Donna Burke talks about MGSV, and working with Kojima in the future

Donna Burke is a well known name among Metal Gear fans. As the singer for both Peace Walker’s theme Heavens Divide and The Phantom Pain’s theme Sins of the Father, as well as the voice of the iDroid in Metal Gear Solid V, she has become an important part of the series.


In an interview with Belgian fansite and French website, Donna talks about her work, her involvement with the Metal Gear series and her future plans.

When she was doing Heavens Divide for Peace Walker, she had no idea the Metal Gear series was so big. “Then about 18 months later he asked me to sing it for the game release – THAT’s when I saw the world’s media gathered at Akasaka Blitz and thought ‘Hmmm this is actually a big deal!'”

Then, a few years later she was brought back on board to work on MGSV as well, doing both the theme song Sins of the Father and the iDroid voice. Donna is really pleased with how the song turned out. “If I haven’t sung it for a few months then the first few times makes me cry… I think of all the people that this song is actually true for… people who are being tortured, who’ve given everything and then been betrayed, who feel abandoned and forgotten about, rotting in a cell somewhere, who feel whitehot rage and yet are still vulnerable and not immune to love, honor and life. Then I start to realize, Shit! This song’s so amazing!”

Of course Sins of the Father isn’t the only vocal song made for the game. Quiet’s actor Stefanie Joosten had her own song in the game, and Kojima Productions begged Donna to help Stefanie out. “I’m not a singing teacher and I think Singing Teaching is such a special profession. A bad singing teacher can do terrible damage not just to a voice but more importantly to someone’s confidence and artistic soul. But after I met Stefanie I realized: ‘I can work with this girl!’”


“I love Improvised Theatre so I did lots of acting and movement exercises before the recording to loosen up her body and get her ready to vocalize as Quiet. It worked because Stefanie is smart and self aware and could tell when she was getting too tense – she knew she was getting in her head and observing her performance thinking ‘You’re not a singer’. When she dropped that and went back to acting as Quiet she was perfect.”


Fans kept asking for her to do her version of MGS3’s popular theme song Snake Eater, so she decided to approach Konami to see if she could release it. “Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, Hideo was planning to make a covers album, and at a recording for the Idroid voice I told him I was planning to remake Snake Eater… I’ll never forget his reaction… confusion… as HE was planning to do it but hadn’t discussed it and was wondering how I knew about it..and I was confused because I thought he didn’t understand it was MY project… I even joked ‘Are you secretly reading my emails?!’ Don’t worry he wasn’t!”

The cd, titled Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks, was released on September 2nd, go here for more details.


Lastly, how does she feel about Kojima Productions being disbanded? “I’m very interested, curious and excited to see what Hideo Kojima is going to be creating next. I’ve heard he will still be based in Tokyo. But all will soon be revealed! I’m still in touch with Hideo and also with some of his team many of whom are still working at Konami. He surrounds himself with really great talents who were lovely to work with. Not just talented but NICE! My office is in Roppongi near Konami. I really don’t know anything about the Silent Hills project – except that I would love to do a cameo in the project if it ever gets made! I’m sure I’ll work with them in the future if there is something I can contribute in Kojima’s new ventures and at future projects at Konami.”


To read the full interview, visit the link at the bottom.


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    Had to do it before anyone else. XD

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      Who’s Holly, and why is she crap? And how is that on topic, again?

      Good news tho.

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        Lol xP

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      I’m so excited that I have turned into Daniel Kwan from the turn down for what video!

  • Meumels

    “I’ve heard he will still be based in Tokyo. But all will soon be revealed!”


    • Lewis

      It’s like…the word “reveal” in any context on MG news makes me go on a Hope Rampage.

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        No no no no.I need to restrain or I will get disappointed.

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        LOL yeah this is exactly how I always feel :D.

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    THyX !

