because maybe I’ll order it before the release date later if it does not finish, but if it does finish I have to order it now. please anybody answer…

    • Usually yes, sometimes stores only get a “limited” amount of the edition. It happened to me with the special edition of MG Rising. I tried to pre order it and they told me they only had 15 of them -_-

  • Big_Boss88

    I need this now, so I can be like Snake.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Don’t forget to cut your arm and pop an eyeball out!

      • Big_Boss88

        XD oh I’m in trouble now O__O…

      • MrVux007

        actually he still has his right eye…he was only blinded by the muzzle flash ^^

  • Shalashaska

    Time to sell my kidney, my arm, a leg, a eye and my appendix – I think that should cover for everything relating to MGS TPP xD×540/fit/hostedimages/1380222758/675850.gif

    • Jayden Lee

      Maybe you wont have to. There’s a 35% discount on the Preorder:

      PC ofc

      • Shalashaska

        Nope, STILL HAVE TO. xD

  • Big_Boss88

    For anyone interested, it seems TPP Collector Edition’s have gone live in some countries already. I checked few sites, but GameStop still hadn’t update the site. For other Finnish fans in here, our sweet local store VPD has all TPP editions now on the site :)!

    Just bought mine :D, money well spent uhh … Really wanted to be quick lol, because I think there been times when these editions have run out like with Bloodborne on the exact shop :(. Damn this year is gonna drain my wallet, but I’ll survive!

    • Shalashaska Has Landed

      I’m waiting for The Collector’s Edition (PS4) to go live at my local Gamestop. I have the Drebin Points in my hand right now, just waiting… Waiting to run up at the store, and make it rain on the GS cashier.

      • Big_Boss88

        Yeah, I hope you make it brother :D. Just came home from work a while ago and thx to N4G I realized I gotta check store sites lol, because there was this news article about UK store already having CE in there.

        I’m sure your GameStop will have it soon, be ready :).

    • PrinceHeir

      Japanese version is up now on Playasia!,v:2

      Gonna get the Limited Edition/Special Edition PS4 🙂

      • Big_Boss88

        Oh shiiiit :O… Damn that’s really nice. I didn’t realize to check that site XD.

        Well I think I’ll be satisfied with my CE 🙂 and then later for my Japanese VA experience, I will get that with PC version.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Damn I hate being broke.

  • kirtanloorii

    It’s too bad I no longer have a use for a simple watch.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    I’m sorry but I just don’t like this watch :(.

    • tplarkin7

      It’s 80’s design. Digital watches were cool back then.

  • Rogue Agent

    Really wanted to pre-order this but it seems that Konami Style doesn’t ship overseas. I wish this get released outside Japan 🙁

    • Victor Medeiros Coelho

      Dude consult White Rabbit Express service! Fill on the form and ask for a quote. They charged 470,00 usd for me which i think its a decent price (this will sky rocket on ebay later).

  • Victor Medeiros Coelho

    Ordered through White Rabitt Express, 470,00 usd… OUCH!

  • Will Hough

    Do you reckon this is Japan only or will it be available to us folks in the UK?

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  • Slash1276

    The design is too big. I don’t like. I prefer the Seiko G757 4010 personally.

  • tplarkin7

    This Seiko watch was from 1982…

    • tplarkin7

      Another classic 80s watch from Shenmue.

      • tplarkin7

        I just found this watch from James Bond Octopussy (1983)

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