Metal Gear series total sales have exceeded 51.3 million copies

It’s been a while, but we finally have some updated total lifetime sales for the Metal Gear series. As of the end of March 2017, the worldwide cumulative sales have now exceeded 51.3 million copies.

The previous update, in a press release from September last year, had the franchise at 49.6 million by the end of March 2016. That means that in the past year around 1.7 million games have been sold. One new Metal Gear game was released in that time period, Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A new addition to the Metal Gear Solid V experience, Metal Gear Survive, is planned for release later this year on the same systems.

Source: Metal Gear in Concert Official website

  • Eugene Voldo

    Time to print even more money with PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of MGS2&3.
    PS. Well, technically MGS2 had a PC version a long time ago, but I dont think that you can easily buy it in 2017.

    • Mr.Pony

      Plus MGS4 which is still locked into the PS3

  • Full Options

    Nyx, how come your TPP’s box art is not the day 1’s ? Is it because you printed and replaced it with a self-made “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” version ?? ;P

    • Haha, no, it’s because this is the one that came with the CE. It’s a specific bundle copy with a rather ugly yellow ‘not available separately’ text on it:

      It does include the Day One content though.

      • Full Options

        xD Now I get it… xD I suspected it had to deal with your CE though, it was simply inconceivable otherwise for me.
        Yeah, the TPP’s box-art looks quite light… Not even FoxEngine logo !? 😀
        Seeing it again, the package looks great, btw.

        • Yeah it’s a cool bundle. Also got the steelbook with Shinkawa art (with a review copy inside). 🙂

          • Full Options

            Pretty eye-candy, huh ? ;D

  • radun

    This probably puts PP/GZ at the top of the sales in the franchise, right?

    • Full Options

      Not sure, perhaps mistaken but I believe the aggregate GZ+TPP is indeed largely over the total number of MGS 1 or 4 copies. TPP alone should be over MGS 1 or 4 as well but close…
      But MGS 1 is much older so…

      • To date the best selling game in the series is MGS2 with 7 million copies, but MGSV may have surpassed it, especially if you combine the sales of GZ and TPP.

        • Full Options

          You are right, in fact I did not think to include Substance which indeed brings it from 6 to 7M units…
          Btw I tried this site, you probably know it already but just in case.. They sound quite accurate.

          • Yeah VGChartz numbers are often contested as they are estimates, the best way to get accurate numbers is directly from Konami, sadly they haven’t revealed official numbers for MGSV in a while.

          • Full Options

            Ah, thanks, good to know… Grain of salt stuff then..
            Not sure if Konami is deliberately hiding the scores, but if so, that’s a great news for Boss’s latest baby.

    • Eugene Voldo

      Only MG Rising, GZ and TPP, cause you cant sell digital copies. Well, I’m not into collecting stuff, especially games, so after I beat anything I usually sell it.

      • Full Options

        I am only “collecting” MG’s and GTA’s.. Not really collecting them though but just can’t separate from them.. To the point of having heavy fights with friends that would not “find” the copies I lent them (!!!!!?)…
        Compared to Nyxus’s my collection is just insignificant… xD

    • FoxTamerMGO

      nyxus, the ultimate MGS collector xD

      • Nah there are much bigger collections out there. 🙂

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Can’t wait for MGS The Twin Snakes on Nintendo Switch <3

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