Quiet figure shown off as Kojima returns to Twitter

After a long periode of (near) silence, Kojima has finally started posting some tweets related to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In his updates he is showing off two Metal Gear figures: White Raiden by Gecco (for more info and pictures go here) and Quiet by Play Arts.

White-Raiden-Gecco-Kojima White-Raiden-Gecco-Kojima-2White-Raiden-Gecco-Kojima-4 White-Raiden-Gecco-Kojima-3

“This one is by Mamegyorai. Limited MGSV GZ JAMAIS VU Raiden white version. Pictures taken by myself.”

Quiet-Play-Arts-Kojima Quiet-Play-Arts-Kojima-4 Quiet-Play-Arts-Kojima-3 Quiet-Play-Arts-Kojima-2

“PlayArtsKAI’s Quiet is coming soon. Yoji, a supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol”

It’s unclear whether the communications block has been lifted, or just liberalized, but either way, it’s good to get some updates related to the game and from inside the studio again – even if it’s just about merchandise.

Kojima also shared a photo of himself with Geoff Keighley, video game journalist and producer of last year’s Video Game Awards show (which he will do again this year). MGSV had a precence at last year’s show, the new Metal Gear Online was shown for the first time and Kiefer Sutherland himself introduced Kojima onto the stage. Geoff Keighley tweeted about this encounter as well.


“I ran into Geoff in front of Godzilla.”

Kojima and Keighley consider themselves friends and Keighley conspired with Kojima earlier when The Phantom Pain debuted at the VGAs of 2012. But whether this is really just a coincidental encounter, or they’re planning something together, remains to be seen.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3)

  • Venom_Sina

    Good to have Kojima-San back on twitter.Also we can see Shinkawa-San too,which is great.
    Right now,I’m really happy.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hey guys,I noticed something just now.Nyxus is back on MGI and Kojima is back on Twitter.I think there is a connection here!!!We should call PythonSelkanHD for an analysis/theory video!!!

    • Venom_Snake_BB

      Coincidence???? Nyxus is Gray Fox.

      • LMAO.

      • Shalashaska

        Or we’ve been messed around with and Nyxus is Secret Kojima O.o Tan tana tan tannnn

  • Nuclear_Dad

    The king is back!!

  • turkishgamer35

    not just kojima nyxus olso back on MGI!!!

  • FOX

    Well i think Nyxus is Kojima or Kojima is Nyxus

  • Will

    “Welcome back Boss”

  • MrVux007


  • MrVux007


  • Schmojima

    haha, nice! Stephanie Joosten on TV in the Netherlands!
    Nyxus, maybe you could do a super rough translation? (like the main topics?)


    • The hosts are incredibly ignorant on the subject, which is kind of funny. Stefanie said she never met Kiefer during recordings, but she did meet Kojima quite often, and she praised his creativity. The host then said something like: ‘What creativity? He just tells you to duck or shoot.’ 😛

      • The hosts constantly piss me off. I can hardly sit through some interviews. One of them in particular annoys me more than the other two. But no point to emphasize on it.

        P.s. glad you’re back XOXO

      • Schmojima

        thank you very much!

        (And thank you for even doing this, I didn’t want to sound rude, if I did… :D)

      • Meumels

        Directly after while discussing kojima’s creativity she mentions the possibility of a game to have branching storylines (she doesn’t specificaly say this is the case with mgs5)

  • ObsessedGeorge
    • Gatsu


  • Xomak

    Oh my… Squishy boobies on the PAK Quiet… That figure just went from “pass” to a “maybe I will buy it”…

  • PrinceHeir

    Glad Kojima-san is back 🙂

    Hope to see more updates from him soon ^^

  • FOX

    i wonder if Kojima is working on an E3 trailer for this year?.He did last 2 years but this time thing are messed up.İf not then we will only get short launch trailer. Any ideas?

    • There were some rumors about an E3 trailer since Torashiro hinted at one on NeoGAF, but his posts have since been deleted.

