Metal Gear Online ‘flinch issue’ will be countered in the next update

Since the latest update, unintended responses have caused some concern among Metal Gear Online players. The developers have responded to this issue, saying it will be changed in the next update, releasing April 7th.

Thank you all for playing the new March Update and “Cloaked In Silence” Expansion DLC, we hope you enjoy the new maps and features.

Regarding a frequently mentioned concern, the team would like to share some update news to inform affected players. Players have experienced moments where flinch or stagger motion that occurs when shot while moving can leave them temporarily invulnerable. Likewise, forward movement can continue through the animation causing the player to appear to “teleport” to different locations.

The team is aware of these unintended responses in matches and are making changes to counter this concern. Players can expect these changes to be implemented publicly in the next update: Ver 1.11 available Apr 7th. This is the same update that will deliver the promised Survival Mode; and a few other new features and adjustments. 

We’re still listening to player feedback on this and other concerns and requests–we will continue to make changes to improve MGO gameplay. Thank you for the continued support. Get ready for Survival and more for Metal Gear Online!

Source: Metal Gear Online Official Twitter

    • MrVux007

      I have a sudden feeling that i will cry manly tears at the end of this game…

      • Apparently this trailer was shown in theaters. Imagine seeing that.

        • JJBYACH

          Aww, I just watched batman vs superman today – why didn’t this show up 🙁

          • Yes, people reported it being shown before that movie. Too bad it wasn’t the case for you.

          • MrVux007

            How was the movie? I’ve herd it had mixed reception.

          • JJBYACH

            The reception wasn’t mixed – it’s getting negatively lambasted by critics and rightfully so (31% on Rotten Tomatoes).

            Batman vs Superman is the embodiment of everything I hate about modern Holywood – from the barebones characterisation, forced foreshadowing for sequel bait, over reliance on special effects, race car speed pacing, monotone atmosphere, uninspired soundtrack, the entire plot is in the trailers, poor writing and the worst of all: the nihilistic and fascist themes underpinning the entire story and visual presentation – the absolute disregard for human life continually reinforced in dialogue and the action sequences is kinda disturbing to see in a superhero film.

            It’s like the creators went out of their way to create a superhero film deprived of as much humanity as possible. Tonally and artistically it is the antithesis of what I believe is needed to make an acceptable superhero story. It’s trying so hard to be edgy and philosophical it feels like it was written by an 15 year old emo. The film’s age rating is 12A here in UK, why is the film so cynical?

            I thought Ben was a great batman, despite his depiction being the worst I’ve seen of the character since Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Henry Cavil was great as Superman with what little he had to work with. Jessie Eisenburg was a joke; a bad one. Gal Gadot didn’t do and wasn’t seen enough to warrant any praise or criticism in my opinion. The rest of the cast is fungible, and ultimately forgettable. The best thing about the movie is easily it’s cinematography and special effects – at least when it’s not trying to emphasise how meaningless life is.

            In conclusion without going into spoilers: one of the worst superhero films I’ve ever seen in my life, this movie has no reason to exist other than to milk money – I hate it and want a refund.

          • MrVux007

            Such a shame,it would seem a LOT of people cheered for this movie to be awesome.
            Guess i won’t be checking it in cinema.Thanks for the quick review!

          • Full Options

            Wow, I did not expected you’ll be that mad at it…
            Was planning to take a shot at it… I am not anymore.
            I mean r u sure?? But the prod looked like “Man of steel”-polished !? I can’t believe they f.ckd up that bad… :/

          • JJBYACH

            Man of Steel’s visual presentation and simplistic storytelling worked hand in hand, but this film buckles under its own ambition.

            I would say this movie is anything but polished. It was rushed in order for DC to be able to measure their dicks with Marvel – plot lines fly out of nowhere that go absolutely nowhere other than to foreshadow the next film, there is so much nonsense moving so quickly there is no time to make you care about anything that is going on.

            Man of Steel felt like one single cohesive story, this feels like three or even four standalone stories combined into one because DC want to copy Marvel due to the cash to rakes in, and they can’t wait a decade in order to create 3/4 standalone movies because they want to catch up with Marvel now. That is one of the problems; the main one being the writers sucks. So yeah, they did fuck it up that bad.

            I would recommend it for those who liked Transformers: the main difference between them is that the childish humor and absurdity has been replaced with pure nihilism and cynicism – which honestly I find more distressing than jokes about masturbation or lingering camera shots on women with skimpy clothing, especially in something that has such a large mass appeal as a superhero film.

          • Full Options

            Very sad for DC, because I had the feeling they were on a fantastic trajectory. 🙁
            What’s really damageable is that DC don’t need at all to copy Marvel (cf. Watchmen, etc..) !?

            As for Transformers, I feel that my excitation has homogeneously slightly decreased through all opuses. I really still love the CG effects / rendering quality, and even story elements, but dunno, wondering if they are not enough focused on their movie’s rhythm nowadays. I mean a little less effects and more stable long shot (like more “Ridley Scottish” travelings / photography, more Prometheus like), rather than erratic bang-bangs would do !?

          • Gatsu

            I’m gonna see it next week. I’ve lost the count on how many times I’ve enjoyed or loved a movie, that critics or fans crush to the ground. It’s all about personal opinions in the end.

          • JJBYACH

            True – the most important critic is yourself. I loved Man of Steel despite its mixed reception. I also enjoy the Transformers franchise. So, yeah.

          • Full Options
          • Spectralbuttplug

            Ben Affleck was the worst?
            Seriously,is this april’s fools or what?

    • Venom_Sina

      Nice.I officially can’t wait more for this game.

    • Lewis

      What’s in the video? It is “private” for me. :C

        • Lewis

          Oh, thanks. Yeah, I’ve seen this. It is great. C:

    • Spectralbuttplug

      I can’t see the video.Which game is this?

      • Full Options

        It’s uncharted 4, Lewis was in the same case, Nyxus posted a working link in reply to his comment, right below.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          Holy fuck

        • Spectralbuttplug

          Is it the heads or tails trailer?

          • Full Options

            It seems, yeah.

  • Grandalf

    the flinch issue can be easily fixed but they MUST aim for the ” teleport dive ” after the flinch state.

    • Yes, they mentioned that as well.

      • Mr.Pony

        Also waiting for them to fix the security challenge tab on the FOBs

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Lets hope they fix it. Still this game needs major fixes. Its not fun at all atm.

    • moto hellogoto

      the pc version is near dead too. Maybe not konami’s fault but it makes it difficult to play when no one else is.

  • MrVux007


    This trailer…made me feel again.

    • MrVux007

      So much “yes!”

  • Jav

    I can’t see what’s wrong in the video.

  • Full Options

    The Prophecy has been respected. After a long waiting, I finally got my last cut-scene. xD Was fearing the whole week to forget to log in TPP today and miss this.
    Although there is worse than 25 March, could have been 31 August… I am not sure If I would not have cheated the date if so… xD

  • Gatsu
  • Venom_Sina

    “Hideo Kojima Wanted to Replace David Hayter Since Metal Gear Solid 3”

    Nyxus,I think it won’t hurt if you cover this one.

    • Full Options

      Still looks bitter about Hideo wanting Kurt for SE, huh… Kurt Russel Plissken would have been really interesting to hear as Snake though… Too bad he refused.

      • Venom_Sina


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