Kojima shows Nendoroid Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden figure (work in progress), includes naked body

It was announced at Wonder Festival at the beginning of this year that Goodsmile would be releasing two new Nendoroid Metal Gear figures: Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 and Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V. Today Kojima has tweeted two new pictures of the Raiden figure. It doesn’t have a paint coating yet, but we can see it will come with his HF Blade and a M4 rifle (aside from his SOCOM pistol with suppressor, probably).

Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Prototype-1 Nendoroid-MGS2-Raiden-Prototype-2

“Nendroid Raiden. Blue Raiden from MGS2 Ver., still in progress. KAWAII.”

Update: Seems like there’s also an naked version of his body.

Nendoroid-MGS2-Naked-Raiden-Prototype “As mentioned before, this is Nendroid Raiden in naked parts.”


Last year a Solid Snake Nendoroid from Metal Gear Solid was released, for more information and pictures go here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, 2

  • Solidus Türk


  • PrinceHeir

    Kawaii ne? 😀

    • Gatsu

      Kawaii desu 😀

  • Sn4ke_911


    small update on the official site.

    Just saying there was a preview event and some journo quotes.

    Oh and this lovely new shot.

    • Raymondius

      Hmmm… That hospital scene… The angle, the curtains… It seems nothing has been changed, despite the rumors. I’m so hyped for that part, omg. 😀

      • Javier

        Don’t trust in yong all the time.

        • Raymondius

          Oh I don’t, believe me, I was the first one to criticize the whole Canavero paranoid conspiracy theory, for exapmle. But I remember the photo with modified colours was real, and I first saw it on Kojima’s twitter.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        Please, try to relax…

    • Javier

      The game is finished and we stil have to wait till september just for the online.

      • And why is that a bad thing? The multiplayer is the main reason a lot of people buy this game… They must make it perfect or everything will fail

        • Joaquin Romero Victorica

          Metal gear all about multiplayer? Sorry kid this isn’t Cod fanpage. Try to search in Google again

          • I meant some people, not all of them. Not everyone likes the campaign, just like not everyone likes the multiplayer. They have to work on both to hit both targets with one shot. All about marketing, bro…

          • You’re probably right but Metal Gear has always been a singleplayer experience first and foremost, the earlier entries didn’t even have multiplayer. But it’s true that there are also people who are looking forward to MGO3 more than the story mode.

      • Never heard of it going ”Gold” tho

        • Silverius

          I think most Japanese developers do not tend to do that, they don’t announce projects going “Gold”.

          • That or because they haven’t finished the MP completely

      • They are still polishing the single player as well. That’s one of the things that make Metal Gear games so great, that they’re not full of glitches like Assassin’s Creed for example, they really feel finished when they come out.

        • Javier

          Yes. It’s the same as waiting months to play assasins creed patch 1.5.
          I’m just saying I don’t have any problem of playing tpp with a little bug (like ground zeroes) and months later download the online. But this must be just for the reputation of the saga and his maker. We still love you Hideo.

    • Gatsu

      That screen omg >:O…let me play it too.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    That small M4 is cute

    • Thanks for pointing out the mistake. 😛

      (It said M16 first)

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    Su revealed a few days ago there was a collaboration between bristol robotics and kojima productions for mgsv and it would be revealed soon.according to ya what is this collaboration?

    • Metal… Gear?

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        its actually big boss’ prosthetic arm for real amputees.SO CUTE!

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        su posted a picture on twitter. saw it on neogaf!

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet
      • Le Guy who drowned quiet
        • Gatsu


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            do you think kojimas quirky humor will be able to help us digest the high impact themes. at first i was reclutant about the humor but now i think it wont be enough.

    • Raymondius


      Hmmm… Doesn’t seem like a collab, but very interesting. Thanks for the info, mate.

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet


        • Yeah, forgot about this with the whole Triumph bike thing, but now it has its own news article. 🙂

    • glitchbomb

      Dunno…either way it is an interesting time for us MGS fans with missing hands!!!

  • Chris Jackson

    I love how the time left was changed to days, not weeks anymore 😛

    • Gatsu

      Yeah it’s a nice change 🙂 thanks Nyx ^^.

  • No Place For Hayter

    I’m sorry Raiden, but you look like a girl, lol. Get some color, it might help.

    • Jak

      If he didn’t look like a girl it wouldn’t be very accurate, now would it?

  • Cobra

    Since we all know what a Bowie nut Kojima is, was Raiden meant to have been patterned after Mick Ronson?

  • Saxon McMichael

    So chibi

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