      • FOX

        Welcome back boss 🙂

    • Gatsu

      I hope he is working on it :), but not 100% sure because of this Konami thing. I think they wanna show something big at E3, as it being the biggest show before TPP release.

    • We’ll get shitty trailers if Kojima isn’t making them

      • FOX

        He and his team are developing the the game.Konami doesn’t know shit.They just own the game

  • ElAlca

    “…supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol”” Haha.

  • RoderickThe13

    Welcome back Nyxus!
    This is unrelated to the topic, but did you guys watch James Horan’s interview? I think it’s amusing how in the dark he seems to be about Skullface in TPP, which may indicate that he won’t have a big role in the game. He could also be lying about it to avoid saying any spoiler.

    • Tong Ninja

      He mentioned in the interview that he had signed a NDA agreement. Hence he might be lying (Kojima taught him well haha).

    • Still catching up on the interviews.

  • This video was removed by order of Konami according to Kotaku.

    Soruce: http://kotaku.com/konami-gets-youtube-to-take-down-critical-video-1703615047

  • Batzi

    @Nyxus: According to an interview with Stefanie Joosten (Dutch channel), she revealed that MGSV budget was around 100M$.


    • FOX

      İ doubt it. Cuz mgs4 cost around 80M $ which was 7 years ago and only for ps3. This time its on new engine and comes for 5 platforms plus the size of the game, i expect it to be much,much more

      • Batzi

        Konami denied that MGS4 cost 80M$. It was less than that. However, I do agree that I expect it to be more than that. But then again, FOX Engine, according to Kojima, cuts down development cost by 2.

    • Gatsu

      Wow it’s crazy how high budget a game might have, well MGSV is more than a game :)…

    • Meumels

      Stefanie didn’t have part in the discussion about the budget of the game. One of the presentors speculated it would cost tens of millions which he narrowed to 100M$ and points out how special it is that a girl from Limburg (province in the netherlands) plays a role in such a big budget game.

  • Smoore

    Off topic but I think “project snatcher” plays a role is metal gear solid V. Changes to the project’s back story would probably need to be changed… But the project was always considered to be just a rumor and the full details were never actually known for sure and Kojima said in the past he would change cannon if need be to tell the story That he wants to tell….and project snatcher could make sense of the dr head transplant theory… If you don’t know what project snatcher is here is a quick link http://www.metalgearsolid.net/snatcher-project

  • Smoore

    Both arms are prosthetics… Big boss is a cyborg in the game… The rumored “project snatcher” is true

    • V Snake is SolidVs then! Or Frank Jaegger. Hahaha.

      I can’t wait to play the game, damn! 😀

  • Smoore
  • invader_skoodge

    Actually Kojima’s been posting a few things on his twitter page for a while but the one with Shinkawa San is one of the few ones from the “office”(formerly known as KojiPro) I guess He finally said to Konami

    • Gatsu

      Kojima’s not gonna take it, anymoooooore! 😉

    • Yeah, the tweets before these were mostly unrelated to TPP.

  • Xilurm

    Oh god… the comments on his Tweet are killing me. Why do people need to make such a big deal out of it? It’s just a video game character it doesn’t represent real women for crying out loud.

    Everytime I see people dislike gaming things because of stuff like this my blood pressure rises. Good thing I’m still quite young for it to not be a problem. This society man…..

  • Bruno

    WAIT A SEC! Can you squeeze Quiet’s bewbs? Is that right? Look at her second photo, guys!

    • korruption

      The science! The SCIENCE! Oh and it appears you can pop her head off too… >_>;

  • Xilurm

    This is getting crazier each time.

    • This still hasn’t died off yet? 😛

      • Gatsu


      • It’s not over… Not yet!

