Kojima will attend MAGIC 2017 in Monaco on February 18th [Update: Kojima not able to attend]

Update 13-2-2017: Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima won’t be able to make it to the event due to the loss of a loved one, as reported on the official MAGIC site.

Original story:

It looks like Kojima will be quite busy in February of next year. After speaking at RTX Sidney at the beginning of the month he’ll be attending MAGIC 2017 in Monaco. MAGIC (Monaco Anime Game International Conferences) is a yearly event held in Grimaldi Forum, hosting contests, autograph sessions, conferences and more. Kojima will be handing out signatures on February 18th.

We have the pleasure to let you know that Hideo Kojima, the famous creator of the Metal Gear Series will be a guest of MAGIC 2017.

He will be in conference and will give a signature session.


Source: MAGIC Website

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    Mates, as I said to Nyxus, I will be attending. I have zero guaranty I will manage to ask Boss anything else than an autograph, but if you have some questions ideas, they are welcome ! If I manage to get his signature, I will for sure ask him. I may even translate it to Japanese for him to read it. ;D

    • Lex Radu

      I got one. How it feels to work with Norman?

    • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

      My question is : Does working with a huge company like Sony make him worried about the final product and the outcome if it flops?

      • SholidOnline

        Ask Hello Games (No Man’s Sky).

    • BurntFM

      OMG congratulations on landing a spot at the event. I’m so jelly you get to be in the same building as Kojima-san. I’m totally peanut-butter and jelly right now!!! I hope you have a good time regardless if you get to ask him a question or not. I think the is only one question in the whole world I would like Kojima to answer. For I think it’s only he who has the answer:

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        Thanks for the cool enthusiast comment buddy. I will try to bring a bit of all of us with me. I am pretty confident that Ayako-chan should also be there. I would also really appreciate to have Yoji as well and hopefully share some new designs (fingers crossed, after all, it is also a manga summit..).
        Haha, yeah, I guess I will be like this kiddo in the video if I can approach him enough. xD

  • Lex Radu
    • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

      I’m pretty sure there must be a reason Kojima must have hyped this mascot and then not ruin the surprise by revealing the 3D model completely.Related to the game or not , there must be a reason he’s keeping it a mystery

      • Lex Radu

        Exactly. My theory is that this is a reference to Big Boss, to Metal Gear, and Easter Egg in the Trailer!

        Now if i would go all Python Selkan, i will also bring the far fetched idea that this is Venom wearing the E.V.A. suit on a Nuke contaminated area, and for the sake of the argument let’s say it is Big Boss/Venom.
        Now in that case I think there is a strong possibility that Chapter 3 might have been, Gameplay wise, about exploration, about looking for the remaining nukes to decommission them, but story wise, about “The Stick” and “The Rope”, about the harm we as a humanity we do to ourselves through thing like nukes, about the destruction we live behind, basically making it feel like a totally different than Chapter 1 and 2, but Konami didn’t want that, so they cut it!

        TL;DR: What i’m saying is that Chapter 3 of TPP might have been expanded and became the backbone of what “Death Stranding” is, that Kojima saw the potential in Chapter 3 to be it’s own Game, or better yet, franchise!

        What do you think about it?

        • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

          But why would a suit worn in a wasteland so bulky?And yeah I think it is a reference to Big boss’s right eye even tho people might call me stupid. But I do think you went full python selkan in the last part.I doubt chapter 3 would be large enough to be so ambitious and become a standalone game with a totally different goal,theme and idea which stands as it’s pillar

          • Lex Radu

            No, what i said that it’s possible that Chapter 3 might have been a way smaller scale Death Stranding, that the “Stick and Rope” concept could have been part of “Peace”, but that Kojima considered that the idea was too good to make it a chapter in MGSV, and that it would be too different, hence breaking the flow of TPP as a Game!

        • SholidOnline

          I hope your not saying it’s an official reference. That isn’t possible. Copyright laws, agreements, contracts, cats and dogs living together, all block Kojima from even referring to Metal Gear in another game.

          • Lex Radu

            No Copyright can stop you from making a reference to anything, unless you give a name. I look at it as Kojima’s way of reminding us that Ludence is the mascot of the future of Kojima, while the Past (Big Boss, Metal Gear) is still there under that mask…and a hint that maybe Death Stranding was supposed to be the “Peace” Chapter in MGSV, hebce the not, the wink wink to Big Boss/Venom, Kojima’s best creation so far!

      • Punished Fox

        He likes to sell strange looking toys, there’s your reason.

        • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

          Dude wut are you talking about?
          I think you meant “fancy”

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          The real question is why those toys are selling that well ?
          And the answer is because he sells various kind of toys… Among them, awesome video games.
          People buy his toys because :
          1 – his games are pretty good
          2 – Yoji Shinkawa design them
          He became famous with video games, not just toys but Koji-Pro are very talented so they can make money just with toys..
          Fortunately for us they make good games as well, because good studios are becoming rare nowadays..

          • Punished Fox

            And I thought we were past the age where we called videogames “toys”, i would think you were either humble, unbiased, archaic or even ignorant if it wasn’t because I know you’d simply defend anything Kojima does and sells…

          • Full Options

            You are right, video games are tools. Just stop punishing yourself, it is still flattering that I am not that archaic even to your eyes…

          • Punished Fox

            don’t forget to buy them IPhone cases and prototype toys, you wouldn’t want Kojima to just live on his creative talent would you?

          • Full Options

            Instead of making me the very symbol of your pain against Kojima, why wouldn’t you try to explain it..
            This is not just fanboy point man, again find me a single Fucking game dev that is not praising him ?! Like just one, buddy… xD
            We are talking about people that started the industry in the 80’s you know ? And even the youngest one would keep their d.mn mouth shut like you could never likely imagine, my friend !
            I know you are going to go like “this is fanboy crap”…
            Go the fuck do your homework about game development before looking so nuts dude ! xD
            At least give me a single game dev name that does not believe that Kojima is a reference before spitting in the soup.
            I am not a fan, I have first respect, before being one.
            The guy just built gaming concepts before you fucking apparently could put the words together..
            Don’t try to desperately find some weak points in my first sentences, try to make a point man, even a poor one, even if I won’t answer anymore.

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy
    • SholidOnline

      I’d laugh, but even seeing Drebin, I don’t get it… It’s looks like one of the young children in Africa (not trying to sound depressing). And haha, they’re all black (sarcastic laugh). I guess I’ll sleep off my muddy mood, but really, what’s funny?

  • I hope he’ll show us some “magic”

  • SholidOnline

    Kojima, you should come to Canada. Specifically Halifax, NS. Next year’s October (since that’s the only convention here). I keep seeing all of your visits, but I’m entirely out of the way.

  • Lex Radu

    Saw a theory that the 5 figures in the Sky are the 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse, and that Lucifer (not Morningstar) is the one in the Middle with his arms crossed, unlike the other 4 having their arms open!


    I will take a wild guess and say that the one in the middle is Mads Mikkelsen as Lucifer!

  • Gatsu

    I wish I could meet him ^_^.

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