After installing the latest MGSV patch, you can get Quiet back

The patch updating Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to Version 1.06 has just been released, and fans have found out you can now get Quiet back after losing her in Mission 45: A Quiet Exit. At the end of this mission Quiet would disappear into the desert, after which she was gone for good. But not anymore.

With the latest patch installed, replaying Mission 11: Cloaked in Silence will give you the option of reuniting with Quiet. At a certain point (some say you’ll have to replay the mission 7 times) the mission description will change to [REUNION] CLOAKED IN SILENCE, and Quiet will return to Mother Base after completing this mission (provided you don’t kill her of course). You also get to keep everything you already unlocked for her.


Image source: Reddit

The update weighs 669.6 MB, and brings changes to TPP, FOB and MGO.

Source: Reddit

  • Danny Patten

    Can someone please test this? I haven’t played MGS for a good month now and I’m still satisfied but that might actually be something to be worth firing it up again.

    • Gongoron

      Works for me

      • Danny Patten

        Thank you very much!

    • tazmeah

      worked for me too. I’m happy

  • MeLand127

    Oh, is this what Konami meant by that cryptic tweets? ( The article if you don’t know ;D

  • Full Options

    Great news ! Thanks for the info. 😀

  • Nekkedsnake


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  • OcelotSilver

    Well there goes Konami shitting on Kojima’s artistic choice to give what noisy customers wanted.

    • Boldizar

      Kojima was clearly lacking artistic anything with this game. There no reason you shouldn’t be able to use a buddy post game.

      • OcelotSilver

        Right because fan-fictions not being fulfilled = no artistic value. MGS2 happened and this fanbase continue to act like Kojima is a conventional storyteller who panders to what fanbase wants.

        Not using Quiet went along with the thematic of chapter 2. And it was a clear artistic choice of Kojima.

        • Comic_Book_Joker

          I feel the need to point out that the code to make this happen was found within the game itself at least a month before this patch released, just left inactive. This means Kojima intended this to happen, just not immediately, wanting to have players suffer a bit with their own phantom pain first. So really, Konami is actually doing exactly what Kojima wanted.

    • Rohan Kishibe’s Heaven’s Door

      really now? I love Kojima but didn’t he do the same? Why was the important bits and a lot of it mind you, in the damn tapes? Because fans clamored for less cutscenes. In Peacewalker it had a nice balance of needless explanation being in the tapes and the important story bits being in the cutscenes.

      In fact, a lot of people would’ve liked Skullface more if half of his damn tapes scenes (which really shows a great bit about him) were in cutscene format.

      • OcelotSilver

        Or you know Kojima learned how to say more by saying less? Vomiting exposition isn’t the only way to convey stories, you know. And writers grow, something that Kojima did with TPP.

        And that simply proves that MGS fanbase is full of people who would rather have the series vomit exposition then use their brains to figure stuff out.

        • JoJo

          Not really, it’s just that people want to SEE the exposition taking place rather than hearing it in a cassette tape.
          I think if people got to see all that stuff take place they’d have liked it a bit more. It’s fine to have exposition off-screen like that, but a lot of gravitas is simply gone when it’s MAJOR story stuff.

          • OcelotSilver

            Game isn’t a movie in case you didn’t know the obvious fact. It can use different types of tools to convey story and exposition without having to shove it like previous games did.

          • Full Options

            Metal Gear and Quiet are not Tamagotchis neither. There is no past jurisprudence in what a story should be in a game, specially if the concerned character’s story is dynamic / interactive. It is up to the player and not to you alone or even Kojima, to decide whether he want to keep, kill or do whatever he wants with the character.

          • OcelotSilver

            So the creator doesn’t have the right to do anything with his own series? LMFAO!!!!!

          • Full Options

            The creator has the right to propose a story experience to the player and provide various ways to investigate it, which Kojima did. You, on the other hand, should not tell to others how a game should be played according with your subjective (and quite restricted, I might say), appreciation. It is condescending so quite inappropriate. And stop the bad word such as MG fans are retards, because somebody logically spending time in a place he considers built for retards should be even worse. Try to LYFAO with that too… xDxDxDxD

          • OcelotSilver

            I know MGS fanbase is full of retarded teenagers who make Cod fanbase blush from embarrassment. And i know this because i spend long time observing this fanbase.