      • korruption

        The bullshit fiddle jokes haven’t died yet so odds are this won’t either. =(

  • Gatsu

    Mmmm I want this Quiet figure lol <3…

    Off-topic, but IGN gave this week's upcoming Mad Max:Fury Road 9.2. I know, shouldn't always trust reviews or IGN, but it's a really good score and soooo excited to see it now :D. I know just by watching the trailers that I'll love it and good that it's made by Miller again.
    I've watched Mad Max trilogy again to get ready for this lol XD. Too bad can't go see it this week yet, but next week instead :P…

    • prothy

      The metascore for the movie is also quite high, I’m looking forward to seeing it – I’m sure Kojima will see it too 🙂

      • Gatsu

        Yeah I’m sure Kojima will check it out too :). There’s just something cool about the whole setting, those desert fighting scenes and maniacs chasing after Max etc lol.

  • Fancymole

    Hail to the king.

    • Fancymole


  • Gatsu

    Oh hell yeah, 10/10! I seriously NEED this now. Will keep me busy for TPP wait :).

    Rare to see game reviews come out so early these days.

    • Mr.Pony

      All reviews so far:

      • Gatsu

    • How is this game if you haven’t played the previous ones?

      • Mr.Pony

        You can play this one as if it is the first, they made it simple for new players to get into the lore without feeling overwhelmed by it.

        • That’s good to know, thanks.

      • Gatsu

        What Pony said below :), if I remember correctly the devs have mentioned that there is some sort of a backstory when the game starts. So newcomers can catch up with it. The previous ones get a console remaster maybe in the future, but they’re available on Steam if use it to play games.

        You can also watch this Nyx 🙂 :

    • Mr.Pony

      With this one and MGS we might be seeing two perfect 10 this year, big way to compensate 2014 gaming let down 😀

      • Gatsu

        😀 yeah I agree. I don’t always trust reviews, I mean even if a game gets bad review, I might really like it. But it’s awesome seeing great scores for a game you’re hyped about <3.

        • Mr.Pony

          First time i’ve ever pre-ordered a game at all, only MGS will receive the same treatment from me 🙂

          • Gatsu

            I pre-order sometimes, and if I do it, it’s always few weeks before release. TPP I did pre-order instantly though, when those Limited Editions got announced lol. It’s special, that’s why XD …

          • Mr.Pony

            I really got into the lore this past few months, pre-ordered like a month or two before, read all the books, all the comics i could find and played the previous games, twice! The hype is really high for me on this one, only MGS does this to me. I remember doing MGS marathons every time a new MGS was coming xD

      • And for the fact that both Zelda and Uncharted 4 have been pushed to 2016… 🙁

        • Gatsu

          Yeh :(…but in a way I think that’s good, because there might be too many amazing games stuffed in this year. So now we get more time for certain games :). Of course it depends on what games we like to play. Delays are always sad though :C.

          P.S. was UC4 pushed to 2016 June or somewhere around it?

          • Yes but in the end it’s a good thing, it’s better if they take their time to make it the best they can than just to rush it out. Games like Zelda and Uncharted are always really polished and that’s one of the things that makes them so good.

          • Mr.Pony

            It’s the case of the Witcher (or TPP), it was to come out in 2014 but was delayed twice, now look at this masterpiece. We can all agree that it is always good to delay a game instead of just rushing it like Assassin’s Creed Unity

  • Cobra Commander

    “Some materials are soft allowing them to be pushed or lifted”
    Stephanie Joosten fans just got their wish granted!, lol!
    You know that is the first thing everyone is going to do when they get this Quiet figure.

  • Gatsu

    Here is the best interview so far imo, it was just soooo funny with epic intro! Paul is awesome and he kept making funny jokes lol :), I love the man.

    • MrVux007

      i never laughed so hard in a interview with an VA

    • korruption

      Definitely my favourite – Paul was hilarious! The last one with James Horan… not so much.

  • Edward Wokhands

    Let’s guess what group of bored dolts are making a massive deal of the Quiet figure. You guessed it, feminists are trying to hold back women by obsessing over themselves again.

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