Konami has begun talks about the next Metal Gear title, ‘large-scale investment’ needed

The print edition of Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reports that Konami has begun internal talks about the next Metal Gear title.

Nikkei adds that Hideo Kojima has not said whether or not he will be involved, but given the situation at Konami as it has reached us over the past few months, this seems pretty unlikely.

Konami has also been quoted saying: “When we start development, a large-scale investment will become necessary.”


Konami Logo


Recently, Konami has made clear that there will be a strong focus on the mobile market, but they also insist they will keep creating AAA console games, and that they will continue the Metal Gear series. The success of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which has shipped 5 million copies and made $179 million globally on its opening day, may serve as an incentive to keep investing in the franchise.

Source: Nikkei, via 2ch, Kotaku, Rebellious Nerds

  • jack_coban

    Just do the remakes of MG and MG2 without changing too much of the story – plus some TPP inspired gameplay and you’re fine.

    • hunner

      They would have to change alot about MG1 and 2. Both games are insanely short.

      • jack_coban

        TPP also had a brief campaign. They stretched it with filler-missions and mother-base. Maybe they could go for it in the remakes, too.

        • War Games Via Live Bullets

          Perhaps. But wasn’t Metal Gear, the original, one whole mission? Correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t beaten MG or MG:SS. However, I do know of their backstories. I think, if they were to do Metal Gear, they should have Big Boss and Phantom Boss at odds with each other in which resulted in the end of Phantom Boss (from the history books of any kind), but also the ruination of Big Boss’ ultimate plans (Outer Heaven under his control). That way, none of the Bosses have to be downplayed and both won in someway. All the while us, playing as Solid Snake (if it were to have an open-world approach and many missions, like, MGSV:TPP ) have been doing missions for both without Snake ever really knowing it. I mean, it has to be something different from the original, right? But in way that doesn’t contradict in MGS, 2, and 4. What say you?

          • Spectralb***plug

            Mgs 2 and one was also one mission

  • Spectralb***plug

    I would probably it or not no kojima or kojima but I don’t wanna pay those assholes

  • Full Options

    Kojima Productions developed for them the ultimate MG engine, they could have saved millions by not firing actual toppest S+++ MG teams on earth !?
    Why are they destroying- sorry- completely demolishing Metal Gear if they want to continue ? I really do not get what they are talking about.

    • Konami’s decisions are becoming ever more difficult to understand.

      • Mr.Pony

        Konami has changed

      • Full Options

        Yeah, communication is hard discipline specially when serial-loosing that bad at taking the right decisions.

        It is perhaps me, but all this next MG large-scale investment stuff sound like a communication decoy / diversion to shift the focus away from the shameful stuff happening in LA…
        I guess after all that happened so far, that I am not being too paranoic to guess such behavior from them.

    • César H. Sandoval

      I’m pretty sure they were ready to axe the franchise until MGSV came out and everyboy and their mother started buying the game.

      • Full Options

        Without any questionning about how outrageously executing their plan. I mean the game is out since 2 months only and scored x5 smash hit so far ??

  • Rheulan

    The statement that “large-scale investment is needed” not only corroborates the vision Kojima implemented (development of the fox engine, creating Kojipro LA, crazy marketing stunts & partnerships and absolute commitment to quality) but also proves the utter irrationality of the decision to axe Kojipro and fire Kojima, on a “cost reducing” policy justification.

  • PrinceHeir

    Metal Gear MSX Remake Games.

    Put Fox Engine to some more use please.

  • If they reboot the series… oh boy, much rage will radiate from this head of mine.

  • Do mobile games really need a huge budget?

  • Spectralb***plug


  • César H. Sandoval

    Needing “a large-scale investment” So I hope that means they will be still making a huge Fox Engine multi-plattaform tittle, instead of Pachinko crap.

  • Mr.Pony

    Next thing we know, they pulled another GZ move and actually chopped TPP so they could put out another MGS game where we actually see Big Boss becoming the bad guy.

    • Janeo

      Big boss is a bad guy already, he had his own private army with their own nuke and they could be bought by any country to do their dirty work, to the world that would seem like a really bad and dangerous man. Big boss doesn’t need to kill children or murder innocent people or whatever people thought he would do in this game to be a bad guy. Metal gear is never so black and white, there is not really any good or evil in the series and big boss had already done almost enough in peace walker to be considered a bad guy in future games.

  • Jav

    Finally, after 249 hours I get 100%. And with this gameplay I’m sure we are going to have, at least, two more games. Maybe with a year diference between them. This just needs better boss battles.

    • Spectralb***plug

      Whassup Javier !

      • Jav

        Hi plug

        • Spectralb***plug

          Euh just call me Euhm ar……I mean spectre

    • Full Options

      Congrats ! 😀

      • Jav

        Thank you.

