Konami stops production of AAA console titles, Gameblog claims

Yesterday Gameblog reported that worldwide technology director Julien Merceron left Konami, today they are bringing more disturbing news. According the the website, Konami has stopped development on all console AAA projects, with the exception of Pro Evolution Soccer. Gameblog states there will be no large scale console game before the fiscal year 2017/2018. Earlier this year, Konami announced that they will be mainly focusing on the mobile market for future games.


Konami Logo


Currently the studio is still working on Metal Gear Online, but apparently once that’s done there are no plans to develop another big Metal Gear title. This goes against earlier reports that Konami was already hiring new staff for the next game in the series, after Kojima’s departure.

Keep in mind these are still just rumors, but according to Eurogamer, both the news about Julien Merceron as well as this report are true. But it’s hard to say when we’ll know for sure.

Update: Tweet by Rika Muranaka (composer who worked on several Konami games including Metal Gear titles):

Update 2: Su Yi-Na Farmer (Communications Manager at Konami UK) tweeted the following:

Update 3: According to Konami Customer Support, the rumors aren’t true.


Source: Gameblog, Eurogamer, Gamespot

  • Chris Centrone

    good. gooooood.

    • korruption

      Damn you, I almost had the first post! Damn you I say!! =(

  • korruption

    Hey look! Konami fucking themselves even more!

  • Mr.Pony

    So Candy Crush: Rex Edition confirmed? Or Fruit Ninja Raiden pack maybe? Glad they went this way taking in account Konami track record this last year.

  • AeroGre

    Well these are still rumors and Konami has stated before that they are hiring for the next metal gear, I guess well have to wait and see

  • Danny Patten

    Oh lord have mercy…at this point I’d even be ok with EA buying the rights of off Konami.

    • Sony would be better. 😉

      • Danny Patten

        Of course. EA would be the worst option hence I said “even be ok with” 😛

        • Yeah EA or Activision wouldn’t be the best options, but you’re right, neither is Konami at this point.

          • Danny Patten

            Sony, maybe Naughty Dog! they could do something with it. They tell great stories with their games.

          • Yeah, or Sony buys the rights and Kojima goes to work for Sony. Unless he’d rather do something new.

          • Danny Patten

            I think he’ll do a movie with Del Torro. Get his first hands on experience with it.
            He could do some twisted Sci-Fi or Horror stuff.

          • Volf

            After the wait for The Last Guardian, I also believe Sony is the best place for Kojima to work. He would have all the time that Konami didn’t give him to create a true masterpiece.

          • Ardens Anima

            Sony buys the rights, and Kojima goes to work on finishing The Phantom Episode.

          • hunner

            Uncharted 4 looks amazing

  • Mauricio Acosta

    My belief is that these are just rumors in order to get Konami officially talking about what they are working on next.

    • Danny Patten

      Pachinko Machines!

      • Mauricio Acosta

        PACHINKO!! Someone should play a Silent Hills Pachinko game inside a cardboard box….

    • Sting’s Dad

      That’d be an interesting concept; if Konami actually had the brains for such marketing logic.

      • Mauricio Acosta

        No marketing involved. Just the press spreading false rumors to get the truth from the horse’s mouth.

  • Ishmael

    good luck then. haha.

  • disqus_akxhHxzCx0

    Then sell your damn IPs! We hate Konami!

  • Alex Lopez Manriquez

    at least they face the fact that “NEW METAL GEAR” will be buy it for, well…. NOBODY. I fear for those who wait ONLINE . if FOB servers are trouble . what expect for ONLINE . konami provide support at first. but later . when Kojima leave for good? and I´m not in soccer games so statement “the last konami game I´ll buy” many of us did .is set in stone now. sorry for Raiden!

  • Hussain Alkhalaqi

    >Konami sells their Metal Gear rights to a new studio.
    >Kojima secretly works on that studio to make the biggest Metal Gear Solid game ever.
    >We get our minds blown.

    ^In a perfect world.

    • Alex Lopez Manriquez

      with the new XOF engine. plus a “new” horror game called ” Quiet peaks” 😉

      • Hussain Alkhalaqi

        XOF Engine. vs FOX Engine.

        • Alex Lopez Manriquez

          It´s ok Hideo, they can´t hurt you now

      • Ardens Anima

        I see what You did there. 😉

    • Javier

      After tpp I want a new metal gear with the people who worked in portable ops.

  • gerber
    • Danny Patten

      I watched that way to much as a kid 😀

    • Ricardo Oe


    • Tong Ninja

      Damn, that was quite dark and disturbing! haha

    • Robin Besch

      wow… u got some unresolved childhood shit going on there m8
      nice video 🙂

    • JablokoMoloko86

      wtf but loled anyway xd

  • Zubairu

    Ohw this is bad! I hope Konami will sell the MGS rights and not keep it for a rainy day in the future

  • Javier

    And pro evolution soccer with fox engine is a shit. Rising 2 cancelled?

    • Jake Valliere

      Rising 2 was never confirmed. As far as I know at least. Only speculation and rumors.

    • Danny Patten

      Hilariously they used the Xbox360 graphics for PC 😀

      • Javier

        Yeah, pes 2013 looks better than 2016 in pc.

    • Tong Ninja

      Kojima said he would love to make a sequel to MGR (due to fans wanting a sequel). Unless Konami hand the MGS rights off to Kojima or another company, MGR2 is not going to happen.

    • Ardens Anima

      Yeah, Kojima said he’d like a sequel.
      And honestly, knowing Platinum Games made MGR, it’s still a possibility.
      As long as Konami doesn’t pull the license from them or something.

  • Jake Valliere

    I hope their games sell extremely poorly and have the worst ratings of the entire app store. It will only serve them right after all this.

