HideoTube Episode 1 out now, Kojima shares his top 10 movies of 2015

Kojima Productions has released the first episode of HideoTube, Kojima’s own Youtube series.

This episode was shot in the Youtube Space in Tokyo, and in it Kojima and his guest Kenji Yano discuss their favorite movies of 2015. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles yet, as the studio relies on volunteering fans to provide these.

Kojima’s top 10 movies of 2015 is as follows:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Fires on the plain

Straight Outta Compton

The Intern

Shaun the Sheep The Movie



Kingsman The Secret Service


Mad Max Fury Road

You can find the Kojima Productions Youtube channel here.

Source: Kojima Productions Youtube

  • Danny Patten

    I wish I could read, speak and understand Japanese. My world would be a better place. But I’m glad he enjoys himself so much now 🙂

    • BurntFM

      The english subtitles are in the close caption [CC] button on youtube.

      • Only for the first few minutes, sadly.

  • Big Bosch

    Too bad Star wars was only on the 10th spot. I really loved it, though the end was kinda rushed. It even had Kojima’s name in it as an easter egg!
    Mad max on number 1 was no suprise though as Kojima praised it a lot when it came out and Mad max 2 is one of his favorite movies ever.
    I hope Kojima will do a top 10 games or music of 2015 next.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Yeah but is it wrong that i think ep 3 was better than ep 6 and 7 combined

    • Top 10 games would certainly be interesting but sadly he usually doesn’t really have time to play.

      • Spectralbuttplug


    • Spectralbuttplug

      “Music” A guy who likes Jean Michel Jarre proves he knows good music not shitty commercial stuff

  • Spectralbuttplug

    I watched 10,8,6,3,2,1.Planning to watch 5 🙂

  • Venom_Sina

    Okay,guys.It’s time.Let’s get out and learn some Japanese,lol.

    I wish he could talk more about MG,especially MGSV,but I think it will never happen.

    • korruption

      He’s been wanting to break free from Metal Gear for quite a long time, even though the quality and care he put into each game suggests otherwise. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he never mentioned it again.

    • Biggy

      Hey nobody knows the future. I’m guessing he’s still processing that. When he is ready he will talk about it. And who knows, getting the rights from those pachinko bastards. All I know is anything can happen. And Metal Gear is his baby no one can say anything to the contrary. After that last big hit of a game mgsv I doubt he could resist making something else. All I know is that mgsv revived my passion in gaming. And I hope he makes another one because I will keep playing it.

      I will play the new games he makes. But after that big hit all he needs is a rest making other games until he gets the inevitable muse and decides it’s time to take his stuff back and make it in his own studio. Anything can happen!! I can dream.

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Kojima-San is back!!! <3

  • NegaScott128

    Kotaku put up a translated summary of Kojima’s top 10 list.

    10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    “No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, people will complain [about Star Wars],” Kojima said. “There’s nothing to complain about.”

    9. Fires on the Plain (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

    “Movies like this are becoming fewer and far between. The [movie] business is a business, but this is a movie that was made to inform the youth.”

    8. Straight Outta Compton

    “Even though I don’t listen to much rap, I enjoyed this. It made me want to check out more rap… I really recommend this.”

    7. The Intern

    “This is good. It has an 1980s vibe to it… Different generations can enjoy it. Recently, there are that many movies that make you feel good after seeing them.”

    6. Shaun the Sheep the Movie

    “I actually saw this two times. It’s for kids, but even if adults see it, there is humor for them. The way they use music, for instance, is in a way that kids won’t appreciate… Adults who take their kids to see this can also enjoy the it.”

    5. Nightcrawler

    “It’s a little different than our current internet-based society, and it’s like it’s a little bit in the past, but tweaked for the present day. It was quite a scary film.”

    4. Locke (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

    “Tom Hardy is the only person who appears in this film. There are phone calls, but all you hear are voices. The camera is inside the car. And he’s driving for 86 minutes. But you don’t get sick of it, and there’s so much suspense.”

    3. Kingsman: The Secret Service

    “Some people might not like it, but there are poppy and fun scenes, and even vulgar bits, but I couldn’t get enough of that… The Kingsman is terrific.”

    2. Whiplash (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

    “I could recommend this film to anyone… It’s like watching an action film. The cutting and the tempo are like for an action flick.”

    1. Mad Max: Fury Road

    “If I started talking about this film, I could go on for 24 hours. George Miller is a god… I want to be like him. Which is impossible. In his 70s, making something like this. Making what you want to make, and then having it turn out to be a hit.”

    • Ardens Anima

      It’s alright, Kojima. You’ll finally make what You want to make, and it WILL be a hit. 🙂

  • Jav

    I remember when they showed the idroid rotation with the dualshock 4. What else we saw in koj station that was not in the game?

  • Mr.Pony

    Off-topic, is there i site where I can check the nuke count?

    • During the stream Konami said something about it. The team was actually planning to give weekly updates, but right now they’re looking into how they’re going to keep us updated.

      • Mr.Pony

        I remember seeing those when i logged into the game but they just stopped showing up and there is nothing on their website either
        Did they really said that they were going to think of other ways besides the weekly thing to keep people informed?

        • Don’t remember what the exact words were but it sounded like they intend to continue to keep us updated one way or another.

  • Biggy
  • Tong Ninja

    Nice! Shaun the Sheep made it on his list. 😀
    I would recommend this movie as well for all ages (not just for kids). Great piece of visual storytelling.

    It’s great to see he watches different types of movies as well, not just Hollywood blockbusters. 🙂

    • i loved that one, and was very eager while waiting for it to be released. though i admit i have a weakness for stop motion, every time a stop motion movie is released im the first in line, i love the work and it’s kind of a dying art (though it was never that massive maybe)

  • Gatsu

    This is awesome, and Kojima surely has one hella good taste in movies :).

  • BurntFM

    Kojima said the Subscribe button will decide the fate of Hideo Tube. Everyone here pls subscribe.

  • oh for god’s sake i need a shaun the sheep x Metal gear crossover in my life

  • Mauricio Acosta

    Hideotube sounds….. Naughty 😉

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Stop it!

  • Solid PhoeniX

    Subscribed to Hideo Tube! Mr Kojima talks alot more than I thought. Hes a swell guy

  • SaladinSilver

    After seeing this list, i went and put the movies that i didn’t watch from this list on download.

  • Arnaldo Castillo

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  • Arnaldo Castillo

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  • moto hellogoto

    lol straight outta compton? wow I did not expect that

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