Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst visits Kojima Productions

As we know Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding will run on a modified version of the Decima Engine, the game engine developed by Sony’s studio Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam. Kojima came to the Dutch studio earlier this month, and today Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla, paid a visit to Kojima’s new studio.

March 29th

“Hermen from Guerilla Games finally visited my studio.” – Hideo Kojima

“Hideo Kojima today.” – Ayako Terashima

As a gift Hermen received a custom made GILD Design phone case, featuring the logos of Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions, with in the middle the bridge between the two studios: the Decima Engine.

March 30th

“Guerilla Games & Kojima Productions Collaboration.” – Ayako

Interview with Hirokazu Hamamura, former chief editor of Japanese magazine Famitsu:

I love visiting other game studios, to be inspired by their ways and their studio set up. Kojima Productions’ outfit is so stylish” – Hermen Hulst

Kojima had a meeting with Sony Interactive Entertainment America last week, perhaps discussing E3 plans, and it’s possible this visit by Hermen is related as well.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Hermen Hulst Twitter

  • Also, this was a few days ago. Not sure what’s going on but it looks interesting.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Maybe he’s filming a scene or two for ‘Death Stranding’. Maybe some of them will end up being shown at E3. You never know.

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet


    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet


  • MrVux007

    That phone case is pure gold and its really great to see these two dev teams working together.

    Herman Hulst is becoming one of the most charismatic people in the industry to me.


    This is interesting and very serious. There is a small chance that we will see Death Stranding new teaser sooner than later. It’s a good opportunity to show something or tell something cool.

    Guys, get ready for this event. Death Stranding news are coming.

    • Ok guys, this is some serious stuff right now.
      I checked out the history for videogames at TFF and wow… We can expect something huge there. Just check out “David Cage Tribeca Films Festival” at youtube to understand what can be achieved there in terms of announcements and marketing. Kojima won’t miss this opportunity.

      This is legit guys. This is hype.


        Ok. It’s happening. 100%. It’s official:

        At 29 April/Festival Day 2:
        From 5:30 PM – 6:20 PM
        Hideo Kojima at the MAIN STAGE will talk about what’s next for him and the influences of cinema on his work.

        Guys, GGWP!

        • Hablais

          Calmed down yet? 😀

        • Eugene Voldo

          Oh cmon. It will be a standard Kojima’s panel where he will say something non-specific like “DS is a videogame. Etc etc”. I think we’ll not see or hear anything new until E3 2017.

  • Full Options

    THX / That rocks… Hermen just love Boss… Guess why ??

  • Gatsu

    Wow so many pics :O… This is awesome and Hermen is such a great bro.

  • PuppetMaster

    I hope Kojima show some gameplay teaser for E3

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