    OK, Hideo stays in Tokyo !? Let me see… If not working for Konami anymore, then I am tempted to imagine that HK and hopefully Koji-Pro@SCEJ / SCEI are perhaps confirmed as one of their first party studios !? 😀

    I mean Kojima and later on Koji-Pro have been one of Sony’s favorite non-official R&D Dept. for decades.
    Or they’ll probably create their own independent dev & publishing studio or choose SCEI as their publishers !?
    However, all this smells hot ! All this with Donna’s voice in background ? THX Donna ! SmackS !

  • Gatsu

    This was great reading, thx Nyx ^__^ ! Will be interesting to see if they work together in future, I hope they do. Shall soon be revealed :D….

    Also it would be cool if she perform Sins at Game Awards ;D, like she did sing Heavens Divide years ago at that event.

    • Lewis

      I missed the discussion of the poll about songs, but Heavens Divide is godly to me. No cheese (like in Snake Eater. I mean “feed on a tree frog”? Can’t maintain a serious face after that line) and no misleading (imo) content as in Sins of the Father (come on, I want to see those sins, not that whiny bullshit “look what he did to Venom, that’s ULTRA CRUEL”). Never really liked “The Best Is Yet To Come” , not my favourite style, even though it has some strong points (definitely not the beginning). And Heavens Divide felt like it scored the perfect hit. The melody, the style, the lyrics. And man, when it drops that powerful bit…I can even cry a bit (as with Hell Frozen Rain from Amaoka).

      Dunno why I wrote this all, maybe just wanted to share my positive (at last) feelings about MGS. ^^

      • Alexa Danielle Bresee

        “The Father” in sins of the father refers to Zero, not Big Boss

        • Ishmael

          Not only. If you like to see Zero as a father figure to Big Boss or Skullface, one can also see Big Boss as a father figure to Venom or Ocelot. And don’t forget who the father of Eli is… There is room for several interpretations. There are no facts, only interpretations huh?

          • Alexa Danielle Bresee

            Eli’s father is Zero. That’s my interpretation anyway. Jack is much closer to being his brother. He says as much to Solid Snake at the end of MGS4. Since Zero created Solid, Liquid, and Solidus, he’s their father much more than Big Boss.

        • Lewis

          Still don’t see any “sins”.

          • Alexa Danielle Bresee

            you mean besides creating a phantom clone of someone to paint a target on his back for assassination to help someone else without their consent, creating multiple super weapons, creating multiple Pazes and using one to hijack a metal gear and threaten a nuclear launch to coerce big boss, creating an AI system for total world control? Do you really think these are okay things to do?

          • Lewis

            Phantom Venom is okay by me. I’m not a pussy whining about “consent” and his “feelings”. It was his military duty to protect the commander. He was chosen by Venom not by chance. He was the best, and maybe the closest to him (apart from Miller and etc). By becoming Big Boss, Venom also got the support of Miller, Ocelot and a whole world of mercs. So stop that whiny shit, like he got all the bad stuff, just stop.

            Multiple Pazes? Where is proof? If you are talking about Truth Tapes, Paz cracked him, that there were no bodies in the next room, so there is no proof other Pazes existed, it could be a tactic of intimidation.

            Creating an AI system: was it bad? Was it? We never saw how that system impacted the civil world, and military? It became much more “cleaner”. Mercs against mercs.

            About Paz hijacking MG and threaten to launch a nuke. Well, I never got to the end of PW (way too boring for me), but…BB had it in his arsenal. They all had a nuclear mg, and that is an equivalent to threatening to launch it. So, not a big deal.

            So. Still waiting for those “sins”. Zero was always about total control and etc, so it is not a “sin”. It is his way of life, his tactics. If you gonna make any bad deed a sin, then every MG character is a sinner, and that loses the poetic nature of the song.

          • Alexa Danielle Bresee

            Yeah metal gear is a game series about people doing terrible things

      • Gatsu

        The Best Is Yet To Come and Heavens Divide are both soooo amazing ^_^, my 2 top songs. I love them!

        I voted Best Is Yet To Come from the poll, but it was kinda a difficult decision haha.

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    What a powerful picture.

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      He’s his own man.

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        He’s his own slave.

