Metal Gear Online development team photos and some small updates

Last week the new Metal Gear Online was finally unveiled at the Video Game Awards in Las Vegas. The multiplayer game is being developed by the new Kojima Productions studio in Los Angeles and will be included with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launching next year.

Since then, the team has constantly been asking for feedback and suggestions from the fans. If you have something you want to suggest, you can tweet to the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account.

On a couple of pictures posted by the same account are some of the people from the development team.


“Creative director @ocky634 posted “Lead prgmr Yenal is hard at work. Reminds me of when I used to be a programmer…”


“Another @ocky634 moment!: “MGO evaluation play today again! Robert in as usual. Hey Franco, focus!”


“The team who manned each trailer character on screen wear many hats at KJP-LA. We took a moment to capture a few.”

So all the characters seen in the trailer were actually controlled by people, there were no AIs.


“Posted by @ocky634 Lead designer Jonathan (an early studio hire) working on a #MGO map using the fox engine!”


“Warm holiday season gift to MGO team from SCEA Publisher & Developer Relations. Thanks, Adam!” – Tom Sekine Twitter

It has also been confirmed through the Japanese Twitter that preset codec messages will return in the new Metal Gear Online.

Source: Metal Gear Online Official Twitter, JunkerHQ, Tom Sekine Twitter

  • Cmosfbincludestdioh

    I like it very much that the team is listening to the fans and try to implement their ideas in to the game

    • 9Ocelot9

      Actually i think thats the best they can do if they want to get the best possible game out of MGO!

  • gerber

    Preset codec messages… I can already imagine players looking for opportunity to abuse some “You’re pretty good…” haha

    • Chris Redfield

      or the “yo man, go sneak that shit”…”okay” hahaha

    • WhatTheJuicay

      We codec spammers got pretty coordinated and creative with our spams.. I loved stringing 3 different codecs together to make a statement that makes sense and actually works. couple it together with a laugh. Never once needed a mic. I hope they also add text chat for team and all.

      • ”I SAID Lookin’ good hahahahaha” was my favourite combo xD
        Yes, I had a female character.

        • WhatTheJuicay

          I hope it’s not too many button presses to use the codec that you want. I had no problem the way it was in MGO but it felt weird in PW. Though, I think it was less button presses in PW.

    • crnrdfox

      Or the famous, “Hey! You trying to kill me?!” hahaha can’t wait. Super excited for this!

  • Fraaancis

    They better add Raiden in MGO, because TIME PARADOX.
    Actually, i twtted them about it, will see.

    • Chris Redfield

      if they put Raiden then the shit will get crazy man..better they put the “blade mode” too and that will make Raiden the best character in the MGO cause he will be basically a god hahaha

      • WhatTheJuicay

        No.. it’d just be like raiden in MGO2. Pretty much the same way he was in GZ. People who knew how to use him right, were annoying.. but they weren’t impossible to beat.

        • Raiden was, in my opinion, the best unique character. Not only he was really fast but you couldn’t shoot him directly and he could jump to high places and knock you out very quickly. The only bad thing was he could only shoot with handguns, nothing else.

          As the TSNE player I am, I loved having to play as him on the sneaking team xD

        • Chris Redfield

          so u want him to be only a “skin” than the Raiden itself..well if that’s the case better he doesn’t even be a character then right? Raiden is not Raiden if he cannot do everything he can do in MGR Revengeance

    • PrinceHeir

      They already have his model of Rising in Jamais Vu mission.

      So it would be a waste if they didn’t use it.

      • Fraaancis

        I hope it would be MGS 2 model, MGR Raiden is a little OP.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Can we please get an MGS PS4 faceplate :D?

  • Datguy8923

    The best way to get suggestions and feedback is to release a beta for MGO on MGS GZ. We need to be able to sample and see what works and what doesn’t, and what’s needed and not needed.

    I know the people from KojiPro come to this website. Hello btw. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/

    • John

      they really should of done that and had that on the box or something. woulda stopped all the complaining of 30 dollar 1 hour demo, etc.

      a shame because alot of people are planning not to buy or pirate on pc now because of that.

      • Chris Redfield

        “30 dollar 1 hour of demo”…well i guess the correct thing is 20 dollars 1 hour of Prologue and is fair enough for me

  • cardboardbox engineer

    That picture about the AI in trailer got me worried, I gotta be honest with you guys , i really hope that AI is not following the same pattern for every time you play a mission, what got me really excited about TPP was this bit of information that AI patterns are randomly generated…hmmm

    • WhatTheJuicay

      wrong place for this? This article is about the Metal Gear Online portion.. meaning No AI

      • cardboardbox engineer

        The pic just reminded me of the ai feature

  • Daniel C. Stringer

    Place a beta or alpha onto the current consoles, and I would test hundred of hours into this game!

    Best way to get feedback 🙂

    also if the crocodile cap returns it will be hilarious 🙂 game of the year material here :p

  • Big_Boss88

    Greatness awaits with TPP and MGO.

    • Chris Redfield

      but this greatness with TPP and MGO will come not only for PS3 and PS4 but for X360 and XONE too man 😀

  • From The Distant Future

    Nice. Preset codec messages are always welcomed. I just hope there’s a “mute” for spammers. That “warm holiday season gift” is sure to be appreciated. The best game I have ever played in my lifetime of gaming atm. Maybe, they’ll play its online component and get a few ideas. What has been done right and extremely well in TLOU mutliplayer is “stealth and teamwork.” I can only imagine the gameplay mechanics of the new MGO with what allowed the “stealth and teamwork” in TLOU MP to work gorgeously — it’d be a match made in heaven!

    • Chris Redfield

      shit seriously i’m tired of people who put TLOU as a symbol of inspiration for other games ..fuck that’s soo boring people saying that the game blah blah should be like TLOU..that Resident Evil should be like TLOU and now even saying that Metal Gear Solid needs to get inspired by the TLOU ¬_¬ please gimme a break fuck Metal Gear Solid is Metal Gear Solid..Resident Evil is Resident Evil..and the game blah blah is the game blah blah and etc..and TLOU is TLOU is a good game but is not the best game ever for all the other game franchises to get inspired on that.. fuck that’s soo boring already shit

  • moto hellogoto

    I hope the online survives on the pc version. If it starts to die out then I’ll probably get a cheap ps3 to play it on.

    • Chris Redfield

      the real problem is the mods that the hackers create for PC versions just to fuck up the game and the fun of others

  • moto hellogoto
  • bigboss

    i just hope there aren’t a million ways to hack the online game play and glitch like we saw in the MGO for mgs4! that shit pissed me off so much that it drove me from the tournaments and online gameplay all together eventually.

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait for the actual gameplay match, with hud, weapons and all 🙂

    Metal Gear Online and Uncharted 4 MP are probably the only games i’m willing to play as seriously as hell.

    Maybe if they add Resident Evil Mercenaries game on consoles with all characters(including bosses), modes, raid mode, vs mode, survival mode etc i’ll play that seriously as well.

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