Kojima expresses his thanks to the fans in Metal Gear Solid V Debriefing video

Here is the Metal Gear Solid V Debriefing video, in which Hideo Kojima visits many of the people who supported Metal Gear Solid V and helped make it a reality.

The players are everything. Without them, nothing I do would matter. My mission is to exceed their expectations. It’s all that matters to me. Their energy brought me to where I am today. In that sense, all the fans have created this game with me. So I wanted to express my thanks.


Here are Kojima’s pictures taken during the same trip.

Source: Konami

  • Mr.Pony

    This game…wow…just wow…the prologue alone wow, holy mother of cardboard box, that’s how you do a freaking prologue!

  • muaddib

    No, thank you, Kojima-san

  • BlackLesnar

    Damn, I hope no one caught me crying at work after seeing Sean’s story.

  • Does someone else need tissues?

  • RocketoPunch

    Kojima travels the World to let people tell him how awesome he is #lifegoals

    • Random sniper

      That’s not funnny

      • RocketoPunch

        I know

        • Random sniper

          But you just beat me(leguywhodrownedquiet ) in terms of usernames here! And the award goes to….ROCKETO PANCHHHHH!!!

          • RocketoPunch

            XD. Your name is much more innovative tho!

    • Alexandre Saccol

      He traveled to “personally announce” the launch of the game to people who had been supporting him and the team.

  • Chem

    hi brothers, i’m still in shock after the hospital scene, i don’t want to be spoiled, but there is so much in i mind right now, so much questions in my mind.

    • muaddib

      In the times of the MGSV previews, a guy who played the game posted some spoilers in… Reddit? i think, regarding the intro, and no one, even me, belived him.
      …until now. And it gave more questions than anwers

      • Chem

        that specific thing was what shocked me most, i still don’n know how to process that, well i only played the intro and mission one because i had to go to work, so still haven’t the opportunity of analyse everything i’ve saw

  • Venom_Sina

    Thank You,Mr.Hideo Kojima.
    And for dear Sean:I can’t believe we lost a great MG fan.Your place is in our hearts now.RIP.

  • muaddib

    I can’t view the video right now, but this Sean guy remembered me of another MG fan, my friend, who died in a car crash, not long ago.

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  • 🙁 my heart just broke like 5 times. Thank you Hideo Kojima!!!

    • Random sniper

      Hey what’s your email adress and did you find out the ending for the game yet ?

    • Gatsu

      Mine tooo T___T….

  • Danny Patten

    So, those guys who had trouble with Bears…so easy to One Shot tranq them… 😀
    If you find that for yourself it will be funniest thing. Typical Kojima.

    • Random sniper

      In their penis I guess

      • No Place For Hayter

        Or up the ass. Though that wouldn’t be “Kojima” it just makes sense. PW did the same thing.

    • Gatsu

      I met this huge bear little while ago and pumped it full of drugs, but it still came at me. Thanks for the advice lol.

  • Ardens Anima

    And with the release of TPP, suddenly MGI slowed dooooown.

    I knew we all knew this was coming, but it really shows. And it sucks for those who still don’t have it. D:

    • No Place For Hayter

      REALLY sucks, lol.

    • Strangely enough it’s just the comments. The site still gets a lot of visitors. Today we got over 33000 visitors already, and it’s the second busiest day ever (only beaten by yesterday). But it seems like the commenters are busy playing the game. 😉

      • No Place For Hayter

        Really? wow, lol, ummm just wow. Birds of a feather flock together.

      • Gatsu

        Damn thats lots of visitors!

        • So today did end up the busiest day ever after all. Fitting, the day of release.

          • Gatsu

            Yeah :).

    • Gatsu

      Well I tried to come comment much earlier ;D…but it’s hard!

  • JonDoe

    Thanks Kojima san <o

  • FOX

    Sean’s story broke my heart 🙁 Kojima is the man. He even apolgizes about games development length. Thank you Kojima and Fuck you konami

  • ddmaster

    Choked up, thank you Kojima-san.

  • Ralexion

    I would kiss this man.

    • muaddib
  • I finally got home!
    Now for an all nighter!

    • No Place For Hayter

      Your face is the best thing in the picture, lol, hype reaction, lol.

      Have fun, also have some fun for me as well, I’m running a little low.

    • Gatsu


  • FMercenary

    After barely getting through the prologue and then watching this video, I just feel a bit demoralized. 🙁

  • No Place For Hayter

    Is it a bad thing to be refreshing my email every 5 minutes for my shipping confirmation email? lol.

    • VenomSnake1974

      Currently trackin’ my ship, comrade. But I’ve been refreshing my email for confirmation every 5 minutes as of yesterday, so… I definitely feel your pain!

  • Sockerfri

    How do we feel about posting pictures of loadouts and stuff? I’m eager to share emblems; both showing off and seeing what you guys have made — But I don’t wanna post if you feel that the gear is spoiler worthy. Its fairly early gear tho. And I think its all been seen before.