        • Full Options

          He is me

    • RoderickThe13

      TPP ruined MGS4’s ending to me. I can’t care anymore about BIg Boss dying after realizing what a mofo he was.

      • hunner

        Big Boss was first introduced as a villain. Not sure how MGSV could ruin it for you.

        • RoderickThe13

          I know, but Big Boss always had an ideology which in my mind put him in a more gray area even though he eventually becomes a villain. However, when he used Venom he did to him pretty much the same thing that the US government did to The Boss, so in the end he betrayed his own ideas which in my opinion is worse than simply becoming the bad guy because it’s harder to feel sympathy for him now.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Holy shit

    • Spectralbuttplug

      He was like also a dick to zero.

    • Gatsu


    • Crap.

  • Full Options

    29 hrs…

  • Ralexion

    So it seems Kojima is on the move already, nice.

  • No Place For Hayter

    I know crap kind of fell apart around ya Kojima, but don’t worry, we are patient, take the time you need. I’ll just sit here waiting for whatever you have planned next >.<

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    She’s one hot piece of mama.

    I don’t know why, but I always imagined her black.

  • “But all will soon be revealed”

    Music to my ears. Kojima will continue creating the best games in the industry. I can’t wait when he can reveal some information about his future project or a studio. I need to know.

  • Venom_Sina

    I was following the news related to The Game Awards and I found some interesting things.Did you pay attention to the guest list?It’s like MGS party,lol.Donna,Stefanie,Ludvig,Kiefer,Hideo.I mean,this is a game award,not a MGS award,right?I know they nominated and all,but it’s really weird.And then we got a tweet from Geoff that brought MGSV to him as a good luck charm.It’s really weird.

    I think MGSV will win in all categories nominated.Sorry,I don’t want to be an asshole and I know MGI is a MG fansite,but with all due respect,MGSV is an overrated game.It’s just a good game at best.IMO it’s not even near GOTY standards.Recently I played The Witcher 3 and I gotta say,TW3 has a lot of GOTY material in it.If you look deep into the gameplay structure of these two game,you will understand what I’m saying.TW3 has less repetitive missions and I didn’t start talking about Fallout 4 yet.

    What do you think,guys?Please remove the fanboy glasses and look through a non-fanboy eyes,lol.

    • 1) MGSV won’t win in all categories.
      2) Witcher 3 has no GOTY material in it other then interesting story, decent lore. Everything else is nothing close to the sandbox level of MGSV. RPG mechanics are weak, dialog system is simplistic. Mission design is great but the open-world design is Assassins Creed like level, sure it’s beautiful but eyond that, nothing spectacular. Balance is broken, tons of bugs.

      No one need to be a fanboy to see that. Witcher 3 was done before. Gothic series comes to mind.
      It is just a well crafted open world game where all of the systems are primitive and it’s not even at the level of Bethesda games. Bethesda games are not sandboxes and they have more sandbox in them, then in Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red from the very beggining never knew how to make a decent open world game so they just crafted the world with the basic systems in it.

      So nope. Witcher 3 ofc is not overrated, but it’s not revolution in any way.

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah,TW3 is not a revolution,but it’s a combination of good things.It’s not about innovation,it’s about how to entertain the player,and TW3 and FO4 are better than MGSV in this.

        That thing you mentioned was a bug probably.I had more in MGSV.I won’t describe them and question the developer,cause it was a bug.TW3 is a good game overall.

        About day/night cycle:it’s not really deep as you say it.It’s not a “whole new gameplay”.It’s the same as day,but soldiers have night visions this time.
        TW3’s day and night actually matters.Some powers won’t work in day/night.It’s not something special,too,but it’s better than MGSV’s day/night cycle.

        MGSV for me was a game tried too hard to say:”I’m big.I have a lot of features”.But the end result was a game uses the same content over and over and over and over again.I can’t see any good things in re-doing “Extract the highly skilled soldier” for 16 times.

        Don’t get me wrong,V’s gameplay is good,but not for an open-world game,and it’s not suitable for long time play.It will be boring easily.