    • VenomSnake421


  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    If that’s the case, please make their next games in a separate universe from what Kojima has been building for the past 28 years.

  • Matrixcity

    Are they playing us like a damn fiddle?

    • N-Shifter

      Like a 12 piece orchestra more like.

    • Riku Ruohomäki

      They are…

  • N-Shifter

    Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed.

    • Danny Patten

      Not sure if oblivious or just funny 😀

      • N-Shifter

        Well, we just got MGS:V (Venom), not it’s time for MGS:5 :p

  • Metal Gear Rising 2 nuff said. But Platinum Games is already working on Nier 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEAzs9Jbs_w

  • When Kojima created LA studio, it was designed for the future. It was designed for Motion capture and other things where actors can/could work together with the developers… So Konami closed it and at the same time they are talking about “large-scale investment”.

    Really? I mean… I’m not sure about Metal Gear’s future.

    • Full Options

      So true…

  • annnon

    Metal Gear Rising: Zero

    Frank Jaeger game, nuff said.

    • Alex Coulombe

      By zero, did you mean Null?

  • Ralexion

    Lets see what they come up with.

    • proceeder

      Let’s not

      • Ralexion

        It’s not like we have a choice xD

  • John Rhogan

    I’m sorry, if Kojima-san is not involved with any future Metal Gear from Konami, I have no interest.

  • Money….

  • Talby

    Maybe you shouldn’t have fired all the people who made the last damn game you FUCKING IDIOTS

  • proceeder

    Whatever you do, stay the F away from Snake!

  • Jav

    Off topic. After making a nuke and disabling it I get a “medium size horn” that looks, for me, better than the normal one. But then I captured the animals for the trophy and the horn get smaller again.

  • Aleezy

    Just end it. Let it go and move on tbh… As much as I love the series, the original team isn’t there so forget it.

    • Bożydar Mazur

      If MGS V was actually good I would be okay with it being the last game, but it wasnt, it was butchered when it comes to story.

      • Full Options

        If all the Chpt 1 missions were dispatched across 5 acts, would have it be fine ?
        Often people are saying “fillers this and that” nevertheless, if we inspect how many different missions in presence, we are not that far from a real MG, correct ? It is just a matter of fine-tuning the difficulty level… Not even talking FOB or MGO extras…

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Shitnami retarded again

  • The biggest problem with all these latest news from Konami is that this is about the games industry. Games industry is first of all about entertainment and the most important part of it is to make people happy as much as possible.
    I don’t know if they will make another AAA Metal Gear game or not, I’m not so happy right now. I don’t feel that way tbh. Konami does absolutely nothing to make us, Metal Gear fans feel happy. We deserve better. We bought your games and MGSV sold in this short period for 5 million copies. That is a great result but you treat people like shit and announce that you need “large-scale investment” and that makes people confused and sad at the same time.
    I want to be excited for the next Konami Game, but you do your best to make me hate the company that I loved so much for bringing me the best games.

  • Rhuan Luiz Tortato Zgoda


  • Full Options

    What a wise behavior from them. They clearly have personal problems with HK and make even his crew or anyone / thing related to him pay. This is hysterically childish and shameful.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Masahiro Yamamoto + Revive the franchise by telling an actual story + Ground zeroes Open linear level design even bigger + legendary World war 2 location + Talkative characters and you may get a masterpiece

    • YES.


      *Sigh* Now, i’m upset I’ll probably never play this – if this becomes an actual game, I definitely won’t see it for a long long time.

    • decoyF0XX

      With a side of about 5 good boss battles 😉

    • Ken Shiro

      Not WW2 please, just keep it modern times. I wanna be able to use modern weapons etc.

      • Full Options

        Come on, fist of north star, infiltrating with old equipment can be orgasmic.

    • cklambo

      Story of the Cobra unit plz

    • Bożydar Mazur

      Story + main character that fucking talks and im sold

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      I’m mixed on a WW2 one. I mean, obviously a Boss game about her and the Cobras during WW2 would be amazing, but I think part of the reason the Boss is a great character is her mystique; how little we really know about her makes her interesting. I’d love to play that, though. I’d also like the entire series remade in FOX and ported to PC so I can play them, but that’s obviously not happening.

      A Metal Gear Liquid might be neat too, and I still want a real Metal Gear Solid 5 showing what Big Boss is doing during the events of MGSV:TPP.

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      I’m sick of The Boss already! She was ok on MGS3, but after PO, GotP, PW and TPP (to a lesser extent) I’m tired of her!

      Never understood that much of her appeal. Most likely just people wowed by her being a strong female character. Even her voice was monotone and devoid of any charisma.