          • JoJo

            Of course I’m aware that there is a difference between video games and movies, your condescension is not necessary or welcome. I’m even aware that it can use different tools to convey story, I’m literally just explaining to you that by in large Metal Gear fans prefer to see the action as well as hear it.
            There’s literally no reason the cassette tapes (such as Huey’s interrogation) couldn’t have been bona fide cutscenes, and I’m making you aware that the vast majority of Metal Gear fans prefer it this way.

            Your attitude is appalling to be honest, certainly not what I’ve come to expect from Metal Gear Informer. Normally people can have civil disagreements without being this petty. Oh well, that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

        • Boldizar

          There isn’t anything to figure out with this game. There are lots of clever ways to tell a story, this game doesn’t use any of them. MGS2 was a great game that was clever and told a complicated, intricate narrative and meta-narrative, really well. I can understand why people would think this game is more than it is. Kojima has a history of decent storytelling and we expect it would be at least passable. Turns out that is not the case.

          • So what of the analysis people have made for MGSV? There’s also one on this site, and that analysis is a ‘safe’ one, using only elements directly for the game:


          • OcelotSilver

            “Turns out that is not the case”
            How so?

          • Gatsu

            Kojima said in like 2013 though, that he was going to make MGSV story more simple to follow.

    • César H. Sandoval

      I love Hideo and everything, but you gotta admit a videogame removing completely a main mechanic has to do less with art and more with frustrating your playtime experience.

      you can still let Quiet remain missing, and it doesn’t affect the canon of the game’s plot, is just an optional feature.

  • Plissken

    One less phantom pain

  • RoderickThe13

    Awesome! I’m currently at 92% completion, but it’s still great to have her back.

    • Full Options

      Second playthrough, 81% with the boring butterfly emblem on, I was starting to miss “A Quiet exit” a bit too much, and “Cloaked in silence” is probably my favorite mission, so… I feel I can play it hundreds times ! 😀 YES !

  • JoJo

    Eh, this is genuinely disappointing to me. Way to undermine the only legitimate residual “phantom pain” from the game.
    Kojima’s last infliction of feels, and Konami undercuts it.

    • Rohan Kishibe’s Heaven’s Door

      Oh please, at this point it’s just jumping at the Konami hate bandwagon for no reason. Hate them for PT, for rushing this or whatever but this was one of the decent things they did, because why even unlock costumes for her if we’re never gonna see her again? Why even develop the Sniper Wolf costume I’m NEVER GOING TO SEE.

      From a story point, that phantom pain made sense but it shouldn’t hurt the gameplay side of the take.

      • JoJo

        Cool relative privation, but just because I’m not happy with this doesn’t mean I ignore all the other problems with the game. They’re all already well known, and all I’m doing is expressing my distaste with this turn of events.
        It’s not for “no reason”, you just don’t think the reason is adequate, as is your right. But it is also my right to find this patch absurd.

    • César H. Sandoval

      The dataminers fount the Quiet_Reunion() function in the game weeks ago, it’s was planned from the start,

      • JoJo

        Okay, so it changes that Konami undercuts Kojima’s intentions, sure. In that case, I disagree with Kojima’s intentions too.

  • Raymondius

    I am as dissapointed as excited to get her back. Sure I’ve missed her a lot, but I truly sensed that those feelings were the way I was intended to feel, and to achieve that was genuine and marvelous (I didn’t even like her at first, but her friendship was slowly growing up inside me until I lost her). I think this option should have come in the future and not now, but at least I feel that the work the team put into achieving this sensation was not in vain as they sure accomplished what Kojima had in mind. 🙂

  • Also, after you beat the 50 episodes 50 times more (thats 50×50), you will unlock chapter 3. LMFAO.
    (Joke, just in case)

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  • Jack Raiden

    It’s good to have her back but I’m also of the opinion that it would be better to wait a bit before bringing her back.
    So do we really have to replay the mission Cloaked in Silence 7 times before she comes back?