        • It’s not a bug. It’s how the world works in The Witcher 3. It does not have systems at all. It is a well-crafted world but it can’t work without scripts or events.

          GOTY is first of all about innovation and what game can bring to the future for the industry. Good game is a good game. GOTY is a game that is excellent and that is pushing the boundaries of it’s genre.

          Day and night cycle matters in MGSV. It’s not just “soldiers have less visibiliy”. It’s another game. Light sources matter, shadows now matters. Soldier visibility ofc. Not to mention that sound in this game matters. Caution and alert mode is different for the night. Players visibility matters a lot. If there is night and rain at the same time, systems are again different. AI starts to hide under something from a rain, they hear less and stuff. Positions matter a lot and game calculates everything what the player did. AI reacts to everything. Witcher 3 AI can’t even understand what to do at the night cycle or at the rain. They have some primitive everyRPGlike scripts and that’s it. This is not GOTy. It has been done before many times.

          Some powers that are not working in night cycle is just a script and nothing more,

          MGSV have the gameplay systems that all of the nominees for the GOTY in Game Awards combined are not even close to MGSV systems. Not even close. MGSV was in development for more then 5 years for a reason. Sandbox is the hardest concept co accomplish.

          I’m not even taking about innovative buddy system, where AI besides the player works as it should with different abilities. Bethesda’s compaion AI can’t even listen to commands compared to what was done in MGSV. Witcher 3 does not even have companions except for some missions where they can’t do more then just go for a script event, because again, Cd Projekt is a good developer, but not great in executing complex systems.

          • Venom_Sina

            Woah.It seems that you really liked V’s gameplay,so I think this discussion is going nowhere.But let’s discuss some things you mentioned.

            Day/night cycle:These things you mentioned are all cool in theory,but how does that effect the game?”shadows matters”.Soldiers didn’t got me by my shadow ever (after playing 35 hours on PS3 and 50 hours on PS4).”AI starts to hide under something from a rain”.I didn’t see that,too.Where was it when I played the game?”Players visibility matters a lot”.Sure,but how does that consider a change in gameplay when you can use night vision and everything will be clear as day?What’s the difference between day and night gameplay when the only difference is a night vision?

            You said everything in TW3 is scripted and V is the best by far.The question is who cares,when TW3 comes forward (with its scripted structure) and offers a way better story and mission design than V?Sure the AI in V is cool and all,but how they used it?How they took advantage of it?By recycling missions?

            I’m not saying TW3 is the best game ever created.It has a lot of flaws and it did recycled a lot of missions,too.All I’m saying is V is not that good to be GOTY.

          • Shadows matter in this game. You can hide in shadows at night and AI will see less. You need to watch more. AI indeed is trying to hide when the rain is going on. Players visibility matters. You just described yourself that to see everything you need to use Night vision goggles. See? You always do something for your strategy and advantage. That’s how it works. All what you do in MGSV, have some kind of outcome. Everything what you do in the game, matters. Day and night cycle strategy is always different. Even if you stay in one place and do nothing, something happens in the game around the player in MGSV. Patrols changes, your base brings you resources, FOB attacks, day and night changes have different outcomes. In Witcher 3, nothing changes if you stay in one place. That’s a hillarious example, but it’s the reality how the games were designed. That’s the reality of the systems that are in the game. Witcher 3 again, is super crafted game… but I played this before many times. It’s fun and good, but… not as good as MGSV. MGSV is something different, new in it’s genre and that is important.

            “You said everything in TW3 is scripted and V is the best by far.The
            question is who cares,when TW3 comes forward (with its scripted
            structure) and offers a way better story and mission design than V?Sure
            the AI in V is cool and all,but how they used it?How they took advantage
            of it?By recycling missions?”

            Most of the people probably won’t care for that, but hardcore players that want new experience care a lot. Some people are satisfied by Call Of duty games alone each year and that’s fine too.
            But, we are discussing GOTY material here. MGSV as a game in it’s genre is not just the best, but an evolution among others. Witcher 3 is not.