      • She has set aside her emotions in order to carry out her mission. She even says that ‘having personal feelings about your comrades is one of the worst sins you can commit’. She wasn’t just a strong female character, but she could rise above her time and politic situation and make the tough decisions that eventually led to her own death.

        “Politics, economics, the arms race – they’re all just arenas for meaningless competition. I’m sure you can see that. But the Earth itself has no boundaries. No East, no West, no Cold War.”

        • Dr. Miles Manners

          To each it’s own. I just got bored by how they talk about this woman’s charisma and then being lectured by a monotone Lori Alan.

  • VenomSnake123


    • Full Options

      Let’s feel nausea but not be that out, otherwise a part of what is video games is out. I can not believe this horrible year 2015… The infinite pleasure of touching another Metal Gear and what happened…

  • FMercenary

    Not gonna lie when I say that I’m curious to see what they might do with the series. At this point, I want to see what they’ve got, although somewhat skeptical. If David Hayter was brought back, what would be the reaction around here?

    • scarecrow

      Me too, they can easily do remakes or spin-offs. I know it will not gonna have the Kojima magic, but they can do “generic” ones. tbh I really want a SS vs BB fight in the beautiful Fox Engine.

      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        I wouldn’t be mad if they started doing remakes since I’ve only played the MGSV installments for myself and watched the rest on YouTube. MGS1, 3 and Peace Walker are the ones I want the most, personally. I’d rather see them remake Kojima’s games than screw up the future of the series, honestly.

  • I honestly just want Fukushima back as main writer

  • Neil Ervin

    Yes, and that large-scale investment is Hideo Kojima. Idiots.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I’m rather curious to see what they will do with the series. I’d rather they remake Kojima’s games and not screw over the series, but it should be interesting.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Money talks and bullshit walks.

  • PrinceHeir
  • No Place For Hayter

    I honestly have a really hard time understanding what Konami is doing, it is like their thought train went off the rails and yet is still moving in random ungodly directions.

    • PrinceHeir
    • Full Options

      You forgot to precise that it is a train on fire fully loaded with manure and TNT.

  • Gatsu

    Konami can burn in hell, damn bastards. Do they really think people will buy their games after bullshit decisions they have done … Im not interested and we don’t forget.

    How much are they willing to spend money on next game, when they don’t even let Kojima finish TPP the way he wanted?

    • Spectralb***plug

      They threatened the poor guy with a lawsuit.Those motherfuckers need to get a lesson from all those fans of the franchises that were ruined(silent hill mgs castlevania etc.)

    • Full Options

      Before the release, when I first came to visit you guys I was hoping / praying, after seeing the frightening March events and this fast shipping date, that most of TPP was somehow spared.
      I was even ready to defend Konami because beside hosting MG that long, they crafted the best rom cartridges of my entire childhood.
      Seeing these last developments, and after 2 months we can now better realize and analyze how bad V suffered of this. The game would have been 2 times bigger and more polished, can you imagine that ? As I thought before, HK was traditionally getting 1 or 2 years extensions from Konami to finish his MGs but they refused this time. We can now fully evaluate how HK and Konami got mad at each others then, but punishing employees only because they were part of KP is simply evil.
      There is absolutely no point for them in staying with a that f.ckd up corp.
      I usually think that anything is possible and can be repaired or undone but it turns out that because of business, my favorite video game franchise was completely destroyed and the IP is hostage of Konami.
      This is the only corp on earth able to f.ck everybody, KP, investors, costumers, fans and even themselves, look !? xD

      • Gatsu

        I don’t usually write comments like that, was tired on the morning lol ;). I’ve also tried to be sort of neutral with Konami related news.

        But now it just honestly make me sad and mad, because they do all these stupid decisions. First cancel Silent Hills after all the hype, remove Kojima’s name, all this stuff with Kojima, cut content, kick Kojima and Koji Pro in the balls and throw them out, let them create MGO3 at LA just to cancel it and list goes on.
        What really pisses me off …is that they claim to still care about SH and MG :(…Yeah right..

        • Full Options

          Ya I can tell, I love this place / you guys and clearly see you and Nyxus completely exhausted by all this mess. Besides all those nuts decisions, what also makes me rabid more than ever is with how much arrogance towards the fan base and anything related to Kojima, all this is executed. 🙁 WTF

          • Gatsu

            I was quite exhausted before TPP released haha xD, but its nice when can take it easier now (no spoilers etc).

            Aye I love this place too 🙂 and it’s great that many still visit after TPP release :D.

          • Full Options

            Ya ! I remember you guys spoil-tracking everywhere !! 😀 Great job BTW !
            And Man, this slow count-down making my nose bleed ! xD Thanks to this place, the waiting was far less painful.

