Tokyo Game Show 2015 schedule and events

The Tokyo Game Show 2015 is held this week, and a special page on the official Metal Gear Solid V website details what visitors can expect during the show in regards to The Phantom Pain.

First of all, here’s the full schedule with all the live streams (for more details go here). Metal Gear Online will be playable at the event, and a new mode will be unveiled.


On the show floor visitors will also be able to have themselves photographed and put on the cover of either Ground Zeroes (replacing Kaz) or The Phantom Pain (replacing Venom Snake)


Lastly, there will also be some special login bonuses.


Tokyo Game Show 2015 takes place September 17 – 20.

Source: MGSV Official TGS Page

  • IM2PAC
    • What is with it?

      • IM2PAC

        its the extreme graphics mod

        • Ah ok.

          • IM2PAC

            yes i know it doesnt look taht good

          • I need someone to upload all the cutscenes in the game with this mod on STAT!

          • IM2PAC


          • STAT = ASAP haha

          • Javier


  • hunner
  • Reynard

    So Chapter 3 Announcement…Please

    • No leak of such so far… The 2016 stuff on business and public part of the schedule apparently deals with some kind of tournament…

    • John Saladin

      What about chapter 2 ??? Dont we need chapter 2 anymore?

  • Just give us a true ending to close the circle.

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  • John Saladin

    People keps saying a hideo kojima game all the time on the internet ….. Now i hope you riked the game …. He said that it is his best game while he knew it was a failure …. But who cares ? Kojima is god isnt he ?

    • A failure with a rating of 94 on Metacritic.

      • John Saladin

        Ok then have fun with metal gear rising5 and mgo … Im still in love with the story of the older games You guys just continue worshiping kojima and everything he does

        • Gatsu

          Or then we play the games we like to play. Everyone here love the older games too, but just because some here hate TPP does not mean others can’t like it IMO.

        • We have nothing to do with the Metacritic rating. it just shows that calling it a failure is kind of silly.

          • Ishmael

            the game is neither a masterpiece nor a failure. it’s a game with a mediocore story and outstanding fantastically gameplay.

          • SilverSaladin

            “Mediocre story” Yea i heard this from shit load of people yet not a single person can actually PROVE it . Most people just seems to be jumping on the bandwagon rather than ACTUALLY think about what Kojima is trying to say in this game .

          • Ishmael

            so enlighten us with what Kojima tried to tell us since you act like you found it.

          • SilverSaladin

            Why not actually figure it out for yourself ? I mean i got no problem but you are basically making it seem like someone has to spell out the obvious in order for you to actually get it .

          • Ishmael

            So your comment is totally worthless. great job dude.

    • Steven Michael Brown

      Phantom pain and ground zeroes are the only 2 games I have for my ps4 because they are the most fun to play. no kojima worship here. I didn’t even like mgs4.

      • John Saladin

        I like the gameplay too … I just dont like the story … It was cheap and predictable

        • SilverSaladin

          “Predictable” And any credibility you might have had is gone .

          • John Saladin

            The whole fanbase knew who the medic was at least 1 year before the game released only the ones new to the series had no clue

    • N-Shifter

      TPP is in no way, shape or form a “failure” – that’s crazy talk. You may have issues with it, many people may have issues with it but lots of people love it, including me.

  • Gatsu

    Oh maan, when does all the complaining and hate stop? It’s taking the fun out of visiting my favorite site MGI… Always the same when checking news. I get it if some of you don’t like the game for some reason , but don’t need to repeat it in every articles.

    On topic, I wonder what the unannounced mode is :).

    • hunner

      It’s like people forgot how much content there is in mgs v. Yes, there was cut content but it still has more content than 99% of games nowadays. I played and got a 100% twice on Batman AK and it only took me 40 hours. Beating chapter 1 with a couple of side ops in MGS V took me over 60 hours lol. Plus we got FOB a fun little mini game and now were getting a full online mode in a couple of weeks

      • AndrewJ

        people are too negative these days, what they get is never enough.
        i appreciate the fact that this game has entertained me for 100+ hours,

    • John Saladin

      I was not planing on ruining the. Fun for you bro but it just broke my heart how kojima called it his best game ….. I think its a lie thats why im pissed …. The missing content is not even my problem i dont give a damn about episode 2 and 3 or mgo and fob …. Ive always played mgs for the story thats why im so angry about this game. What about kojimas promises ? He keps saying that he wanted character development like walter white in breaking bad …. But having a horn and being covered in blood doesnt make you cruel or evil …. Specialy the ending where big boss talks to venom like a best budy kind of guy … Even solid snake was more serious in the past games specialy in mgs2 where he orders olga to knock raiden out to use him against solidus. The story was so predictable that i already knew who venom realy was 1 year before release.

      • Gatsu

        Well it’s okey. I think you’re not alone with those thoughts. I deeply love games with great stories too like MGS and surely TPP gives mixed feelings to many. I just miss the days when most of the comments was about something else ;)… and now with many complains its more depressing imo 🙁

        But I guess everyone got the right to express their feels. Everyone and even Kojima might think differently about what he think is best. Kojima always wanted to do open world MGS.

        Anyway, he’s given us many memorable games for 2 decades, which we can be thankful of and who knows maybe you change your mind about TPP someday :)… I can’t wait to do another marathon someday when got all now :D.

      • SilverSaladin

        Yea i think the problem is that the subtle story of TPP flew past people . Many people are having problems realizing the subtle details and the game for once doesn’t spell out everything for the audience . Read some of these articles to see what i mean .

        • John Saladin

          Go home kojima fanboy …. Every mgs fan knows that the story of mgs is not as good as it used to be since fukushima left the team …. I bet you dont even know who fukushima was ….

          • SilverSaladin

            Oh you are one of those kind of fans who jump on the story for some Saturday morning cartoons . Hate to break it to you but Kojima has always used the narrative as a tool to discuss far larger ideas in the game . MGS2 and 4 are prime examples of this .

          • John Saladin

            To mention mgs2 you are not worthy …. Its fukushimas masterpiece


      I feel like this games’ story really flew right past people’s heads. Sure, it’s not perfect – No story is but everyone purely focusing on the negative is just really tiring after the first few weeks…

      Initially I hated the game’s story and possibly the game itself after completing it, but taking a step back and looking at the game objectively and what it is trying to say, is pretty daring and intriguing, it has never been done before in a game – not to this scale. Touche Kojima… Touche.

    • FMercenary

      I want to finish the game already just to know what is the deal with people’s dissent over it, but I’m only playing a few hours a day and taking my sweet-ass time with it, hopefully I’ll finish before the month ends.

  • Alex

    That photo opportunity to replace Venom would be amazing because

    You play as yourself and you are Big Boss.

  • AeroGre

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