            About recycling missions. To be honest, Witcher 3 does that a lot and even more when you go to the Skellige. All of the content is recycled completely with a new decoration. Not to mention that some of the missions or events like “Horse race” is not really that good. Their engine is poorly optimized for these events.

            About the story, I really liked the lore behind the Witcher 3 and sub-quests, but the main storyline for me was retarded – find Ciri… and… that’s it. That’s cliche and ofc the bad guy at the end…. Never expected that… Okay.

        • Full Options

          Come on V’s gameplay isn’t just “good”. The gameplay is just perfect.

          As for being suitable for “open world”, I think the term was not really precisely received by the general audience because the terms is very ambiguous.The game press is using this term just to have something “technical” to state. xD Like “see ? we are hard-core, we understand code”. xD Which is actually top wrong ! 😀

          They are just relaying marketing terms from publishers asking to their devs : “How could we call that feature of the engine to make it more commercially sexy, should we call it Open world ?” ?
          And the dev would go : “Ya, whatever your grand ma tells ya, but let me work now, cheers !” xD

          One that doubt may ask any level designer or game graphics engineer to really explain what open world means in games.
          For example, technically, MGS3 is “open world” too ! :O The only difference is the size of the connected areas. If I was asked I would answer that “Open world” term express more that the player evolve in a simulation in opposition with a “stage play” and can interact with it from many angles.
          V is damn good at that too.
          People are tempted to associate it with the dimension of the playable areas, but if it was the right definition, then neither V or GTA V would be technically open, just like MGS3.

          Don’t tell me you would be bored if you had more story levels (not replay missions) to play with !? ;D

          • Exactly.

            Even GTAV is not really that Open. All of the missions are linear based-crafted missions. If the game said to drive That car to achieve the specific goal. Player can’t use a buss, train or a plane. they are required to drive a car that designers said them to.

            MGSV:TPP is a whole never level of freedom. The game tells you to kill “that person” and how you do it is up to the player. You can use jeep, you can use horse.. you can use any direction you want. Game does not even tell you how you need to complete the mission. The player decides what to do and that is freakin hard concept to acomplish.

            I’m not even sure that any dev these days can do that.
            True sandbox is the new concept for the games and it’s the future of the industry.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, true sandbox is every game designer’s dream from the very beginning of their careers.
            Another level of freedom I appreciated in V is the possibility to spy on the enemy, listen to what is said, sometime mess the mission because being late at some checkpoints or use heavy short cuts to clear primary objectives thanks to intel…
            This gives a degree of realism I have rarely experienced so far.

            For example, the simple fact of choosing a different drop zone for the same mission gives you an entirely different experience of the same mission.

    • Full Options

      Since the moment they published the nominees plus confirming Hideo on the advisory board, all sound like a huge MG celebration. There are some solid chances that they win several prizes here.

      On a pure tech POV, V’s innovating stealth mechanics wins Dev of the year award by far in my opinion.

      If Konami’s inside job is confirmed (and it likely is), then the jury should attribute GOTY to MG yet to send a message to publishers saying that they should never ever mess with AAA gaming again, and specially not with such beloved franchises.

      I think like you that chances they collect many are high. They can even get all of them, but if they don’t get at least the Dev statue, it means that such type of ceremonies are totally nuts, so useless.

    • Mr.Pony

      TPP is one of the best games when it comes to the first few hours in-game, in the long run however not among the best definitely. It is still amazing an amazing accomplishment for sure, all the game mechanics within are solid and fun. If by any chance a chapter 3 was to be announced (even if it turned out to be bad) TPP would become the legend among games for the phantom pain it provided to gamers looking for that game’s closure. The concept of a game deliberately mimicking a phantom pain would be one big and final Hideo Kojima moment.

      TW3 is my bet when it comes to GOTY, that game kept me hooked with all the lore in the game and outside it (the books), the soundtrack is amazing, it does everything that i wanted for a fantasy game. Cd porjekt has proved that cares about the players and the game and has indeed crafted a world that kept amazed and i never felt like i was eliminating interrogation marks from the map, everytime i set a course to any of these POVs i felt like i was going on a true adventure.