  • The[]doR

    I’t s very sad story. RIP Sean.
    5 years ago I’m almost died in the hospital. More than half of the year I was bedridden. I’m even had sepsis as complication. Hellish pains and high temperature caused sleep deprivation and hallucinations as result. After the series of surgeries I was totally exhausted. The reabilitation took more than 1 year. After this i was in hospital for 20-30 days every 6 months. This is the first year when my doctor advised me not be hospitalized. I have a stable remission, and I hope my desease will never comeback.
    After the first surgery I found myself in the intensive care unit.
    One of the thing I’m very sad in there that I’m still have not buyed PS3 and not played in MGS4 (the “final” fragment of masterpiece mosaic at the moment).

    P.S. I’m very grateful to everyone involved in the creation of the MGS-universe, and especially to Hideo Kojima for all this sadness I’m filled in hospital – It has added to me a little bit of anger and strength. Thank you!

  • どういたしまして小島先生,



  • Kitty Fondler

    Kojima must nanomachines himself. All those years and he still looks exactly the same.


    Thank you Kojima for you dedication, your striving to make this game the best: I’m currently on mission 6 – this game is a masterpiecemasterpiece.

    • Gatsu

      I’m 13 hours in and at 5%, lol. Next is mission 6 for me too, but so much other things :).

  • No Place For Hayter

    My stages of grief, Anger, Depression, Anger, Depression, Anger. Right now I’m back into my Anger stage of grieving.

    I feel like I’m never going to get that shipping confirmation ever. I know I’m just complaining here, Misery loves company 😉 but seriously where the fuck is my package! I don’t know if they are shipping it late or not at all.

  • korruption

    Ah this was a good cool down in the midst of a mission I have paused (the Honeybee one), where I swear that Kojima went out on a limb to make one of the evilest missions possible, and I’m not even out of the “easy” part of the game yet! O.o;

  • Gatsu

    Such great video ty T_T…. I’m forever grateful to Hideo Kojima for the memories and experiences he has given me. I will miss his games so much if he never do them again ;C. But I am glad he managed to create such a fantastic game as his last MGS. It has not disappointed me at all during the hours I’ve played. The feeling when play through prologue after 3 years of waiting, enter Afghanistan etc, get DD… Such powerful feels…

    T___T I cried when watched this. Kojima seems happy though that the series is finally over for him.
    Also RIP Sean :(…

    I love you Kojima!!! There will be no other like you in video game industry.
    P.S. sorry brothers if haven’t been commenting much, hard to take break from TPP.

    • No Place For Hayter

      It’s ok we understand, lol, you won’t see me very often when I get TPP 😉

      • Gatsu

        ;)…I hope you get it soon. My CE arrived today, but for the time being I will keep it sealed. I’m trying to grow up my DD to be big and good doggy.

        • Shalashaska

          DD ’s animation are SWWWEEEETTT!

  • Steven Michael Brown

    Well I was worried I wouldn’t have much time to play but today out of nowhere I was laid off from work. Hopefully I can still enjoy the game.

  • RocketoPunch

    I bet the Konami CEO started crying after watching this and gave Kojima a call. But he couldn´t push himself to speak a word after Kojima picked up the phone.

  • Golgari

    Thank You.

  • FMercenary

    P.T. memorial?

  • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

    Kojima there is no need to thank us, but can you have a word with Big Boss, I cau him feeling my girlfriends bum

  • Tariq Abati

    Your an amazing guy Kojima and also your team, we are lucky ones to have someone like you to create things that allways amazes us,

    You’r my hero and a legend you will always have a special plays in our heart !

  • RagingWolf2124

    Thank You Kojima San, You are a Gaming Legend… and with Metal Gear Solid V ending it all… It will be one of the Best Games I have ever played… Congratulations for all your hard work, and can’t wait to see what game you will have in store after MGSV… Today is the day… V has come to…

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I just played the first two hours (hospital and a bit of Afghanistan). I’m at a loss for words. I… wow. Just… best intro I’ve ever seen in any game.

  • Nekkedsnake

    that video man, made me tear up there at the end… you really don’t see game developers do these kind of things. Kojima and his team are fucking awesome.

    RIP Sean

  • PsychoMantis18

    If only he was gay….
    And if I was gay……
    And his type….
    Would totally let him have his way with me….
    You charmer you, Kojima.

  • Solid PhoeniX

    The Game is GLORIOUS Brothers!!! I played for 5 hours straight. 4% Game Completion. AAAaaahhhh!

  • VenomSnake1974

    Hideo is a very special person. Not seen much others in game industry actin’ like he does, traveling the world to thank supporters and fans and… yeah, that dedication to Sean made me cry like a baby… :-/

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    this is how you release a game. my god this was emotionally intense. i dont see any other developer doing this. kojima surely is one of a kind developer.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Rest in Peace, Sean.


  • Chico Ribeiro


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