    • Full Options

      It is rather fast, mainly because no Pequod on this one, you are directly on zone. I would suggest the 12.7 sniper rifle… 😀

    • César H. Sandoval

      It’s been more than a month, people are already moving to other games like Fallout, I say it’s enough time.

  • VenomSnake421

    Great, my Quiet is back, I wonder will I lose her again if I replay mission 45?

  • Shame it wasn’t before I finished all the side ops, but I’m still stoked.

    Any word on the effects of replaying A Quiet Exit after this?

  • Agent HUNK

    This made my day !! I just need more story and Ill be a Happy man again! I have S ranked the entire game and bringing back Quiet makes want to jump right back in! I would really love an Ocelot, Mgs4 Raiden, Vamp, and many other villain skins from MGS3 to give me more adventuring

  • scarecrow

    I don’t care about the phantom pain effect, she made me spend a lot of money on her equipment so.. i’m glad! 🙂

    • It’s not like gmp is hard to come by. Especially after that new rewards menu was added in the missions tab. I have so much money the game won’t even let me spend it (development item limit).

  • PrinceHeir

    Wishful thinking. Maybe a year or two or so. XD

    • Full Options

      Great work ! Although you forgot something… 😀

      • César H. Sandoval


        • Full Options


    • JoJo

      Hey man, if they release this while fixing the glaring objective issues with TPP’s story, I’ll get it. Nice artwork though.

    • Venom_Sina

      Thank you.I already had enough.
      They’re gonna do it in the future,cause they did it for all MGS games.

      • cficare

        Like 4? 😐

        • PrinceHeir

          MGS4 did had a rereleased, but no new content added 😐

          • Snake

            At least Metal Gear Solid was launch complete: without Chapters uncompleted or missed.

          • crozbomb

            can you say that again only with less stupid?

          • PrinceHeir

            Are you that dumb to understand that boy?

          • crozbomb

            that also makes no sense. idiot

  • ChrisRobin

    Having Quiet back will be nice, but I was looking at the new TPP “upgrade” items and it seems Konami has made it impossible to get them without a lot of grinding and purchasing (with real money) a second or even third FOB. I’m at 100% completion with level 81 units across the board with a single FOB and some new items require 90+ unit levels for development and others require ridiculous amounts of resources. So much for the GunCam or the lvl 7 AR. Oh well, I guess those so inclined can purchase them but I ain’t one of ’em .

    • Raven_Sorrow

      I managed to raise combat unit to 91 invading exclusively combat unit fobs with 1 fob but the rest are level 81… Fortunately I managed to save 1090 coins from daily rewards and the last event prize and just bought my second fob. But even then the development cost and time is surreal! 6 hour for first platform and 3days for second!!! Wtf?!

      • ChrisRobin

        I know seeing what this update added gave me the sad face today. One item required more tarragon(I think) than I had collected throughout the entire game. Ba$tards!

        Also. I suck at FOB infils. 😉

    • ok

  • XIFF-5

    Is this a bug or they intended to let us have her back? and why?

    • Gatsu

      Because fans were crying to get her back I guess. It was available on pc by using a mod though.

  • Florence Diolata

    So first people complain that they take her away after making players spend a shit ton of resources on her gear and now people are complaining that you can get her back?! Have game

    • Full Options

      People is not understanding that Quiet’s story is still dynamic… xD

    • Ardens Anima

      I always wanted her back, not just for how much You spent but for gameplay related reasons.

      Like, she was such a big important part of TPP that I thought for an open-world sandbox game with replay value up the butt I thought it was a terrible idea to take her away for good, the gameplay part I mean. (As in using her as Your buddy I mean)

      • Florence Diolata

        Agreed. Personally, I never had any problems with her leaving because of the story, she is, after all, just a character in a fictional story and if the storyteller wants her to leave for plot reasons, then so be it.