      As for Fallout 4, it was exactly what i was expecting, a great game sure, but not one that i want to play more than a few hours at a time, more like small doses over a long period of time. Everything that it does looks like a safe bet from bethesda, which is good but not exceptional.

      • Venom_Sina

        Thank you very much.V can’t keep the same amount of excitement after 5 hours.It gets boring soon.I was like:”Why I’m playing this game right now?”,lol.

        You’re right with TW3′ paragraph,too.From packaging to the actual game,this game respects the player.Even the box has some contents that we don’t see in other games.I hope they win GOTY cause they did a great job with TW3.

        • Mr.Pony

          It took me a little longer to get bored with TPP because i was like “Ok, there is no internet in the 80’s, so V can’t google Skull Face location and be done with it, so it kind of makes sense going after these far fetched clues and rescuing all these nameless NPCs. He’s grasping at straws, i get it and serves as a good ramp up” unfortunately that excuse that i created, quickly fell apart in the middle of chapter 2.

          Cd Projekt has been indeed a refreshing tone when it comes to developers , they were extremely honest with players, the additional content (expansion) is so far as good as the game itself, plus their stance on paid DLC. They really proved that a developer can be both player friendly and deliver a strong game. To me they are the strongest contender for GOTY, best studio and soundtrack.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      I understand it is your fucking opinion but no need to repeat the same shit 100009 times.Im not a fucking fanboy btw.


      Is much as I hate the objectivity an arbitrary award gives to a subjective art piece – I will have to disagree with you. The Witcher 3 in my opinion deserves a reward in Narrative as the quality of the writing and the sky high production values it is presented in in a game of that size is beyond commendable, however on a gameplay front I think it’s more repetitive than MGSV. All quests can be broken down to either one of or a combination of the following: Talking, retrieving, killing and detective work. Yes, pretty much all RPG’s follow this formula but what makes a game truly great is when it does something that no other game in the genre does better. I always viewed the VGA’s as a celebration of a game that has transcended the previous expectations of its respective genre – MGSV will now be the definitive benchmark all stealth experiences in games from here on in, and Witcher 3 a similar a praise regarding it’s narrative – in my mind they are both GOTY for those reasons.

      On a side note: Life is Strange is my personal pick for GOTY if I had to give one – it subverted all my expectations, with a post modern twist, it really reminded me of MGS2. Here is an incoherent wall of rambling I wrote in case anyone has time to kill.

      • Lewis

        >a reward in Narrative as the quality of the writing

        My daughter is finally back, I must save her…but first, let me play some Gwent and fuck some bitches. Cause quality of the writing.

    • Robin030

      im just gonna keep this short:
      for me V definitely has one the best gameplays of all time! thats it.

      • Venom_Sina

        Gameplay and controls:Good.
        Mission structure:Poorly executed.

        • Robin030

          while playing most of the times i was wondering: so is this a main op or side op right now?

        • Ishmael

          controls: perfect. gameplay: very good. mission structure: unfortunately disappointing with time.

    • Gatsu

      I’m not sure if a game should be called overrated just because long time fans might dislike it. MGSV isn’t maybe perfect in all areas, but games rarely are completely without flaws. I think it deserves awards and is one of the best games ever for me :). It’s the game I have enjoyed the most this year. I love Witcher 3, but for some reason I get often bored when playing it, even though I love RPG.

      Dunno why, but it’s maybe the reason I haven’t finished it. Or then it has too much content for me. They’re different kind of games. Everyone disagrees on GOTY games always, we should just accept it that can’t force opinions on others and be happy of the games. I think gamers take GOTY awards sometimes too personally when they are just other ppl opinions too.

      I’m not looking through my Fanboy glasses, but just wanted shared some thoughts.

      • Venom_Sina

        There’s a reason why I called V overrated.Just because a game runs at 60FPS and it’s open-world and takes around 60 hours to complete,doesn’t mean it’s a masterpiece.Broken story,repetitive mission structure,how the media gave V 10?If V is 10,then what’s RE4 or Skyrim or FF7?

