Daily Login Bonuses allow players to collect MB Coins (and more) for free

Konami has released some new information regarding daily bonuses and online play, through a serie of messages you will see when starting up the game. The most interesting part is the schedule laying out the daily log-in bonuses for the next week, confirming that players can get Mother Base coins without paying real money, but simply by logging in (although the amounts are obviously limited).


Daily Login Bonuses now available!

Simply start the game in online mode once per day to receive the following rewards! Put them to use in missions and development. You will start receiving rewards after proceeding to a certain point in the game. To receive the rewards you will need to go to the REWARDS menu in your iDroid.

Daily bonus schedule:

9/1: Biological Materials (Processed) x5000
9/2: MB Coins x15
9/3: Digitalis (Lutea) x16
9/4: Common Metals (Processed) x5000
9/5: MB Coins x35
9/6: MB Coins x30
9/7: 100000 GMP
9/8: Biological Materials (Processed) x5000

(The daily bonus changes over at 01:00 (PDT) / 10:00 (CEST) / 17:00 (JST))

Konami is also organizing a ‘PF Point Boost Campaign’ in celebration of the game’s launch.


MGSV Launch PF Point Boost Campaign

Finishes: 9/30 23:59 (PDT) / 8:59 (CEST) / 15:59 (JST)

During the campaign, your PF points (earned according to the results of PF rating virtual league battles) get a x2.5 boost! The PF Points you earn can be exchanged for materials and other rewards.

Scheduled maintenance is also planned for the game, the times of which can be found below.


Regular Maintenance schedule

Every Monday 0:00 – 3:00 (PDT)
Every Tuesday 8:00 – 11:00 (CEST)
Every Wednesday 16:00 – 19:00 (JST)

Circumstances may necessitate adjustments to finish times. We appreciate your understanding.

Furthermore, some details on the latest patch the game has received.


Latest patch information

A new patch was released on September 1st, 2015.

  • Adjusted the Heroism value required to become a “Hero.”
  • Adjusted the amount of GMP and materials required to develop a nuclear weapon.
  • Added other minor improvements.

Lastly, some information for PlayStation users, which explains what features can and cannot be used with or without a PlayStation Plus subscription.


To players with PlayStation Plus membership
You can enjoy all online features, including synchronous PvP battles such as deploying to defend FOBs!

To players without PlayStation Plus membership
You can enjoy all online features except for synchronous PvP battles.

Note: When selecting a mission in FOB MISSIONS, a message will be displayed warning you that you cannot use online features without a PlayStation Plus membership, but infiltrations of rival players’ FOBs, etc. can be selected from that many without Plus membership!

TIPS: About Online Disconnect: If you want to play offline without worrying about coming under attack from rival players, select ONLINE DISCONNECT under the Pause Menu.

Source: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PlayStation 4

  • Shalashaska Has Landed

    Does anyone know how or when I can obtain the people I recruited in Ground Zeroes? (IE: Glaz, Palitz, JCS Agent, Bald Cipher agent, etc?)

    I feel like I’m far enough in the game where I should have BEEN had these characters. Pfft.

    • Raven_Sorrow

      I only got then by mission “where do the bees sleep”

      • Shalashaska Has Landed

        I finished that mission, but I still don’t have them… =/

        I have an uploaded save from GZ and 100% completion in GZ… I don’t know what the problem is here…

        • Raven_Sorrow

          My friend was having the a similar problem ( he only got paliz) so I told him to upload GZ file again and download it again to TPP and it worked. Make sure you can connect to server too, shouldn’t be related but because of server connectivity problems my idroid got really and I mean REALLY slow loading..

          • Shalashaska Has Landed

            Thanks man. I see what the problem was. I’ve been playing it nonstop to the point that I never went back to the main menu (which is where it says “Download GZ Save data”. The beginning menu never gave me that option 9which was the hospital main menu). Lol I wish I would have known that sooner. Thanks again sir.

    • Cristian Landeros

      how much is far enough? i’ve completed 25 Main mission and i have all the characters rescued in GZ. you will get the characters as long as you complete certain missions. (sorry for my english)

    • JablokoMoloko86

      I found out that it is comming randomly. I have info from my friends and all of them obtained them NOT IN THE SAME TIME/PLACE/MISSION… they will pop up randomly. For me it was..sth like mission number 15. Just do some missions and they will pop up after this mission.