        What annoyed me about her being permanently gone before was the loss in replay value as it would take away a gameplay style thus hindering players from playing the game the way they deem appropriate.

        • De¥uS

          I think the part of mgs 5 which is missing make her come again… not in story… but a special mission that you have news of her and can get her back so it match the story and the replay value
          Because yes she can leave us but not as a buddy that’s a big replay value mistake they made

  • Mr.Pony

    All we need now is the “Eli Reunion”

  • John Rhogan

    NICE!! My brother will be happy to hear about this.

  • Matrixcity

    Ive been waiting for this moment!

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  • Adamska


    Now just the rest of the plot is missing.

  • Venom_Sina

    I bring D-Dog with me most of the times,so for me it’s doesn’t matter.Overall I think D-Dog is a better buddy than Quiet,cause he has a nice and sharp nose that help me a lot.

    Another thing:What about those guys who killed her?Can they bring her back and experience her story?Though I think those people made the right choice in the first place,lol.

    About bringing her back…okay,what about the story?She’s infected as far as I know and she triggered the parasite,and she didn’t use any Wolbachia or something,so how the hell is this possible?They forgot that the game is not completely about the gameplay and there’s a tiny,little story is involved,too.

    Once upon a time,there was a game called Metal Gear Solid that was known for its complex story…

    • Obviously this decision was made for gameplay reasons.

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah,I know,but it affects the story bad.They should close the studio right now,get a Batman:Arkham Knight and play it for 1 week and learn something about how to bring back an important gameplay element back.Rocksteady destroyed Batmobile,but brought it back with a good reason.They revealed Batman is Bruce Wayne,but with a good reason they kept his Batman suit.This is what I’m talking about.Things happen for a reason,not jumping out of nowhere.

        • It’s the same thing as being able to replay missions, even though those events ‘already happened’ in the story. In the story, Quiet is gone, but for gameplay reasons, people will still be able to use her. Simple as that.

          • Venom_Sina

            But a simple reason can make things better.They could’ve come up with something,but nothing.I guess we have to COMPLETELY (I mean exactly 100%) forget about the story to enjoy V.A lot of guys don’t have problem with that,so it’s best not to interrupt and let them have fun.

          • No, this is separate from the story. We know what the story with Quiet is and that stays the same. But for gameplay reasons, you can still use her. Similar to how you can go back to past events by replaying missions or even entire games. That doesn’t mean they happened multiple times in the story.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,I completely understand what they were trying to do,but no matter how hard I try,it doesn’t work on me.Anyway,thanks for your reply (or replies),boss.

          • Provokateur

            Just curious, where’s the contradiction for you? You can’t get Quiet before Mission 11, I think, but, suddenly, you can replay missions before 11 and have Quiet as your buddy, after you get her. Same for DD and Walker Gear. Same for some weapon, that you develop only late in game. You replay the missions with different equipment, that’s all. But as for story – she’s gone. I’d say this works better than if they would come with some silly explanation like “oh, in fact Quiet healed by some miracle of love and decided to go back”.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,I understand that,but like I said above It doesn’t work for me.Quiet supposed to leave MB in mission 45.Her leaving should give the player a phantom pain (though it’s more a joke,lol).She sacrificed herself to save V,but she jumps out of nowhere to posing for us again,lol.

            Another thing:Why they removed Q in the first version of the game,if it doesn’t hurt the story?They could’ve include this feature in the disc version.Why add it later with a patch?Is there any other reason than calming pissed off fans?

          • Mr.Pony

            Konami…you created a Time Paradox!

        • OcelotSilver

          > Arkham Knight

          Chose one.

    • Mr.Pony

      D.Dog = Soliton radar, that’s why he’s the best xD Plus kickass eye-patch and knife

      • Venom_Sina

        That’s what I’m talking about.You can bring DD in a wide variety of missions.From prison rescue to mine clearing,he is suitable for almost every mission.Just bring him to a prison or MB staff rescue mission and you will do the mission in no time.On the other hand,Quiet…I can’t understand the presence of Quiet.

