Check out the trailer for Metal Gear Online

During the Video Game Awards 2014, Kiefer Sutherland walked on stage and introduced Hideo Kojima to step into the spotlight. Kojima shortly talked about the new Metal Gear Online game, and then passed the microphone to Kojima Productions Los Angeles studio head Tom Sekine, who showed us a trailer of the multiplayer.

Update: Now in 1080p60fps (remember, for 60fps watch it in Chrome).

Update: Gamersyde has once again provided a high quality version of the trailer, which you can either watch online or download (file size around 1GB).

Tom Sekine noted that what the trailer showed is still a work in progress, and that we can expect more news on Metal Gear Online in the coming months.

Kojima Productions LA is also looking for feedback:

To see the talks by Sutherland, Kojima and Sekine followed by the trailer, go here.

Source: Video Game Awards 2014, Gamersyde

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