    • decoyF0XX

      Dude even Flappy Bird was making over 10k per day. They’re gonna make a shit ton of cash. And they’re gonna shove it in our faces.

  • H’m

    im trying to think who could continue mgs with respect
    ( bring the story element back ), if konami would give up the rights
    ( they wont im sure but…. ) if it was to expand even further into the open world maybe rockstar, maybe…? ( they did a good job with max payne 3 ) plus kojima did seem to respect the company, and maybe hayter could make a return

    • Danny Patten

      Naughty Dog

      • H’m

        hmmmmmm yeah, could work i….. dunno

      • Punished Squid

        Oh definitely, the stealth in the Last of Us was amazing.

    • GrayFoxWasTaken

      Mgs is done

  • Tong Ninja

    Such a lust for mobile games ….

    I hope Rika gets to work with Kojima/Kojima Productions again. She composes fantastic and memorable music! 🙂

  • H’m

    For the first time this week i just got into the servers and the first message was regarding cheaters, WELL MAYBE IF I COULD PLAY THE FUCKING FOB PART OF THE GAME ID CONSIDER CHEATING, but noooooo i dont have that option
    ( jokes.. )

    • Gatsu

      On PC FOB has worked well for me. It was crappy during first week, when got disconnected . Not familiar with console experience.

    • Ardens Anima

      I’ve experienced one cheater, actually.
      He was running around the FOB, and none of the security team were able to see him.

      I usually don’t retaliate, as I prefer defending FOB’s then invading.

    • Ralexion

      Im on PS4, my internet is not godly but it always gets the job done (stable connection, good ping), and the service has always run like shit for me. The first week it was impossible to connect, you were lucky if you could connect for 1 minute to get the daily bonus, later, it worked, but was slow as ass and well, you cant play needing 10 seconds everytime you open the iDroid, so, offline mode again. After that, and for now, it works, somewhat, but I still get disconnected for no real reason out of the blue almost every day, or it gets laggy when it feels like it. Also, I dont know if I just have bad luck or if its a bug, but I cant retaliate against NO ONE in my list (five guys with different FOBs). The game insists that everyone is being invaded at the same time, no matter how many times I try, in different days, different hours. Bug, or maybe FOBs are that crownded? I dunno, it still sucks anyway.

      If they cant event make these servers work properly, only God knows how MGO will go. Really, TPP is great and I think that, like a wine, will get better with some years, but at the same time, I think they managed to ruin a bunch of things in the game pretty well. Hell, in the end I dont even care about microtransactions, they are only used to buy more FOBs and to rush online dispatch missions, and being almost unable to enjoy FOBs, and just waiting the dispatch missions out, they are the least of my complains, I just dont care about them one bit.

  • Good! I hope all their talent leaves and finds a legitimate company to work under. This is BS.

  • Gatsu

    I love AAA games and prefer them over mobiles. Sure they can be expensive to do these days but also sell a lot.

    Only mobile game I’ve played on my new phone is Plague Inc. And when I played it, I created a supervirus called Konami which started from Japan, spread fast and destroyed 90% of the World.

    It was okey game but not interested in them really. Konami have given me lots of good games since childhood, RIP (rest in pieces).

    • GrayFoxWasTaken

      3ds snake eater was awesome, 3ds pw or mgs1 would be sweet

  • John Rhogan

    I’m a console gamer. Not so much with the portable systems.

  • GrayFoxWasTaken

    A month ago everyone was saying “I’m not going to buy another metal gear game after Kohima leaves, now everyone wants some other company to buy the IP and cash in on kojimas life work

    • Tong Ninja

      Are you everyone said this? I don’t remember saying this at all (unless you have proof). 🙂


      • Gatsu

        Neither do I ;). Or…I could remember wrong D: .

  • insanetrasher

    Well of course they wont be any new AAA games before the fiscal year 2017/2018 since they already stopped everything else than MGS. This rumor means nothing we don’t already know.

  • PrinceHeir

    Damn Konami is going down the shitter every minute.

    I would love if they would dissolve their IPs and sell it to other companies. They can just maintain the pachislot licenses, but game licenses other companies can use that.

    They can make money on pachislots AND more money from other companies using their IPs.

    Win/Win situation if you ask me.

  • There goes our chance of seeing Old Venom Vs Solid Snake..Dive away fiddlers 🙁

    • A new company should take over or kojima productions becomes a company in its own rights. They would top the market if they did.

      • Konami owns the rights for Metal Gear, the only way for any other company to do that is by Konami giving up or selling the rights. Knowing Konami that will never happen.

        • Full Options

          I think it would sound far logical for SCE to propose an offer and setup Kojima Productions as a SCE first party developer studio. Although they would have to be licensed by KCE as well for the FoxEngine or build a custom one (really possible but still sci-fi for now).

  • NameUndecided

    I’m bitter at Konami because this sounds like they truly don’t have plans to release a current-generation Metal Gear collection, and I really, really, don’t want to get a PS3 just for that. Fudging hell it would be so nice to have the whole series on PS4…

  • Dario Tafuro

    Well, these seem pretty good news to me.

  • kuaikukia

    Not a fan of mobile gaming. 2 things I hate most of mobile gaming. One microtransactiion. Two getting annoying unworthy message such as “your friend invite you to play a candy crush”.

    I Would rather support a game such as indie game on steam rather than mobile game

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Just sell Metal Gear and Castlevania. Then die.

  • #RestInPES

  • Ralexion

    So, lets make a bet, you guys. Konami loves to cover its butt and save face by denying rumors or not even commeting about them. They say that they wont stop making AAA titles, but who thinks they are lying?

    I know I do.

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