  • MGSFAN95

    This isn’t working for me… I replayed the Cloaked in Silence mission 8 times and I still am not getting the reunion mission….. Does it matter if you killed her in the replay missions? I’m so fucking pissed, I was promised quiet back and I just wasted an half hour playing the same mission.

    • fuckboat

      did you even download the patch?

    • Lewis

      Some site said that it is a random number of times. It just took 1 guy to do it 7 times.

    • Mini gear

      i heard no killing

    • Lewis

      I definitely did more than 7 to get her now. About 8-10, not more. I rebooted my PS4 once, but just because it started to sound weird. So, don’t give up 🙂

  • fuckboat

    Already deleted my Save to get her back 🙂

    • Full Options

      Me too, 2 months ago… xD And it was a really fun exp because it recalled me how big this game was !

  • Lewis

    OMG, and she is still in the brig. Game design 101: if you go “gameplay > story”, go all the way. If she is “dead”, but we still can get her back, why not make her a stuff member? Meh.

  • Lewis

    Has anyone farmed mission 12 after this patch. After the first attempt I get 75 fuel, 5 precious metal and 40 minor metal. All divided by 100. Is it a bug or a nerf?

  • vic boss

    I just did mission 45, and it shows how good the game is, the mission was hard and it felt like I was playing a dlc, ( I didn’t do the mission before because I wanted to keep quiet) so it was good. Let’s hope konami really releases a dlc for the story. I hope the game wins GOTY it’s really good. Either this or witcher 3 or maybe bloodborne.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Who’s decision was this though? Wasn’t she meant to stay gone? A Chapter 3 I can understand, but this seems to cheapen and undermine her awesome bittersweet send-off. And is there a reunion scene? I’d hope so. Years ago this would’ve been very un-Kojima-esque. Guess this will be a long day waiting to get home….

  • mrhertz

    I know how to unlock the Eli´s ending, but it involves the real kidnapping of konami´s actual CEO, and some money to keep him captive and alive as long as they release the ending part.

    Anyone up for the job? ahhahahaha

    • Lewis

      Does the ransom involve chapter 3 with interesting missions instead of replays and capturing/rescuing faceless NPCs? If so, count me in!

  • Alex Lopez Manriquez

    “and it let……BACK!” good but at this point I do all missions , boring side ops included maybe I go 100% in the future. and about SUBVERSION edition….sigh

    If this was a COMPLETE EDITION including;
    -Mission 51 duh!
    -RETURN TO CAMP OMEGA to get intel about Zero´s location
    -Hunt for Zero; in afganistan after skull face´s death XOF unit captains reunite to the next in command :ZERO . Venom´s chance to finish him ,discovering that Eli´s is alive and……Psycho Mantis Rise!
    -Volgin´s requiem; his final awake in Mother Base! defend your men or mother base will fall!
    -Sehalantropus Last stand; Huey (that bastard) sales DD location to a third party, pilot Metal Gear and use the levels on your units to defend DD
    -“you are Vic Boss”; Amanda needs help rescuing the compas, she knew the truth?
    -Ocelot´s trials; see if you are “preety good”
    -access to room 101 – interact with Miller, Ocelot ,S rank soldiers and FOB partners
    -skipeable chopper screens, free roam Afganistan and Africa

    I CAN DREAM right!

    • Rico Salvaje

      I agree with you. Mgs needed to take a page from mass effect with being able to talk to the crew on mother base. Especially after certain missions. The game seems like Konami can add alot of content to it.

      • elie

        Too bad the gameplay was lacking in mass effect. It got the talking part right , nut everything else was mediocre and bad level designs. Mgs5 has the best gameplay of any title however it lacks the great story and good boss fights, but the gameplay is pure joy .

    • elie

      If kojima had the philiosophers funds from konami and had the time, he would have created the perfect game. Now looking back at the game, i think we would have been better off without mother base, No online gaming, just a great single playing campaign.No extraction, or upgrading weapons, instead have the weapons placed in battlefield, and less time wasted with the helicopter between missions, and all that time could have went into making a better story and boss fights. Gameplay however alone made it game of the year for me. Ive put in 260 hours already, going for platinum.