  • Ardens Anima

    At least they give them out for free. 🙂

  • Raven_Sorrow

    Yesterday’s episode of Honest Game Trailer was MGS ^.^ I thought it was a good one, check it out https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JpQ_2yPUmrE hope I didn’t came too late with this but if I did I’m sorry, it was because I’ve been playing the best game I ever played 😉

    • Oh, my, god, this, is too good!

  • Robin Besch

    imho the one and only thing about this game thats not needed (also the MB crap in general of course)

  • AeroGre

    Umm I still cant even connect to the servers

    • Dunno if it will work for you, but I could’nt till yesterday (PS4). I was wifi connected and it was failing all the time… I tried with Lan and it was failing too but when I got back to wifi, it worked ?! (yeah !)
      Must have something to deal with possible heavy traffic these days eventually combined with not mature/stable enough connection process.

      • Aleezy

        Tried to play today about 40 min ago and couldn’t connect. Yesterday it was working… Trying to get those coins lol.

    • Chico Ribeiro

      Started playing on Steam yesterday and was unable to connect.

    • Aleezy

      It’s working

  • Gatsu

    I was able to connect yesterday on Steam late evening, got these and after playing for maybe 1 hour then was disconnected again. It seems they might still have some issues with getting it to work.

    • Probably the server is just overloaded, with everyone going online at the same time.

  • Cristian Landeros

    can someone tell me how many main missions has TPP?

    • MK_Madness

      Alot, but you can find that on google.

      • Cristian Landeros

        i don’t wanna beat the game, but i can’t stop playing. i’ve already completed 25 main missions

    • I read somewhere that it has 40-50MM

    • Random sniper

      50 !

      • JJBYACH

        ? I thought it was 47

  • Ralexion

    How much was getting an extra FOB? 1700 MBC? It will take some MBC hoarding, but eventually you can get enough for free. Gotta admit, is not as bad as I thought, at least, but the quantities are limited indeed xD

    I was able to log-in yesterday, but the server was obviously lagged as all hell, so after getting the login bonus I disconnected. Seems to work fine for me today, it connects, regular speed, etc. Dunno about FOBs, I dont even have the first one yet.

  • What’s up everybody. How is everyone going with TPP so far??? No spoilers for others of course.

    • MichaelPayneV

      So far I’m waiting for my brother to finish it, and I’m so glad that he already loves it, and he is half away in the prologue only.

    • Romain Robin

      Love the game so far, it blows all my expectations. But I cannot find how to go free roaming. People told me it’s in the “Missions” tab, but I don’t think I saw it. Have to check outagain when I get back home.
      Do I have to advance in the game to unlock the “free roam” mode ?

      • Cristian Landeros

        in the missions menu you can select deploy in Afghanistan/Africa in free roaming mode. i’m working right now, but when i get home can send you a pic pointing the that option. 😉

        • Romain Robin

          Would appreciate that, thanks comrade !

      • JJBYACH

        Just complete a mission by going outside of the border on foot(or vehicle or whatever, just don’t take the chopper) , the game just puts you in free roam after. Another way is selecting a drop point on the map in the ACC.

        • Romain Robin

          thanks, I’ll have a look after work, I’m surprised I was dumb enough not to see it 🙂 thx !

          • Josh Houchin

            You’re not dumb, there are a LOT of menu screens to learn. Take your time, savor it!

      • Dario Tafuro

        Go in the missions list on your iDroid and then simply press R1 (or the equivalent if you’re not playing on PS4), you will be able to choose an area to free roam 😉

    • Dario Tafuro

      I’m taking it slowly, I’m still at 4% completion, but I’m enjoying it a lot!

    • Enjoying free roam at 3%. This is the military game I’ve always wanted.

    • Gatsu

      Taking it slowly, side ops, exploring, Mother Base visits after nearly every mission to boost morale and to check how it grows etc. I’m loving the game soooo much :). Everything has been perfect and love the VA performances + boss battles.