  • Venom_Sina

    Nice (from neighbor’s website):

    I will be waiting for Konami’s version,see what they can do with MG franchise.But honestly I’m confused right now.I don’t know they can handle it or not.I think a MG1 remake would be a good start.Let’s just wait and see.

    Also:Don’t forget to watch tonight’s UEFA Champions League match:Bayern Munchen vs. Arsenal.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    I think I can see the whole picture now.. Konami forced Kojima to make an incomplete MGS in order to make fans hate it/hate kojima.. just so that we would want MORE MGS from Konami. They want us thinking “Konami’s new MGS can’t be worse than TPP.. we’ll buy it”.

  • Riku Ruohomäki

    Does anybody else think this is all just too much? Like Konami is desperately looking for controversy? Rumors and controversy, innuendo, conflicting views, uncertainty… Just like in the narrative of MGSV? How convenient. Even the rumors of an atmosphere of surveillance and Orwellian working conditions at what used to be Kojima Productions, but is now called “8th production department”. Konami themselves even announced on twitter that they are now “demons”. Are we perhaps being played… like a fiddle? 😉

    • Jav

      No, this is real.

    • SholidOnline

      Played like a DAMN fiddle.

  • Venom_Sina

    I realized an interesting thing:If you read Konami’s name in Farsi in a certain way,it will mean a funny thing.It means “You’re my ass”,lol.
    Konami:You’re my ass,lol.

    • Full Options

      Exact ! Mishey Koon am i / asti !
      Koon : ass
      am : mine
      i : you are


      • Venom_Sina

        Are you Iranian?

        • Full Options

          I am French with both Iranian parents / origins. R U too ?

          • Venom_Sina

            Man,it’s good knowing you.I live in Tehran and both my parents are Iranian,too.And I’ve never been out of Iran.

          • Full Options

            Glad to know you too ! BTW, in French, Konami means cunt friend !? xD
            Kon = con = sh.tass
            ami = friend

          • Venom_Sina

            It seems the meaning of this name is not good in every language,so the question is why they chose it in the first place?lol.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        YongYea was pronouncing it this way. 🙂 He knew… 😉

  • Dotcum22

    Totally don’t care without Kojima they can keep it and make anything they want. Metal Gear to me it’s all crap without Kojima especially now with all those moves Konami is making.

  • Tsitiko

    So I just started to realize that (and this is not to hurt or offend any ony so please keep this in mind while reading) a lot of you guys don’t realize how Asian companies operate, if they donlike how some one works or they get a little “but hurt” they punish those around them instead of the individual its supposed to make their underlings work harder ( the reason I said underlings is because of how much of a menace those people in power can be). Now I don’t care for this tactic at all but if you look at how one Chinese person works compared to the average American their productivity is more then triple then ours that becuase its not only their ass on the chopping block. I agree that it’s complete bull shit but there is nothing we can do other then support hideo, Kp LA in there next adventure,. Thanks for reading this

  • PlayStation4Life!

    They probably want the Metal Gear to be the cash cow like COD and FIFA.


    I wonder if Hideo Kojima will make new Metal Gear. Konami said He is on vacation and He is still working for them so… What do You think?

    Hideo Kojima said that He would like to make a remake of first Metal Gear with open world. Maybe He is doing that right now?
    Or maybe He will never make another Metal Gear beacue He dont want to.
    We will see.

    • All signs point towards Kojima leaving the company, and Konami is already hiring new staff to work on the next Metal Gear title.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        But we really dont know if Hideo Kojima is working on the new one. And we probably wont know before official announcement of the new MGS and staff list.

        • True, we don’t know for sure. But based on all the rumors and news about Kojima Productions being disbanded, it would probably be better not to count on it.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Youre right. MGSV is my first metal gear game after Ground Zeroes and Hideo Kojima leaves company. How funny world can be. All Konami games that are releasing latest are not the best. They last good game was probably Silent Hill 3. Only Hideo Kojima kept that company still going. We have to wait and see. Im playing Phantom Pain about 230 hours and I have 80%complete. Still gameplay is Mega badass and Awesome. Stealth in this game is the best!

          • You can still play the older ones, The Legacy Collection is the best compilation.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Youre right. And that is great:). I have X360 so I cant play MGS4 and MGS1 but I will for sure buy that collection that is on X360.

          • Nice! That would be the HD Collection, and it includes MGS2, 3 and PW. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with MGS1 and 4.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Yeah. Im happy too. I think there are Metal Gear Metal Gear 2 too from MSX or NES.
            Someone told Me that this is a Subsistance version and these two games are included there. Its really great.
            Too bad there isnt MGS1 and 4.

          • That is correct.

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