  • Zachary Thomas Tan

    So… Blunt-force trauma from supply crates CAN cure vocal cord parasites!!!!

  • Jav

    Now I want to use quiet and dd at the same time because she sucks at marking.
    I didnt use her anyway. 7 times? Nah.

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  • SNKtheStampede

    Yesterday it’s been my Birthday and as a present I toke her back :D. I was upset because I triggered the incomplete HBD cutscene when I started the game but having her back it’s a good compensation. By the way, the mission cap changed to “reunion” at he 7th time a played it. What I really dislike is how they handled it. I (like most of you) have really felt the pain for Quiet’s loss, both in terms of emotions, as the relationship grew slowly to the better during hours and hours of game, and in terms of gameplay as I hadn’t fully experimented with her support abilty nor had I developed all of her equipment. The fact is that I loved that choice, it delivers a genuine, unpredicted and sudden sense of loss. Gameplay wise it’s a good thing to let us have her back, but story wise it’s really mismanaged and what irritates me most is that some small measures would have been sufficient to save coherence. I think Quiet shouldn’t be back at her cell nor her photos in the chopper, so that she could be seen as Venom’s Phantom Pain, an hallucination. You might think it is cheap but being her return just a gameplay thing it would have been the right solution, The loss cannot be extinguished but it can be replaced by a phantom. What do you guys think?

    • SholidOnline

      You don’t bring her back as part of the story. Just gameplay. When you beat the game, pretty much everything is sandbox. So if you miss anything with her, you can do it now. Enjoy, don’t bring it down in an unnecessary skeptical manner.

      Sorry I’m 3 days late, btw.

      • SNKtheStampede

        Thanks for the reply man, but I can’t just ignore flaws, especially in a mgs game. I’m talking as the first mgs fan and I loved V to death too. I think pointing out flaws/defects is a duty for us fans of the series, as a form of respect for the game. If you read my comment again you’ll see it’s not just a skeptical complain: I expressed my opinion on what is wrong and indicated a possible solution.

  • Snake

    Now they ONLY have to bring us Chapter 3 and a new Metal Gear Online, at least a good one.

  • PSN Gilas_Pilip1nas

    after the update 1.06 and 1.01 for metal gear online, i can’t even join any match i always get’s disconnected , I already try to reinstall the game and download the stuffs again, but still same result , i don’t know what to do anymore? need help here guys

  • Lupus

    What exactly are the requirements for getting Quiet back? Do I have to have completed all other missions before I can do it? Do I have to spare Quiet on each of my 7 replays? I’ve replayed Mission 11 a dozen time and I still don’t have the [Reunion] mission. I haven’t completed all the mission because I really don’t want to waste my time and get frustrated with those stupid Extreme boss battles.

  • Thuc Tran

    Well, nice to have quiet back, but there is something i always ask myself,back in mother base, for sure quiet can’t talk in English but why doesn’t she find a translator or even write it down on paper, I think they have a pen and paper in mother base, dont they?

  • VenomSnake1974

    I was wondering: what if you replay the Cloaked in silence Extreme mission whit Quiet as buddy? Also: if you replay mission 41, will Quiet leave again? Or: if you replay A Quiet exit (let’s say, to complete some tasks), will she leave? Can you have her back, replaying Cloaked in silence (Reunion)?

  • Jiggahmy Ninja

    Just to be clear, it does work (at least on PS4). I was able to do it before even completing the game. However, it doesn’t work whn you choose to kill Quiet in a repeat mission (i.e., that “repeat” doesn’t count).

    So repeat the mission and each of the six times, choose to save her.

  • Clark Carino

    I’ve replayed mission 11 until the GMP has reached 510. Am I doing something wrong, and do I need to fully complete the mission with all tasks completed? I’m also not sure if the Xbox 360 is able to install the patch or how to check if I got it.