      So far I’m 32hours in and 19% completed only and I feel like so much is still left. Been doing long game sessions haha ;D. Made into Africa.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Since everyone had played the prologue, I have a theory.

    My guess is that The Phantom Pain, after Quiet chockes you, is Venom Snakes’s dying Fantasy Dream.

    Just my theory!

    • Yeah I didn’t expect to see her. I flipped haha

      • MichaelPayneV

        So, what do you think about my theory, that TPP with all the Weird sh*t from that point is nothing more than a dying nightmare?

        • Hmm I like the idea of it but do t think that’s how it is. He nearly died though but defeats the whole purpose of the game if it’s just a dream sort of thing.

          I guess we have to wait and see. If you’re right though. I’ll flip it if it’s all just a dream. I’m expecting to flips shit a lot during this game haha

        • JJBYACH

          Not trying to sound rude but that seems like an absolutely horrendous plot twist, I’m 110% sure that is not the case. A movie buff like Kojima will never write a story that uses one of the contrived plot devices ever known to man, also it makes no sense thematically and narrative wise and would piss me off more than if Quiet turned out to be Chico.

    • Please, no spoilers yet. Not everyone has received the game already. 🙂

      • Yeah true my bad.

      • MichaelPayneV

        You said that we can talk spoilers from the prologue, from what I remember, so…?

        • True, but it turns out some people haven’t gotten the game yet (such as No Place for Hayter). So maybe it would be better to keep the real spoilers out of the comment section for a while longer.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Roger that.

          • Hope you understand!

          • MichaelPayneV

            I do.

          • Ardens Anima

            Thank You, Nyxus. 🙂

  • Bożydar Mazur

    Servers are down for me, can’t transfer the save data on PC 🙁

  • 4energyplaylist .

    I have played for 6 days already. Game is perfect in gameplay but really missing that masterpiece element – story. In that 6 days I have completed half a game and I have just 3 cutscenes, no that long even.
    Most of the game is just missions (save that guy, eliminated that guy) I feel really disconnected with story (one short cutscene per 2 days).
    I really enjoy the game but I want more story. I suppose to feel more connected with story you have to play just main missions, no spend time for side-ops and managing Mother Base. I think this is the best way to play. Play story now to the end and when playing second time, do everything.


      If you play that way your experience will be damaged, from a narrative perspective: the games’ story is not to be consumed in a few mere sittings, it’s a TV show, more of a slow burn when the player is made to experience tiny small narrative tid bits, contributing to the greater picture whilst the player invents their own story and pieces the pre written one together themselves. I have a theory on why there is such an emphasis on player invention and emergent storytelling, but it’s just a theory (I’m only 10 hours into the game, on mission 6 so, yeah). Gameplay wise focusing on the story will butcher the pacing of the gameplay and difficulty and stuff and the most simple of missions will become extremely difficult due to insufficient equipment. I get where you are coming from, but I believe the TPP’s story is a slower, metaphoric, subdued narrative that will leave more answer as many questions as it opens up, so even though that is a first impression, I’d advise you to hang on and wait until the game ends – this is Hideo Kojima we are talking about here.

    • Tong Ninja

      Really? interesting …

      I found lots of mini story cutscenes when I go to explore/manage Motherbase and main missions haha. Cassette tapes are great as well for further story deposition. Some of them were funny, some were epic. Also story is interwoven into gameplay as well. For example, instead of an epic action sequence that you can watch in a cutscene, you are actually doing the action sequence yourself! 🙂

      We’re supposed to piece the story together ourselves through cassette tapes (which replace the codec) and things like exploring Motherbase along with main mission story. Kojima said everyone’s personal experience with TPP will be different depending on how you approach the different elements of the game.

      Although the story does start off slow after the Kaz rescue mission. This is probably because we have to slowly build our base/army up from scratch (through the various main missions) for revenge. Story picks up later into the game (for me it did). haha 🙂

    • H’m

      can completely agree with this..