        I had this exact problem with The Last of Us,too.The game is a normal to good game,but everyone was like:”Oh,best game I ever played”.

        I really don’t care about GOTY.I think the GOTY for everyone is the game that they enjoyed the most themselves.

        • Gatsu

          I had the same thoughts with TLOU too xD. Hopefully I get to finish Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 also… So many open world games.

        • Full Options

          Venom, I think many reviews gave 10 because if the publishers did not tried to sabotage it, 10 out of 10 would not have been even enough.

          You may go like this is not a reason, Konami have to solve their shit internally and you would be right, however let’s make an at least a little exception for Hideo ?

          It is clear he really tried his best, and I am more than satisfy / marveled on how well he could preserve the product. I was fearing a total disaster after what was discovered in March, but for me, 80% of a genuine MG is in the box.
          I am really happy with that.

        • Mr. Sir Shpee

          That was my situation with BioShock Infinite. Everyone called it either the best game ever made or a shit addition to the BioShock series, and I thought it was a 9/10 game.

          • Venom_Sina

            BioShock Infinite’s ending is one of the best endings I ever seen.No one expeted that,but wow,what an execution.

          • Mr. Sir Shpee

            The story was wonderful and had a great conclusion as well as a lovely aesthetic, but the combat left some to be desired, I feel. The vigors were nice and all but the weapons didn’t feel all that great. I just stuck to the sniper the whole game.

          • Venom_Sina

            TBH,gameplay wasn’t really special in BI.It was the story that kept me going.It was really powerful IMO.

          • Mr. Sir Shpee

            Same here. Loved the story and aesthetic (although I watched a let’s play before I owned the game).

          • Gatsu

            Yeah I agree it is really awesome.

          • Lewis

            Man, and I was seeing you as an ally. 😀

            Imo, Bioshock Infinite is like the most overrated game, ever (apart from Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed). And I don’t know, why people obsess so much about the ending. It was at most “meh”. All the deal with “protagonist is antagonist” was so wasted there, cause Booker had no character, at all. And as for “The Last of Us”, this game is a masterpiece exactly because of the characters and their relationship. And it gets better each time you play it. All those sudden changes of heart, REAL emotions and feelings. And the ending here is a true emotional climax. Nobody takes your hand and walks you through tons of exposition. And the moral dillema of Joel is so…human. A chance for humanity, or a life of the girl, who became almost your daughter. I’m so tired of that “For Greater Good” bullshit, so when Joel goes mad and just tears the whole place down – I was 120% with him. And that closing scene: that’s so much better than that shiny MULTIDIMENTIONAL thingy in B:I. Nothing blows up, nobody is a hero, nobody wins. Just bitter consequences of the situation, that had no right choice. That is why TLOU is a masterpiece. It is so grown-up, that it doesn’t need big scary villains, superpowers or fantasy worlds. It is a story of a fucked by life old man, and a fucked by life little girl.

    • XOF

      Why do you assume everyone here thinks MGSV will win GOTY ?
      If you read past comments, it’s a mix of either MGSV or Witcher 3 winning that award from this site…

      ‘Please remove the fanboy glasses and look through non-fanboy eyes’ lol what??

      • Venom_Sina

        Not all,but most of bros here think V will be GOTY.

        Em,by that I meant Let’s judge the GOTY nominees as non MG fans.I think the other nominees offered better content than V.That’s why I wrote that part.

    • 4energyplaylist .

      MGSV is not just a good game. It is great game. Yes. Is it disappointment for the fans because few reason but hey…this is still really great game. In gameplay, easy win (The Best MGS ever). Beautiful, polished, you can not say anything wrong from a technical point of view which is a great achievement in the open world game. MGSV deserve few awards without a doubt.
      GOTY – The Witcher 3? Yes. Second the best game of the year – MGSV? – Yes.

  • Full Options

    Ok, 3hrs prior to launch…

  • Crazyboi_06

    DONNA YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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