Yoji Shinkawa to attend MAGIC Monaco 2018

MAGIC Monaco has announced that Yoji Shinkawa will attend MAGIC 2018 on February 24th of next year. This event, taking in place in, well, Monaco, revolves around comics, manga, animation and video games. Shinkawa will be holding a keynote and meet fans during an autograph session.

The official MAGIC website writes:

Yoji Shinkawa is Artistic Director. He joined Konami in 1994 and is responsible for all the artistic aspect of the game “Metal Gear Solid”: from character design to landscapes, through mecha designs. He left the company in 2015 and is now part of Kojima Productions, the new studio created by Hideo Kojima.

You may remember that Hideo Kojima was originally going to attend the previous event, but had to cancel last minute due to the passing of his mother. It is not clear if Kojima will be joining Shinkawa this time around.

Source: MAGIC, MAGIC Twitter

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    😀 I registered again for free, here :

    Mmmh, judging by their guests page, perhaps Boss won’t attend.. :/
    In all cases Yoji will probably share some cool sketches… Can’t wait !

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    Not clear for where, but Boss just boarded.. Maybe he is heading for a quick trip to the states / California before joining BGS…


    • Lex Radu

      When is The Game Awards happening?
      I guess we might get a DS Trailer there.

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        Very early December usually, but Geoff & co often update all very late.. Like a month or two before the event.

        • Lex Radu

          So that sounds like the best moment for a DS Trailer reveal.

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            Let’s hope so.. ;D

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      Air New Zealand… Is he visiting Weta again in Wellington ? Mysterious…


      • Hmm… looks like that’s actually JFK Airport in New York. Look at the yellow signs: http://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/1496861658/delta-airlines-terminal-jfk-airport-new-york.jpg

        Also adds up with the time of day in his pictures.

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          Seems you nailed it., Nyx.. What is he doing on the east coast this time ?? ;D

          • No idea… we need more intel!

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            I hope we’ll have any form of crisps… :3
            It looks definitely JFK, target located / well done !

          • Are there any upcoming events? NYCC is next week, but not sure if that’s related to his trip.

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            Would really make sense… It is in 5 days though.. Maybe he took few days to rest in big apple in-between… Just checked the guests list… Could not pin-point any direct friend, but he must have some in there :

          • We’ll have to wait and see. It’s now morning in NY, so if he’s really there we should expect some new tweets soon.

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            No tweet from Kaizerkunkun, not sure she is with him.. Nothing on Ken’s neither… Right, let’s peacefully wait and see.. ;D

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            ha-hmmmm… PS4 demo to someone ??
            Dual-Shock = DS = Death Stranding…

          • Looks like it could be some sort of studio.


            And he’s got a new profile pic. 😉

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            What the… Yeah, looks like some kind of stage..
            Work would be also a suitable explanation about why he came to New York that soon before going down to BGS..
            With such roof-top and if it is for KP and not visiting some friend’s project stage, it would logically be for some percap..
            Why is he back in Koji-cryptic mode ?..

            Still nothing / no single hint on other twitter accounts..

          • The tweets seem to be vague / teasing on purpose.

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            Yeah crypt-Jima…
            Wondering what purpose and praying for something cool and not just light teasing..
            Haaaaaa KO-JI-MAAAAAAA !!!!!! ;D

          • New info has been absolutely minimal these past few weeks. Hopefully we’ll get something at PSX.

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            Yeah, even past few months to my tastes… All with no single HideoTube since 8 months.. Something heavy is obviously ahead, PSX should normally feel fruitful.. Perhaps BGS will also have an even very small juicy appetizer…
            Fingers crossed ! ;D

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            Mmmmh, check this, Geoff replied to some guy asking for if KP will attend TGA, and he replied few days ago “We haven’t announced any guests yet”, so he did not invalidated neither..

            But not clear at which occasion he could insert what is supposed to show off at PSX this time..
            Perhaps Kojima as a guest could appear on stage to thank everybody for the patience and trust with some XMas presents.
            If not at PSX, I think it is not too risky to state that we should get some gameplay footage during 2018..


          • Yeah PSX seems to be the most likely. He could tease something at TGA though and then do a full reveal at PSX.

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            Tease me some gameplay, Boss… I need it so bad… :3

          • Well the good news is, since we’ve heard so little lately that probably means they’ve been hard at work with the game.

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            Yes, decent Big Bang ahead, unless they still have a lot of details to setup / lot of efforts, which again would be perfectly understandable after mastering an engine they were not trained on in first place, and for designing levels that should have a Kojima quality. If they show us something big, it would still be unbelievable, given the short period they had..

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            Turns out both Ayako-chan and Ken-sama are with him. They apparently had some good time with Geoff and Jordan on Sunday.. ;D

            Some more shots on Boss’s twitter..


          • He may be on the west coast after all. There was a picture of what looked like a (mocap) studio, so maybe that was San Diego.

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            California, you are right… Could not really recognize LAX, I believe he may have landed at SFO… ;D San Diego gateways numbers are yellow on black… LAX and SFO are the opposite just like JFK, but the buildings kind of look like SFO’s…
            Where are you Boss ?… AND WHY ?… ;D


          • Lex Radu

            I think it is, i don’t think it is to show us something, but to get in contact with perhaps other actors, since he is still making Death Stranding!

        • Lex Radu

          Ney York Comic Con is happening in a few days.
          Perhaps he is there to meet some Actors.

  • Johnno

    Oh, so it was Kojima’s mother who passed away that year…

    R.I.P. Mrs. Kojima.

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