      “but really missing that masterpiece element – story.”

      i know what ya mean, games great, but its just missing that true mgs feel, and i want my cutscenes

      three things i really dont like are
      1. dhorse < cant stand him, i dunno it might be the controls.. just dont like using him
      2. night missions, im no pro but there to easy, and night dosnt look good like it did in gz
      3. anything related to MB.. pretty much no tutorial, have not much clue really what im doing

      on a seperate note one thing i would have paid for dlc wise ( most likely will never happen now hideos gone ) was extra maps, mini words with more side ops

      • JJBYACH

        Hm, interesting. Regarding cutscenes and story I am keeping reserving my judgement on it until I complete the game as I have a theory that there is a thematic/narrative reasons for the focus on emergent storytelling and gameplay which will be explained (kinda) in the end.
        Personally I think D-horse is the best horse I’ve ever seen in a game (if you’ve played witcher 3 then know will see why, and appreciate D-horse more than goddamn Roach).

        I see what you mean about night missions, I soon discovered the brightness on my monitor was too high, once I lowered it to a more realistic level, nights became pitch black and I was forced to be more aware and use night vision goggles sparingly – plus, the game looked way better with more realistic brightness settings; seriously try it, it was how the game was intended.

        Since I played a lot of peace walker I found MB fine but I do agree with you it wasn’t explained the best.

      • Tong Ninja

        Regarding the Motherbase management, see this link below. I haven’t seen the link, but it might be helpful. haha
        Yeah the Idroid was pretty overwhelming for me at first with all the sub-menus. 🙂

        Also the cutscenes, you can blame the people who criticized the long cutscenes in MGS4(I didn’t mind them). Hence why Kojima shortened them. Hopefully someone on youtube can tell us how long all the story cutscenes there are in MGSV.
        Although I found lots of Metal Gear moments/cutscenes when exploring Motherbase/open world (outside doing the main missions).

  • Adrian

    As a person from the Philippines…. GG rewards from Sept 1-8 ;_;

  • Daily log in bonuses make the game better, I got free resources I needed to finish my command platform, Fuck yeah!

    • solidsnack

      yeah man similar thing happened with me, it also makes the problem of MB coins way smaller if you wanted another FOB. good times!

      • At least your get some haha you don’t always need 6000 #goodtimes

    • Golgari

      Yeah. Same thing.
      I know some people argue that you need some grinding in the game but that’s not true That system is so super friendly that you can have free resources each day + by sending troops on missions everything builds so fast.

      • Gatsu

        I agree :). The GMP and resources come with a nice pace, depending on what you do.

    • 223hzy

      Hi. Could you tell me when does the REWARDS function unlock? I just finished Honey Bee.

  • H’m

    had 15mb coIns now there… WELL I DUNNO, GONE, wonder if konami knows ?!.. 🙂
    send some guys on a 2 day < really??! mission n about a hour in i got logged out grrrrr…

    quick question does anyone now if you can make just… silencers or scopes ?

  • quick question how do u send troops on missions ???

  • Boldizar

    Who can actually get it to connect? Everytime I start the game I have to wait 3 minutes for it to fail and let me play.

    • Sockerfri

      I get an error – 10003. “Failed to log in to server.”
      Managed to do it release day, tho, so I got to download my GZ data.

    • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

      I can’t seem to login as well

    • this morning is worked fine for me but wen im playing a message pops up and says that im offline

    • H’m

      so much for day two bonus.. oh well its just one more konami fuck you i spose, as its just obviously gathering player info as there no actual online fob action going on, oh an you want your menus not to take foever to open.. disable online
      ( when it actually does connect ) makes a difference

  • H’m

    Dont care if you have to do a certian mission first but how do you make a FOB..?

    • FZJanimated

      it unlock after you do mission 22-24 i dont remember the exact number , i cant say much without spoiling the entire mission.

  • “n-no it is p2w!!!”

  • TheGame1083

    for cofenames should we get them early like PW again? wat are the exact requirements, I sort of have it figured out but need confirmation

  • PhantomSnake

    Some of these Side Ops are insane…

  • Fuck you

    Wow awesome thats like……… FOBs cost 1100 MB and up so

    at minimum 100 DAYS PER FOB or 10$


  • Ezequiel Santiago

    Lol I didn’t get a number of the daily bonuses because it was always offline for me. so fuck me, yeah.

  • RoddyRigo

    I just hope it gives me enough free MB coins for when DLC comes out.

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