    • Gatsu

      It worked for me on PC with the first time. Dropped ammo drops on her twice, she go down and that’s it. Then she returned in MB and as buddy :), hoping it work for you.

      No need to do all tasks imo. I just heard that some had to complete it many times until it worked for them. Not sure why…

      • Fayzaan Indestruktible

        hiiii hey how did you managed to get that patch for Quiet to be able to return after the “Reunion” can you send me the files or download link or i dont know what you used to be able to do that plz help me

        • Gatsu

          Hey, it should download the patch automatically. At least did for me when started Steam/TPP and I play it through Steam, digital version.

          Then you just have the do the Cloaked In Silence mission again and capture Quiet. When return to MB, she is back in the cell available as buddy with same equipment she had :).

  • Fayzaan Indestruktible

    hiii guys i want to know if the PC version of this patch is out and how can i download it??
    Plz help me cause im searching the web like mad to get the download but can’t find can someone plz give a link of something you have for this patch for I can have my quiet back, the best buddy i ever had and best mate in the game

  • Fayzaan Indestruktible

    Hi guys i wanted to know how can i get the patch 1.06 for MGS5 for PC version where and how can I download it because I can’t find it anywhere on the web. Plz can anyone of you just give a link that i can download it or something plz help me im going crazy for this patch…thanks loadz

  • Pro

    Yeah, time to drop supply crates on Quiets head 14 times.

  • Adem Farron

    I just had to download 348 mb for version1.07 ( latest ).

    • Fayzaan Indestruktible

      i would like to know how did u downloaded the update plz plz plz

  • Pauzaum

    I’ve replayed this seven times, but I still can’t get the reunion. I’ve beat the game, but haven’t done the extreme missions. Do I have to do those too? I must have beaten this mission 20 times.

    • Strange. Did anyone else manage to get Quiet back?

      • Pauzaum

        Supposedly replaying mission 11, 7 times gets Quiet back.

      • Pauzaum

        Supposedly yes.

  • Viper.

    May I get the download link? (On PC)

  • Atlas Holdings

    I would like to introduce Hideo to Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy. I think the two of them together can create a franchise that is both emotionally powerful and logically coherent or “not out there.”

    1. Vocal parasite, okay. Why can’t she write again? Plot hole. Ocelot even asks the question, but apparently no one bothered to ask it again after the quarantine mission.
    2. Keith Sutherland says almost nothing. Keith Sutherland would’ve said something during Skull Face’s soliloquy, such as “what the f**k are you talking about.”
    3. It’s difficult to evoke hatred for a crippled fellow, but seriously I wanted to blast Huey’s brains out. Only reason I wouldn’t is then there wouldn’t be an Emmerich junior. I mean seriously, it’s like Hideo took everything that was annoying about junior and distilled it into concentrated form before naming it Huey. Guy even pisses his pants!
    4. Game’s tone alternates between self-aware slapstick comedy and “this is real” seriousness. It alternates between military themes with bizarre out-there themes. Like seriously, you’re gonna put a wildlife refuge in the middle of a PMC base?

    However, compared to Metal Gear Solid 2, we see a vast improvement. I still have nightmares about that one. Raiden. My God. BTW if Eli is young Raiden, that would be pretty hilarious considering….

  • snalesolgs

    Can I stop using the butterfly and use a diferent one or I still have to use it so quiet doesn’t go away again?

  • Jsnforce

    And then, you do a ground pound 64 times on the short pillar in the mirror room to unlock Luigi.

  • snalesolgs

    after quiet is back again will she leav again if i use a diferent emblem on my base?

  • derekecycle .

    Anyone know if her bond level is reset after getting her back?

  • Adeel

    plz plz plz tell me from where I can download patch 1.06?


    replayed that by now annoying mission over ten times and completed all objectives and didnt kill her but shes still not back…

  • Alexandros

    But the real question is, can I get my Sahelanthropus back? I MISS THAT MARVELOUS THING SOOOO MUCH

  • Shadow_walker485

    is this still in effect in 1.10 version?

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