Kojima has been on a trip to visit ‘people who supported MGSV TPP development’, launch commemoration video in the works

Over the past couple of days Hideo Kojima has been on what he calls his ‘V debriefing trip’, during which he visited several people who (most of them) were involved with the game’s production in one way or another. Below are his pictures of the trip as well as his comments.

Hideo-Kojima-and-Kyle-Cooper “Visiting Kyle Cooper who designed title logo & conceptual design of iDROID. My dearest friend for more than 16 yrs.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Justin-Burnett “Visiting Justin Burnett, music composer. Had greeting chat w/ Harry (producer this time) thru Skype as he’s in London.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Robin-Atkin-Downes Hideo-Kojima-and-Robin-Atkin-Downes-Strain “Greeting w/Robin A Downes, voice of Kaz Miller. He gave me del Toro’s “THE STRAIN” SE BD as he’s in voice of Master.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Avi-Arad-Cake Hideo-Kojima-and-Avi-Arad-Cake-2 “Visited Avi, Hollywood producer of MGS film, best friend for 10yrs. He appears in MGSV bonus disc.Great bday surprise!”

Hideo-Kojima-Geoff-Keighley-Greg-Miller “Shooting for 9/1 launch commemoration video. W/ Geoff Keighley & Greg Miller”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Ryuhei-Kitamura Hideo-Kojima-and-Ryuhei-Kitamura-Lunch “MGSV TPP launch commemoration video out 9/1 is directed by my great friend, Ryuhei Kitamura. Had Cuban lunch break.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Troy-Baker “Visiting Troy Baker who played Ocelot, to report MGSVTPP completion and shoot video for the launch.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-Troy-Baker-2 “Gave OCELOT GEAR by J,F.RAY MGSV collabo sunglasses & to Robin A Downes KAZ GEAR respectively. HIDEO GEAR for myself.”

Hideo-Kojima-and-JJ-Abrams Hideo-Kojima-and-JJ-Abrams-2 “Visited JJ to directly inform MGSV TPP completion, who have been supporting me for a long time.”

Hideo-Kojima-Celebrating-MGSV-Succes-Hollywood “Celebrated on great reviews of MGSV TPP by people in Hollywood. Thank you very much.”

Hideo-Kojima-LA-August-29 “H is coming home.”

“Trip to visit people who supported MGSV TPP development had done. There were many I missed due to my tight schedule though.”


“It was such a memorable V debriefing trip. Going back to MB.”

Judging from┬áKojima’s┬ácomments a ‘9/1 launch commemoration video’ will also appear on September 1st, which will probably be posted on one of the official channels.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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